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9 reasons to buy the best Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer in India

Liquid seaweed extract fertilizer has more than 60 different minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Here are 9 reasons to buy the best Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer in India;

  1. Liquid seaweed solution promotes additional budding

  2. It extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

  3. The extract lengthens the life of cut flowers

  4. It can also be used as a rooting solution. Place cuttings in a solution of liquid seaweed and water until roots develop, then plant. When planting seeds or transplanting, water with the solution.

  5. If applied to crops, the liquid seaweed extract fertilizer increase the nutrient uptake, the protein content, and the overall quality of the crop.

  6. Seaweed extract also boosts crop yields, improves the resistance of plants to frost and disease, increases the uptake of inorganic constituents from the soil, bolsters resistance to stress conditions, and reduces storage losses of fruit.

  7. It promotes vigorous growth and helps deter pests and diseases on fruit, flowers, vegetables, lawns, etc.

  8. Seaweed fertilizers are especially useful in organic gardening. They contain almost every micro-nutrient in a fully chelated (immediately available) form.

  9. Liquid seaweed fertilizers act as soil conditioners. The alginates react with metals in the soil and form long, cross-linked polymers in the soil.

How to apply seaweed fertilizer to your garden

Add 2 ml of liquid seaweed fertilizer per liter of water and spray it on the leaves of the plant. Spray early morning or in the late evening. Do not use the product under direct sunlight.

If the condition of your plant is good, spray once in 7 days. If the condition of your plant is not good, spray once in 4 to 5 days until the health of your plants improves.

Seaweed fertilizer price

We offer the best price in India. The price of Seaweed fertilizer as follows;

  • 30 ml bottle: Rs. 45.00

  • 100 ml bottle: Rs. 148.00

  • 250 ml bottle: Rs. 333.00

  • 1000 ml bottle: Rs. 1034.00

How often to use liquid seaweed fertilizer?

It depends upon your plant's age, type, and wellbeing. The application procedure of Seaweed fertilizer in fruit plants

Fruit plants such as Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Orange, Grape, Banana, Papaya, etc.):

After 15 days of planting, spray 2 ml / 1 L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

Vegetable plantation: After 15 days of sowing spray 2 ml / 1 L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

Potato plantation: After 15 days of sowing spray 2 ml / 1 L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

Crops such as Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Til, Ground nut, Sunflower, Soybean, Cotton, etc. After 15 days of sowing spray 2 ml / 1 L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting

House plants and indoor flowers

Flowers and foliage plants: After 15 days of sowing 2 ml / 1 L of water every 10-12 days interval.

What makes our product the best liquid seaweed extract fertilizer in India?

Saosis liquid seaweed extract is natural, water-soluble, organic biofertilizer which has many micro and macronutrients. It is formulated from soluble brown Seaweed extract derived from vegetable kelp Seaweed. Seaweed contains a sufficient amount of oceanic bio-active matter such as Phycocolloid, Mannitol, Oligos, Polyphenol, Trehalase, Cytokinin, Betaine, Lignin, etc which are essential for improving germination, root development, leaf quality, general plant vigor and resistance to pathogens.

Liquid seaweed fertilizer is also beneficial in flower set and fruit production. of fruit have been recorded for many of both herbaceous and woody crop species. Increases in fresh and dry mass were recorded for tomatoes grown in jiffy pots presaged with both water and alkaline extracts of Kelp. Seaweed has been shown to improve the leaf content of micronutrients, promote growth, and impart resistance to drought stress in grapes.

Being rich in bio-activators (the ingredients for healthy decomposition) Seaweed is great for compost piles as it assists in speeding up the decay of other organic matter. Seaweed contains large traces of potassium and natural hormones making it a hearty fertilizer that strengthens roots and a plantâ s overall system. It lowers vulnerabilities against diseases. Its smell repels many unwanted pests and insects though it unfortunately also makes earthworms temporarily run for the hills, which is noteworthy because worms are important contributors to soil composition.

The best liquid seaweed extract fertilizer in India improves the uptake of nutrients (CEC) Improves root structure and development Boosts seed germination Reduces fertilizer runoff Increases yields Prevents disease and heat stress Promotes healthier crops"