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Everything to know about Home Made Liquid Fertilizer

Home Made Liquid Fertilizer. Whether you have a garden, a balcony or a terrace with numerous flowers or just a few pots on the window sill – the plants need fertilizers every now and then to make them look nicer and stay healthy. Finally, you need to restore the plants to the deprived nutrients. Not only flowers thrive much better. If you fertilize your beds, in which you grow vegetables and fruit, then you can start from a better harvest. You do not even have to buy a special fertilizer in the specialty shop.

In this article, you will know everything about Home Made Liquid Fertilizer:

Which Home Made Liquid Fertilizer is the right one?

Home Made Liquid FertilizerIt is often the case that you go to a specialist store and stand in front of a huge shelf with fertilizers. There are, for example, liquid fertilizers, fertilizer rods, single fertilizers, depot fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and mineral fertilizers. With such a large selection, it is not surprising that many people are at a loss in front of the shelves. Often one does not know which fertilizer is right for its plants and often end up with purchase of wrong fertilizer. Incorrectly applied, the different fertilizers are not only useless; you can even damage your plants.

An effective plant fertilizer must above all contain three minerals: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. These nutrients contribute to increased vigor and strong flowering. A lack of nutrients is quickly noticeable: the leaves of the plant become bright, the foliage of the plants rotates together but do not let it get to this stage and fertilize it on time and regularly.

Make Home Made Liquid Fertilizer by yourself :

Nutrients and water are the two basic things that useful plants and ornamental plants need for healthy growth. In order to cultivate the plants optimally, especially during the time of blooming and fruit formation should be sufficiently fertilized. In the spring and autumn, the garden beds are treated with compost or corn chips, but often this organic material is not sufficient to provide sufficient nutrients for all plants over the months.

In order to restore the nutrients extracted from the substrate, you do not necessarily have to resort to a liquid or long-term fertilizer from the specialist trade. With simple home-made products, you can easily supply your garden and house plants with essential nutrients. Every day, ecologically degradable residues are left in the household, which should not be disposed of unused in the garbage or on the compost. In addition to the classic coffee set, you can also use leftovers of tea and banana bowls as an effective floral fertilizer.

It is known that when cooking vegetables, many vitamins and minerals dissolve. Especially the water of cooked potatoes is rich in nutrients, so do not just tilt it away. Instead, allow the water to cool down and pour the room and garden plants once a week. Also, the owners of aquariums should think of the regular water change to their green roommates in the house and garden. Aquarium water is also an important supplier of potassium and nitrogen. Remember, however, that only fresh water aquaria can be used as fertilizer for plants. Owners of seawater tanks must continue to dispose of the salty liquid via the drain.

Here is a simple and handmade way to make natural Home Made liquid fertilizer:

Materials needed to make Home Made Liquid Fertilizer:

  • One plastic bottle of 20 liters.
  • Thin type hose.
  • One Disposable plastic bottle with stopper.
  • One flexible and flexible plastic trim.
  • Seal or insulation tape.

Raw Materials:

  • Dung, straw or dry leaves.
  • Remains of vegetables and fruits.
  • Remains of food, fish or chicken entrails.
  • Kitchen paper or paper napkins.
  • Water (if it can be rain, better)

Procedure for making Home Made Liquid Fertilizer:

  • Fill 1/8 part of the plastic drum with manure, straw or dried leaves.
  • Add 1/8 part remnants of fruits and vegetables.
  • Add 2/8 parts of kitchen paper and/or leftover food.
  • Fill the drum with water, leaving about 3 centimeters without filling.
  • Make a small hole in the top of the unfilled can and the small bottle cap, where you insert the ends of the hose.
  • Place the thick plastic cutout in the mouth of the drum and secure it tightly with the insulation tape.
  • Leave the drum on your terrace or garden and remember to move it once or twice a week.
  • After two to three months, depending on the weather in your area, you will have obtained a dark, odorless liquid.
  • Finally, dilute the boil in water, at the rate of 1/10. 10 liters of water per liter of the boil, you have already prepared your natural liquid fertilizer.

This is a homemade recipe, which can serve you perfectly to make your liquid fertilizer. Once the components are mixed, you only have to worry about stirring the mixture once or twice a week until it is transformed into the fertilizer product you are looking for. If to all this adds that you can begin to produce it in your terrace or garden and that you do not need to destine for it more than a couple of square meters.

Caution in the case of the household as plant fertilizer:

  • With so-called home means for your plants and flowers as a natural fertilizer, you should be very careful.
  • Tea or coffee beverages should not be used too strongly because they could damage the soil and thus the growth when overdosing.
  • It is best to change several home remedies for your soil in a kind of fertilizer order. Maintain the following basic principles of fertilization:
  • Change the home remedies regularly as a plant fertilizer and florist. This results in a careful fertilizer sequence.
  • Choose the right nutrients for each plant, which they can find in their natural environment.
  • Beware of the overdosing of lime or ash, as plants can suffocate.
  • Do not use feces of poultry, dogs, cats or rabbits as Home Made Liquid Fertilizer because it contains too many toxins. You need to decompose these for over 30 days before using it.
  • Lemon lemonade or cola as fertilizer is not a good idea though, some believe that this is particularly good for carnations.


The ecological Home Made Fertilizer can be used in all types of plants, both outdoor and indoor, in gardens and plazas, on golf courses, as fertilizer for the lawn of various sports playgrounds, in traditional agriculture or in nurseries and greenhouses can be used, in the end, as any other fertilizer, with the advantage that all its nutrients come from organic matter and that, being liquid, its application is easier.

If you find this entire procedure to make Home Made Fertilizer lengthy or if you cannot spare time out from your busy schedule, you may buy our product which is very easy, quick and hassle free to use. Click here to buy Liquid Fertilizer.