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Seaweed products manufactured at Saosis;

  • 25% Seaweed liquid extract
  • 100% Seaweed extract powder / flakes for organic farming

Seaweed application in agriculture:

The use of seaweed in farming and agriculture has a long history. Seaweed has always been harvested in coastal areas to be used as mulch in vegetable gardens and to supplement feed for animals.

Seaweed contains all macro and micro elements elements. Some in substantial quantities like potassium, but most only in trace amounts. Minerals leach out through the effect of weathering from all land masses. In the long term these elements invariably find their way into the sea, where they are used by the plants growing there. In seawater you find a natural blend of all the minerals available on earth. Unfortunately seawater contains levels of sodium chloride that are too high for land-based plants to tolerate in any substantial amount; otherwise seawater would be an ideal fertilizer.

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