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Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer (or fertiliser) is any organic or inorganic material of natural or manmade origin (other than liming materials) that is added to soil

Liquid Fertilizer (or fertiliser) is any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin (other than liming materials) that is added to soil to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants.

Liquid fertilizers are water-soluble liquid concentrates that mix with water. There are also powder fertilizer which can be mixed with water to make liquid fertilizer. They usually require a hose-end sprayer or watering can. The liquid nutrients generally last 1 to 2 weeks, so you need to reapply often. The advantage of liquid fertilizers is that they are quickly absorbed, so plants get their benefits soon after you apply them. They are great as a starter solution and for a quick boost during the growing season. These fertilizers are also useful to supplement granular fertilizers for potted plants because frequent watering of containers leaches nutrients.

Fish emulsion is a popular organic liquid concentrate fertilizer, but be forewarned that if raccoons and other critters are a problem in your garden, you my find some digging around fresh applications until the fishy aroma is gone. Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Plant Food is a liquid formula that you mix with water. You can apply it regularly through the growing season, or use it as a supplement. It is what we use on the plants in our greenhouses and can be found in stores alongside our plants.

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