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Flower fertilizer

Flower fertilizer. These are our top-rated flower fertilizer products, including fertilizer for the rose plant, jasmine plant, and orchid. Click here to visit our flower fertilizer category page which includes all fertilizers for flowering plants. Our products are organic. This is to say, these are the best fertilizer for flowering plants.

All purpose plant growth fertilizer

All-purpose plant growth fertilizer. To make plants grow faster, you need to supply the macronutrients and micronutrients that the plants need in readily available forms. The following products are all-purpose plant growth fertilizer. This is to say the following organic plant growth fertilizer will work on all kinds of plants.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium
Sulfur, calcium, and magnesium
Boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc in variable percentage.

Best fertilizer for vegetable garden

Best fertilizer for the vegetable garden. Of all the products we manufacture the following products are best suited for the vegetable garden. Here are 3 reasons why these products are the best fertilizer for the vegetable garden.

Granular fertilizer for soil

Granular fertilizer for soil. These granular fertilizers are Slow Release (Dry) Dry blends and granular. These are slow-release high phosphorus plant fertilizer for soil, which is easy to broadcast and suited for broad-area coverage.

These granular fertilizers release their nutrients slowly — a good watering gets them started — giving you long-lasting, healthy results.

Granular fertilizer slowly releases nutrients into the soil when it rains or you water your lawn, so you don’t have to apply it as often

Best fertilizer for root crops

Nitrogen fertilizer for vegetables

Nitrogen fertilizer for vegetables. To put it in simple terms, plants need nitrogen to make themselves. Without nitrogen, a plant cannot make the proteins and amino acids. In other words, nitrogen fertilizer for vegetables.

This is why when there is a nitrogen deficiency in the soil, plants are stunted. They simply cannot make their own cells.

Vegetables that require nitrogen fertilizer include beets, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Asian greens, potato, leek, spinach, and Swiss chard.

Paddy growth fertilizer

Paddy growth fertilizer. This paddy fertilizer is organic and for paddy growth. This is one of the best fertilizer for paddy. Apart from Macronutrients such as Zinc, Boron, Copper, Magnesium, this product contains NPK for paddy. So we say paddy growth fertilizer.

Buy fertilizer online

Buy fertilizer online. Plants need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow, although these nutrients are available in nature but not in sufficient quantity. To make plants grow faster, you need to supply fertilizer. That is the goal of fertilizer. So we recommend you to buy fertilizer online.