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How to make effective use of seaweed based plant fertilizer

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Deep in the bed of almost every ocean and sea, there lies a large plant-like organism
that survives incredibly harsh conditions through the sheer power of its natural vitamins, nutrients and hormones. The turbulent waves and swarms of kelp eating animals mean that to survive, it has to propagate easier and grow faster than your average plant.

Companies manufacturing products for Hydroponics harness everything that makes Seaweed such a powerful, fast growing and disease resistant plant by distilling it into seaweed plant food.

Seaweed plant food can make a fantastic addition to your overall nutrient and supplement strategy, especially if you are growing organically, but only if you know how to do it correctly. Here are the best ways you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your Seaweed based plant food.

Spraying it on leaves – Though the Saosis seaweed Powder plant food is produced with the expectation that it will be used primarily in the root zone, it can also make for a fantastic fertilizer. This can be particularly helpful you if you want to protect your plant from disease. Kelp has natural antibiotics that can help keep harmful bacteria at bay. In addition, foliar feeding can help give your plants an extra boost of vitamins and hormones that they might not be receiving through their roots.

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