neem cake dust
neem dust

What is the use of Neem cake ?

Why Neem based organic fertilizer is important for plants. When you mix neem cake dust with soil, the fertility and nutrient content of the soil is naturally increased. Not only that, it helps in producing a greater crop even more than chemical manures also. By providing the essential nutrients, it also acts as a bio fertilizer.

Neem based organic fertilizer are natural and also are not  toxic to any bird and humans. Most importantly, Neem dust or neem cake fertilizer helps to protect crops from  over 200 crop eating pests.  Neem cake dust or neem cake fertilizer does not lead to any type of resistance because it works on the hormonal system of an insect.Hence it is important for plants.

Environmental benefits:

Neem cake dust decompose very slowly. Not only that, they are effective longer also. For that reasons, it is more cost effective and also very good for the environment in the long run. Neem are being used as a natural fertilizer since very early in India.  Due to its dual impact of soil enhancer as well as pest-repellent, it had become very popular. Not only that, it is very useful to fertilize the soil and to improve soil quality also. Neem cake dust or neem cake fertilizer produces organic acids which is very helpful for reducing soil pH.

neem cake for plants
  neem cake dust

How do Neem Cake dust work against Nematodes?

You can say the hidden enemies that lurk in your soil are nematodes. Nematodes are liable to destroy or reduce crop yield in both your plants and crops. To help control nematodes and plant pathogens which are soil borne, Neem Cake uses different mechanisms .

Effects of Neem Cake Dust:

Insects avoid the powerful odur given by neem. Insects do not eat the plants because neem cake dust makes the taste of plants very bitter.You can not see the immediate treatment effect of neem oil, after few days, you can see the results. Because it weakens the insects little by little, and does not kill insects by contact at the moment. you can also use neem dust to protect the plant from diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. The most effective element that is extracted from the Neem tree is azadirachtin, which is very useful to fight against pests. Not only that, azadirachtin seems to be effective against 90% of the pests. Research have shown that, only with a very small amount does the insect reach or touch the plants, if pure azadirachtin is used.

How to apply neem cake dust?

  • To be amended with Neem cakes, plough the soil deeply . It will provide you better control of nematodes
  • Mix the Neem cake  dust with soil according to the advised ratio. You can get better results than apply it to the surface of the ground.
  • If  you mix Neem cake dust with the soil around the roots of plants,  it will enhance  the immune system of the plant.

Why should I use Neem cake or Neem dust for my plants ?

Neem fertilizer improves the organic content in the soil by providing lots of nutrients such Macro nutrients and Micro nutrients, thereby increasing the fertilizer of the soil. The use neem cake fertilizer improves the water holding capacity of the soil. Neem cake powder also improve the soil structure.

Using Neem cakes fertilizer with Urea

Urea fertilizer is produced synthetically with anhydrous ammonia. This is a form of nitrogen fertilizer with Nitrogen (N) 46%, Phosphorus (P) 0% and Potassium (K) 0%. When Neem Cake is used with urea and other fertilizers with nitrogen in them, it increases their efficiency because it reduces the rate of nitrification. This then reduces the rate that the nitrogen is released and increases the length of time nitrogen is in the soil.

Which is best neem cake dust powder brand ?

We are one of the leading Neem product brand in India. We manufacture Neem oil, Neem cake based Organic Neem fertilizer.

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