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Potassium Humate Suppliers Kolkata West Bengal India

Saosis is a leading supplier of Potassium Humate Technical in India


Saosis is one of the leading Potassium Humate Suppliers in India, which is also known as HAP. We can supply you the following products

  1. Potassium Humate
  2. Potassium Humic (Humate) acid granules for soil conditioner
  3. 40% concentration liquid Potassium humate solution for foliar application

If you are looking for Saosis Humic Acid Granules and not Potassium Humate powder, click here


  •  Physical Characteristics: Black microgranular powder, Solubility in Water > 99%, pH 8 -10.
  • Main Ingredient: Organic matter: 80% min, Humic Acid > 85%, K2O: 10%-15%, Moisture < 10%
  • Usage: Potassium Humate Fertilizer is used as foliar spray, soil application, to make your own formulations
  • Dilution & Dosage: Foliar Application: Dilute 300-500g to 100 liters water or other functional solutions. Apply
  • 3-4 times. At intervals of 20days during the growing season. Soil Application: 10-18kg/Ha

Packaging: Our products are available in 20 kg HDPE bags.

Service Tax: This product attracts 5% VAT (West Bengal circle) and 4% CST but 2% against C Form

Terms of shipping: We offer free door to door delivery any where in India

Minimum order quantity: One 20 kg HDPE bag.

Contact number: +19 9830609065

Online contact form:
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Potassium Humate:

Potassium Humate Fertilizer is used for fertilizing and purifying soil, sharply increase the use efficiency of mineral fertilizers in soil, preventing NPK from leaching or lock up.

  • It applies to all kinds of crop.
  • It has good biotic resistance, enabling plants a special function of drought and cold resisting and insect and diseases prevention.
  • It can degrade effectively heavy metal pollution and harmful residue of chemical fertilizer or pesticide.
  • It has high active functional group, which can improve the physicochemical properties of soil to the greatest limit. Make the soil loosened with good crumble structure. Aeration condition and water and fertilizer retaining, and increase the availability of fertilizer as well.

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