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Flowers are so Important to Human Beings!


Flowers are so Important to Human Beings
flowers add not just beauty but several other benefits too. 


Why are they so important?

What is not to love about flowers? Right from little wild growths to carefully bred orchids, they are a marvel of nature. Vegetation and plants, in general, are vital to the existence of the mankind. Plants serve many useful functions, like regulating the weather conditions, preserving the nutrient content of the soil, preventing soil erosion and providing a habitat for numerous species of animals and birds. However, much of the benefits of a plant would not be possible, if they did not bloom. They are a vital component of plants, as we shall see below.

Flowers are a means of propagation

They are the reproductive organs of a plant. When it comes to attraction diversity of colors pleasant odor are a center of attractions. This draws in the pollinators who help to transfer the pollen to the pistils. This helps in the formation of seeds and fruits. We can use the same seeds for further propagation of the plant.

Without them, this process of reproduction would be impossible. Given that plants are stationary, much of the propagation is possible only by way of pollinators. The attractiveness of the flowers is usually unmatched by the plainness of the green leaves and is crucial to attracting the notice of insects.

Flowering plants have medicinal properties

 Flowers can make your mood every morning

For human beings and animals, flowers serve medicinal purposes as well. We need to choose them carefully. It depends upon the kind of toxin that we want to dismiss from the body. Petals of Calendula, for instance, help ease skin wounds. Similarly, petals of chrysanthemum, jasmine, and carnation can be used as tea additives which also have medicinal properties. Begonia flowers, when soaked in warm water, helps ease headaches.It is important to recognize the right kind of flowers and ensure that they do not emit certain other kinds of toxins that the human or animal body may be allergic too.

Flowers are a source of nutrition for all organisms

They are also a form of nutrition to all kinds of living organisms. When pollinators like bees and butterflies sit on eth flowers, they derive nectar from the same. Even small birds like hummingbird feed flowers as a good source of nectar. Seeds of sunflowers are an ideal source of oil, many people use it commonly across the globe. Similarly, clovers and dandelions are a common source of food for many of us. Wr can use many other flowers like jasmine, lavender, oregano, and sage during cooking.

Also, insects and small animals thrive on flowering plants. Though not always beneficial to the plant or the garden, rabbits and groundhogs are known to have a preference for certain flowers. In some case, the flowers themselves may be the kitchen of the plant. Insectivorous plants like the Venus Flytrap are capable of trapping unsuspecting insects (by way of their bright colors) and derive nutrition from them. Nature does things by a non-intrusive way. Propagation of most plants would be impossible without flowers. These parts of the plat not only accomplish the vital function of reproduction but also bring about a charm in the surroundings.

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