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Humic fertilizer

Humic fertilizer. Humic fertilizer are complex organic molecules that are formed by the breakdown of organic matter. Humic fertilizer influences soil fertility through its effect on the water-holding capacity of the soil. Humic fertilizer make important contributions to soil stability and soil fertility leading to exceptional plant growth and micro nutrient uptake.

There has been much interest in the subject of soil Humic fertilizer, humus and humates over the years. There is basic agreement on the benefits of humus. Humic fertilizer are reported to increase the permeability of plant membranes, so promoting the uptake of nutrients. There is evidence of a positive effect of Humic fertilizer substances on the growth of various groups of microorganisms. There is also evidence that some of the humate materials contain large populations of Actinomycetes (microorganisms that share the properties of both fungi and bacteria). They are capable of degrading a wide range of substances including celluloses, humicelluloses, proteins, and lignin.


  • Humic fertilizer physically modify the structure of the soil.
  • Improve the structure of soil: Prevent high water and nutrient losses in light, sandy soils. Simultaneously convert them into fruitful soils by way of decomposition. In heavy and compact soils, aeration of soil and water retention are improved; cultivation measures are facilitated.
  • Humic fertilizer prevent soil cracking, surface water runoff and soil erosion by increasing the ability of colloids to combine.
  • Humic fertilizer help the soil to loosen and crumble and thus increase aeration of soil as well as soil workability.
  • Humic fertilizer increase water holding capacity of soil and thus help resist drought.
  • Humic fertilizer darken the color of the soil and thus help absorption of the sun energy.

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