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How to Grow Rose Plant At Home, Indoor Rose Plant

Grow rose plant at home. Roses are one of the most traditional, fragrant and gorgeous flowers which you can grow in your garden. Of course, there is no rose without a thorn, but these wonderful flowers have the advantage of not requiring much care. Only they need is a little attention, a sunny place, and a good drainage floor. If you wish to learn how to grow roses and get them to flourish reaching their full potential to bring a cheerful and colorful touch at your home, go with these following easy steps.

Grow rose plantThere are many ways to decorate the garden, but there is nothing like planting rose bushes as these are some of the most beautiful flowers that exist. Likewise, you will enjoy its aroma and colors, are ideal to beautify the exterior areas of the house. Here we teach you how to plant rose bushes in the garden.

– Step 1: Preparation needed to grow Rose plant at home

The first step to choose the right variety is essential when going to cultivate them in the pot the best option is the dwarf roses, so bet for them. The rose bush pre-planted, so it will be easier to work with, should have thick stems and a healthy and strong appearance, with abundant leaves and soil.

One it is done with the selection of the variety, next essential point to choose a proper vessel. If the pot used is clay, a plastic protection must be placed between the container and the floor so that it does not overheat when temperatures reach higher levels and vice a versa. It is recommended to use as light as possible, probably plastic so that you can move it more easily.

Ensure vessel has holes at the bottom for drainage as it is very important to grow rose bush in a proper way. Finally and to finish the section ‘containers’, place a dish under the pot to remove excess water and prevent the roots rot.

– Step 2: Plantation steps to grow Rose plant at home

Once you are done with the basic preparation of planting rose, make a hollow by removing the soil to introduce the root of the rose bush, and then distribute it homogeneously by exerting pressure to compact it and add a little more if it were necessary. Just after this step, water in abundance to avoid the formation of air bags in this way.

On the other hand, if you have chosen a climbing variety, you must include a stake or rod of the size that will acquire the plant for its correct guidance and fix the plant to it using soft loops.

– Step 3: Care of Rose plants in pots

  • Ensure to place rose bushes get good amount of sun. At the same time make sure that you are not providing very strong sun, it might harm the bushes.
  • Water them in the morning and in the hottest seasons at this time but also at night. Check the soil moisture before you water them. You can do it by introducing the finger about 2 centimeters and a half.
  • Fertilize after a few months. Use a balanced liquid product every two weeks.
  • Transplant them into another pot after two years. Fresh soil allows further nourishment.
  • If the cold in your region is excessive, the good thing about growing in pots is that you can move them according to your interests. This allows you to protect plants from cold. If it is not possible to move plants then you can use bulbs to protect them from excessive cold.
  • In the spring, add a product rich in magnesium to encourage foliage growth. Do not add excessive product as it might cause damage to the plants.

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  1. Once or twice a week carefully wash the leaves by spraying them with soapy water and wiping with a soft cloth, plants rely on their leaves to breathe so keeping them clean and clear of dust helps to aid growth.

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