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Nitrogen for plants. Every living plant needs nitrogen. Plants that are largely at the beginning of the food chain feed mainly on the basic elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, which are also known as macro nutrients and convert these nutrients into more complex molecules. Without plants, we would often rely on chemistry labs… Read More »

Gardening Tips for Beginners – Small garden ideas 5/5 (1)

Gardening Tips for Beginners in India Gardening Tips for beginners. Most people dream about growing their own organic vegetables, flowers, fruits etc at home. But lack of space is a major concern. However, with time, ideas and concept of gardening has evolved. Here are few gardening tips that will help you to plan and create your… Read More »

Liquid Fertilizer Spray – organic spray fertilizer 5/5 (1)

How to apply liquid fertilizer spray Liquid Fertilizer Spray. Those organic or inorganic water soluble fertilizer in liquid form, which needs to be sprayed on the leaves of the plant are called as liquid fertilizer spray. As a manufacturer of Liquid fertilizer spray, we get many of inquiries about what is the benefit of using organic… Read More »

Types of Organic Fertilizers No ratings yet.

“Types of Organic Fertilizers“. Types of Organic Fertilizers are different types of fertilizers derived from vegetable matter, compost, manure, animal matter etc. On the other hand majority of chemical fertilizer are extracted from minerals or produced industrially. Naturally occurring Types of Organic Fertilizers include animal waste, peat, manure, slurry and guano. In the nature, usually plants don’t… Read More »

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Bio fertilizer in Kolkata, Bio fertilizer manufacturer in Kolkata, Bio fertilizer supplier in Kolkata, Bio fertilizer trader in Kolkata, Bio fertilizer producer in Kolkata Bio fertilizer in Kolkata, the name itself is self explanatory. Bio fertilizer also known as bio-fertilizer is a substance which contains living microorganisms which, when applied to seed, plant surfaces, or soil,… Read More »

Neem Plant Benefits, Uses and Advantages No ratings yet.

Neem plant has been known as the wonder tree for centuries in the Indian sub-continent. Neem plant is a robust looking tree has been cherished as a symbol of health in the country of its origin, INDIA.  Brihat Samita, the ancient Hindu treatise, contains chapter of verse on plant medicines and Neem was highly recommended. Neem… Read More »

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Humic Acid In Kolkata (Call us now: 09830609065). Quality of soil is the most important resource in agriculture. Soil is a living thing, and a complex mixture of organic and inorganic materials which forms a work together on earth.  At Humic Acid In Kolkata, we manufacture products that restore the natural balance in soil necessary for optimal… Read More »