To begin with, organic liquid fertilizer has no toxicity to humans, animals, or plants. It is made from natural materials such as recycled plant matter, organic materials.

To put more simply, if you use organic liquid fertilizer then you are safe from the toxicity associated with inorganic fertilizer products.

Using liquid fertilizer in your garden means you are contributing, in a way, to the preservation of nature. Unlike chemical liquid fertilizers, organic fertilizers are entirely safe for the ecosystem.

This is in contrast to synthetic/artificial liquid fertilizers that are known to kill surrounding plant life, insects and contribute to soil acidity over the long term.

If you are planting vegetables and fruits meant to be consumed, then organic liquid fertilizers will produce better results if you can use them regularly.

There is growing concern around the world over the effects of consuming food laden with chemical fertilizers. The use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture can cause cancer and other diseases.

Consequently, many health-conscious consumers are leaning towards natural foods produced using organic materials.

Can you use organic liquid fertilizer on organic vegetables?

Organic liquid fertilizer can be used on organic vegetables.

Organic liquid fertilizer is slow-release fertilizers. Hence, the chances of harming your plant through the over-application of organic liquid fertilizer are less.

Why should farmers use organic liquid fertilizers?

Organic liquid fertilizers are usually applied to the plant’s leaves by spray method. Plants observe nutrients through the leaves faster than through the roots. For this reason, organic liquid fertilizer helps your plant grow faster than traditional chemical soil fertilizers. If you buy organic liquid fertilizer it will improve water movement into the soil and, in time, add structure to the soil.

What are the benefits of liquid fertilizer?

One of the benefits of organic liquid fertilizer is that because the liquid penetrates through the soil immediately, plants are given faster access to the nutrients. If you use organic liquid fertilizer you will see results from this application almost immediately.

Why is organic liquid fertilizer better than inorganic fertilizer?

Organic liquid fertilizers continue to improve the soil long after the plants have taken the nutrients from the soil. Therefore, the longer your soil is fed with organic liquid fertilizer, the better will be your soil’s composition and texture. So, while inorganic fertilizer is less expensive in the short term, it adds less to the soil in the long term. This is to say, organic liquid fertilizer is good for your plants and soil.

How often should you use liquid fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer must be applied early morning or late afternoon. You can spray liquid fertilizer once a week for the best results. If you want to use an organic liquid fertilizer every day, which is of course not advised, use a very week solution. If your organic liquid fertilizer label reads 2 ml a liter, it means you need to mix 2 ml of your liquid organic fertilizer in a liter of water.

Is organic liquid fertilizer safe?

Organic liquid fertilizer is totally safe. The organic liquid fertilizer is widely hailed as a safer alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers. Organic liquid fertilizer is also healthier for your plants, too. As they are slow-release fertilizers, if you use liquid fertilizer in the organic form you won’t have to worry about long-term chemical build-ups that can be toxic to lawns and plants