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Soil Fertilizer

Soil fertilizer is used to fertilize the soil. A good fertile soil is essential for plant’s survival. Soil provides the foundation for plants while soil fertilizer provide them with essential life supporting nutrients that they need to survive.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

This is a list of all purpose organic liquid fertlizer manufactured by Saosis. These liquid fertilizers are suitable for all kinds of plants including indoor plants, fruit plants, flower plants, vegetable plants etc. To learn more about our organic liquid fertilizer products click here.


We are the Diggers of the Dirt and Keepers of the Plant

Our mission is to make the most actionable plant food ever. Saosis is a progressive company with a rich history in manufacturing organic products. At Saosis we believe increase in soil fertility builds better crop. Our products are Complete, Balanced diet and also Simple to use. To know more about us click here.

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