Business Opportunity

It’s about Growth, Profitability & Success at 0% investment

We are manufacturer of Organic Plant Food and Organic Insect Resistance products. We sell our products across India through any of the following Business Models. Some of the business models listed bellow are for newcomer who are into this field for the first time, novice people who have no prior experience in business, people / students who wants do this for some extra cash, and of course serious type ; people who love doing business in large scale.

Question: Are you a Chain Marketing Company?

Answer: No, we are not. We sell what we manufacture and some items we trade. All eCommerce companies offer discounts on items. Likewise, we not only offer discounts on single item but also on bulk purchase. In addition to this, to make ourselves unique in comparison to , and other eCommerce websites we offer quarterly / annual bonuses to award loyal customers who have achieved a certain turn over.

We are able to offer quarterly / annual bonues because we are selling what we manufacture which gives us more leverage on our own Pricing Policy.

Question: How do you define the territory among all kinds of Business Models?

We offer business territory with exclusive right to Mini Distributor / Distributors only. Therefore, until a Mini Distributor or a Distributor is set up in a given area, all customers from that area will have to buy the material from us through online or offline payment.

What are the different Business Model opportunities available?

Online Retail Sale: 

We retail our goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale. To this please visit our Online Shop and make a purchase. To know your offers please visit the home page.

If you plan to buy regularly and in relatively large quantity, following opportunities may be more suitable to you.

Reseller opportunity:

An unique opportunity to become your own business owner. This Business Opportunity is more suitable to newcomer who are into this field for the first time, novice people who have no prior experience in business, people / students who wants do this for some extra cash. If you are seriously looking for a business that is salable in terms of growth please read our Mini Distributor or Distributor Opportunity.

  • No registration fees
  • No compulsory investment
  • Just pay for what you buy
  • You can resell or use it for your use
  • When you buy material from our site in quantities as specified bellow. You get exciting discount at check out + earn quarterly or annual gifts based on your total annual purchase. If you buy in specified quantity you are not under obligation to sell this material.
  1. Use the material for your own use or sell it to some for a profit. No monthly or annual purchase contract.
    1. Beginners Reseller Plan: Minimum purchase Rs. 2500 per order. Maximum Discount on MRP allowed 18%.
    2. Silver Reseller Plan: Minimum purchase Rs. 4000 per order. Maximum Discount on MRP allowed 23%
    3. Gold Reseller Plan: Minimum purchase Rs. 8000 per order. Maximum Discount on MRP allowed 28%
    4. Diamond Reseller Plan: Minimum purchase Rs. 12000 per order. Maximum Discount on MRP allowed 33%