Ultra Boost +5 Technology

Ultra Boost +5 Technology helps in maximizing natural fertilizer efficacy that inoculates and enhances the native biological action of the soil. Ultra Boost +5 Technology increases the efficiency of water, chemicals, and fertilizer applied and significantly improves yields.

Why Ultra Boost +5 Technology?

We created Ultra Boost +5 Technology because, after over a decade of consulting with growers and meeting with farmers, advising them on fertility practices, soil amendments, and the uses of Humic acid, Seaweed, plant growth PGRs, compost, manure, and crop rotation, we were always left wanting. None of the products available got the soil to respond to a degree that justified their cost.

We wanted to create a product based technology that met four criteria. The technology had to contain:

  • Active, live biological organisms that would positively affect aeration, mineralization, digestion, and breakdown of naturally occurring matter in the soil.
  • Increase the availability of organic carbon, organic acids, humic acids, seaweed, and amino acids to bind to nutrients.
  • Selected Bacillus bacteria to enhance nutrient mineralization and act in Rhizosphere mineralization or micronutrients for the plants.
  • Highly available micronutrients for both soil and foliar applications.

Ultra Boost +5 Technology meets these criteria and more. It helps to build soil structure and fertility, increasing your profitability.

What is Ultra Boost +5 Technology ?

Because of its superior natural, biological nature, when used properly, Products enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology increases the effectiveness of chemicals and fertilizers while reducing irrigation costs and increasing yields.

Unfortunately, chemicals and fertilizers, while providing needed nutrients elements to the plant, slowly inhibit the action of the natural biological organisms, including the bacteria and enzymes required to sustain yields. The death of the natural soil becomes more and more evident over time as the number of chemical fertilizers you must apply increases (while your associated costs also rise).

Ultra Boost +5 Technology-enhanced products not only inoculates the soils and plants feeder root Rhizosphere with mineralizing bacteria, but increases the ability and efficiency of the soil to use the chemicals, fertilizers, and water applied.

Ultra Boost +5 Technology is a process of aerobic bio-augmentation. Through a proprietary air-lift system, we add peptones, proteins, complex carbons from sugars, plant extracts, minerals, and ores, selected Bacillus bacteria, yeast, and enzymes. These are blended and bio-reacted. Once the reaction process is complete—the bio-brew becomes Ultra Boost +5 Technology.

Ultra Boost +5 Technology is not only a soil inoculant, amendment, and stubble digester, but it is also a delivery system for bacteria, fertilizers, and chemicals. Ultra Boost +5 Technology enables dealers and growers to create their own chelation system and increase the efficiency of the chemicals and fertilizers they apply.

What makes Ultra Boost +5 Technology unique?

Ultra Boost +5 Technology inoculates the soil with natural biological enzymes and bacteria. It enhances the conversion of crop residue, compost, manure, and organic matter into usable available nutritional elements.

It improves the mineralization of fertilizers, increasing the soil’s ability to sustain a crop. Ultra Boost +5 Technology enhances soil structure, aeration, flocculation, and water penetration and retention.

Unlike other bio- and bacteria-based products on the market, Ultra Boost +5 Technology-enhanced products not only increase the efficiency of fertilizers, foliar, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides but act as a delivery system for specific families of Bacillus bacteria. All of these improve our agricultural and cultural practices and increase the productivity of our soils and farming systems.

Collodial Bonding is One of its Secrets

One of the secrets of Ultra Boost +5 Technology, we’ll give away is the nutrients bond to the natural carbons, proteins, amino and organic, and humic acids created in the complex. And because of Ultra Boost +5 Technology’s bio-augmentation process, when it is applied to our soils (or with fertilizers, foliar, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides), the plants can begin to immediately utilize the available elements.

One of the advantages of Ultra Boost +5 Technology is that when its basic carbon elements and organic acids are blended with most fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides, it actually increases their effectiveness.

The rate at which soils break down the organic matter and mineralize nutrients before making them available to the plant depends on the soil type, compaction, pH, and other soil conditions.

Due to the condition of our soils, many chemicals and fertilizers are not taken up and used by plants, but instead, leach out of the soil or bond to other soil elements.

Because of the special types of carbon, organic, humic, and amino acids, enzymes, and bacteria present in Ultra Boost +5 Technology enhanced products, fertilizers, foliar, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides bond to these instead. Ultra Boost +5 Technology’s unique elements and active biosystem increase the effectiveness of the fertilizers, foliar, and chemicals we use in agriculture.

Ultra Boost +5 Technology enhanced products are versatile

Because of our unique bio-augmentation process, you can apply Ultra Boost +5 Technology enhanced products any way you want: drip or furrow irrigation, foliar feed, side dress, or ground preparation used along with fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, or blended with fertilizers.

With other bio- and bacteria-based products, you tend to find limitations in the way they can be applied. We have eliminated many of these restrictions, though we s20

till recommend that you test Ultra Boost +5 Technology enhanced product compatibility with any product before you apply it to your fields.

Field results?

The Ultra Boost +5 Technology-enhanced products have been effectively applied to a wide variety of crops in West Bengal, Assam, and Odisha.

Here are some of the results a few farmers have obtained.


One grower we worked with had an acre of land. He first treated a portion of the land with Saosis Organic Choice enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology at 75 kg / Acre dose.

He disced the field and allowed it to rest for 10 days. At plant emergence, he applied 3 times at 15 days interval Saosis Seaweed enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology through foliar application at 250 ml / Acre.

The final application at the hooking stage, as the new potatoes began to set, was also 38 kg / Acre. At harvest, the yield of the treated field increased by 25%. The percentage of Grade A potatoes rose to 81% from 53%, and specific gravity rose to 1.091% from 1.083%.


Using drip irrigation over two years, we applied Saosis Soil Enhancer enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology 1 L / acre. One pick yields increased from an average of 19 kg/plant to 24 kg/plant.


Nagaland state, we treated with Saosis Seaweed enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology. Prior to treatment, the grapes were producing 2-2.5 tons/acre. After just three sprays at an interval of 15 days, yields increased to over 5.5 tons/acre.

On new plantings, Saosis Seaweed enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology increased germination to 99% from 89%, producing two years of growth in the first year.


Onion fields treated with Saosis Seaweed enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology over three years rose from 23 ton/hectare to 72 tons/hectare. Seed production increased by 252%.

Ultra Boost +5 Technology makes a difference

As we have shown, applying Saosis products enhanced with Ultra Boost +5 Technology makes a dramatic and immediate difference.

Ultra Boost +5 Technology:

  • Provides minerals and nutrients that stay in the soil longer
  • Enhances the natural biological processes of the soil
  • Enhances water use and fertilizer and chemical efficiency

Because of the mineralization that takes place in the root systems of our crops, nutrients are more available to the plants. You save because not only are you spending less on water, fertilizer, and the resources required to apply them but because your sustainable yields actually increase.

Ultra Boost +5 Technology increases yields:

How can you tell if Ultra Boost +5 Technology actually works? Here are some obvious and some more subtle things you can look for in your fields:

  • The soil’s ability to retain water and water penetration in compacted, dense soils.
  • The size of the drip bowl increases.
  • Crop yield increases.
  • Your crops use less chemical fertilizer to produce the same yield.
  • Seedbed environment enhanced.
  • Seed germination rates rise.
  • Root development increases.
  • Rhizosphere development is enhanced.
  • Plants treated with Ultra Boost +5 Technology-enhanced products as a foliar dressing show a significant increase in the nutrient analysis of plant tissue.