About Us

Our Mission Is To Make The Most Actionable Plant Food Ever

Saosis is a progressive company with a rich history in manufacturing organic fertilizers. At Saosis we believe an increase in soil fertility builds better crops. Our products are Complete, Balanced diet and Simple to use.

Saosis products contain all most all nutrients which facilitate Strong plant growth, Increased root mass, and Depth. This enhances the natural interaction between plant and soil environment to flourish, maximizing plant’s available nutrients and reduced insect & pest infection.

At Saosis we work hard to innovate ideas that will help plants to get the most out of our applied inputs. Our top-of-the-line Organic Soil Fertilizers are designed to not only enhance but in some cases, to replace chemical fertilizers completely. 

By focusing on subsurface biomass through root enhancement, plants are able to process more water and nutrients more efficiently.

The root structure then adds to the soil organic matter as they grow and die at regular intervals (typically summer and winter). 

These root growth cycles will add captured organic nitrogen, carbon, and substantial micronutrients to the soil profile for bacteria to convert into readily available nutrients for the plants to use.

Our diverse product line, our global reach, and our technology solutions help our customers not only survive today’s changing landscape, but also prosper.

Plants Exhibit Behavior

This is not a misunderstanding of basic biology. Plants fight for territory, seek out food, evade predators, and trap prey. They are as alive as any animal, and – like animals – they exhibit the behavior.

In the study, caterpillars were placed on Arabidopsis, a small flowering plant related to cabbage and mustard. 

Using a laser and a tiny piece of reflective material on the leaf of the plant, Cocroft was able to measure the movement of the leaf in response to the chewing caterpillar. Cocroft and Appel then played back recordings of caterpillar feeding vibrations to one set of plants but played back only silence to the other set of plants.

When caterpillars later fed on both sets of plants, the researchers found that the plants previously exposed to feeding vibrations produced more mustard oils, a chemical that is unappealing to many caterpillars. ‘What is remarkable is that the plants exposed to different vibrations, including those made by a gentle wind or different insect sounds that share some acoustic features with caterpillar feeding vibrations did not increase their chemical defenses.

Our Priorities

In everything we do We Put Plant First. We’re dedicated to building a just and safer world focusing on plant’s basic rights.

We’re passionate about ending excessive use of chemical fertilizer and helping to rebuild the plant lives affected by it. It’s an enormous undertaking but we also have people on our side – talented and committed partners, volunteers, supporters, and staff who share the same values.

In our estimation by 2050, our planet must double food production to feed an expected population of 9.3 billion people. (That figure is 40 percent higher than today’s 6.6 billion.

Then factors such as drinking water supply, energy supply crunch, and climate change. How do we surmount these obstacles? Agricultural innovation holds the key to these issues and SAOSIS PLEDGES TO DO OUR PART.

Our Strategy

The Saosis strategy is for growth through both Organic and Inorganic expansion. This will be driven by power brands, upcoming brand extensions, and new launches, coupled with a wider international presence through acquisitions.

Drive Top Line

  • Enhance product recall through aggressive promotion via celebrities
  • Expand distribution to reach rural pockets
  • Differentiated ‘Value For Money’ products
  • Innovate and enter new product categories
  • Undertake brand extensions
  • Wider international footprint, an entry in new geographies – drive exports
  • Leverage existing distribution network

Grow Bottom Line

  • Engage in effective and continuous cost control initiatives
  • Reduce the proportion of ads spend with the increase in volumes
  • Stabilization of new launches and brands
  • Enjoy benefits of economies of scale
  • Leverage on low-cost manufacturing taking full benefit of location advantage

Product Responsibility

” Revolution Starts In The Street. Green Revolution Starts In The Mind “

At SAOSIS we never forget that we ultimately work for the consumers who trust us to deliver on the promise of some of the most recognized brands in the world. And we can’t impose our

ideals on them, because they are incredibly diverse, but they all place trust in our company’s products or services and should be assured that we are committed to meeting their expectations for ease of use, helping them enhance and protect the environment around them and that our products will work.

It may surprise some to learn that Saosis Biotech has become one of the largest marketers of organic lawn and garden products in the state of West Bengal, India and that segment of our business is increasing every year.

In fact, nearly half of consumers entering the category for the first time are looking for natural and organic products, and we are committed to developing even more of them and recently announced a partnership with a leading-edge research company to do this.

As science and technology evolve, it is a business imperative that we stay ahead of the curve. In our research and development, we focus on how grass and other plants benefit the environment and what role our products, as well as consumers’ use of our products, play in soil and water quality.

Our product formulations and packaging are designed with environmental stewardship and consumer use in mind, and we use consumer and academic research to guide this process.

In fact, we work with many of the world’s leading academic institutions and rely heavily on their expertise and counsel in efforts to transform leading scientific discovery into consumer satisfaction.


We take great pride in our tradition of excellent corporate governance and strongly support the principles embraced by the recent corporate governance reforms that have taken place and that continue to evolve in India.

Our Board and management are committed to corporate governance practices of the highest standards and integrity, and will continue to be vigilant and develop our corporate governance practices to ensure that they meet or exceed the requirements and recommendations of regulatory authorities, institutional shareholders, and interested stakeholders.

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