Bemix repels a wide variety of pests including the mealy bug,beet armyworm, sehold pesticideaphids,the cabbage worm,thrips,whiteflies,mites,fungus gnats,beetles,moth larvae,mushroom flies,leafminers,caterpillars,locust,nematodes and the japanese beetle.It can also be used as a household pesticide for ant,bedbug,cockroach,housefly,sand fly snail,termite and mosquitoes both as repellent and larvicide.Bemix also controls black spot,powdery mildew,anthracnose and rust fungi.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:Mix the desired concentration of pesticides or insecticides or fungicides in water as per the instruction given in the manufacturer’s label.Mix Bemix 2 ml/L into the formulation. Bemix is hydrophobic in nature hence you need to add surfactants such as detergents or wetting agents or emulsifiers or foaming agents or dispersants to dissovel it in water.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS(From Organic Source):

Linoleic acid+oleic acid+Hexadecanoic acid+octadecanoic acid>50% Palmitic+stearic+linoleic+Arachidic<1%v



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