History & Culture

Why predict the future when you can create it?

From our earliest days, our company has used the tools of research, combined with a little inspiration, to create the world of tomorrow. Our company history is deep as the founder.

The conceptualization, research, and development of Saosis began in 2009. The company was founded by a team of entrepreneurs. His vision, guidance, and customer service will always be a part of our corporate culture.

We began in 2009, building the Company from the ground up, Our charter was to manufacture agro-based products and give consultancy services to farmers and large agriculture-based MNCs, with the goal of enabling outstanding efficiencies.

During the three years that followed, we earned the opportunity to manage a range of processes from simple to complex manufacturing. Our name, Saosis, conveys the business impact we generate for our clients. Since June 2009 we have grown rapidly, expanding our range of services and diversifying our client base.

Our team has concentrated on the research and development of technologies that can cleanly and odorless process organic waste into usable and marketable organic products, such as organic fertilizer, topsoil, soil amendments, etc., in the shortest possible time.

His research produced many Saosis products that are economically viable and earth-friendly. Founded on the same environmentally and economically conscious principles as the technology it promotes, Saosis. developed as a company composed of highly trained and experienced professionals and technical people, who are experts in the field of management, marketing, environmental design, and engineering, agriculture, composting, and organic farming.


We consider our culture to be among our innovations. With over decades of experience, our leaders have built SAOSIS’s culture into what it is today. A place for creating and bringing innovative ideas into life. Today, that culture is the unifying force behind our business.

Our Consumer Focus

What follows is a robust development process that ensures we’re matching those needs with innovative and effective products that enrich the lawn and garden experience and strengthen our relationship with consumers.

Our commitment to innovate with the consumer in mind is demonstrated through the many ways we tailor our industry-leading products to make lawn and garden care easier and more enjoyable.

This comes through a focus on efficacy, ease-of-use, safety, packaging, and storage.

We have demonstrated this through creative formula developments and advanced applicator technology, both of which have led to a full portfolio of ready-to-use control products that cut measuring and mixing and applications that make even large jobs easy.

These combine to bring greater convenience to consumers and enhance application accuracy.