ENZYMATIC ZYME – Organic Soil Care Fertilizer


Organic Soil Care Fertilizer: Enzymatic biological zyme Granules is very useful  for growing bigger,more beautiful flowers and more vegetables. It rebuilds soil with all natural soil borne microbes that increase the organic matter in your soil allowing for better water retention.This product creates higher levels of nutrient uptake and healthier plants. ENZYMATIC ZYME  is  made from plant or animal waste. It is cost neutral and a cost saving product because it can reduce the overall phosphorus,potassium and nitrogen requirements and also reduce the need of pesticides. The product  is associated with soil structure. It do not run off as easily.It helps microbes thrive as it is rich in organic matter. It improves  the soil’s ability to hold onto water and nutrients increases as organic matters are present in Enzymatic Zyme.


Saosis Enzymatic Zyme is the ideal replacement for liquid ammonia,urea,phosphoric acid and several other chemical fertilizers used as a supplement or nutrient source in all biological treatment systems.It provides the necessary nourishment for micro organisms. It will furnish the required energy sources to maintain an excellent growth rate and promote better biological oxidation. Enzymatic Zyme provides faster action and reduces fertilizer requirement and increase yield in most crop.


  •  Consistent,premium quality mix ideal for both indoor and outdoor container gardening
  •  Formulated with micro nutrients to help plants grow strong
  •  Rebuilds soil naturally
  •  Increases higher water penetration
  •  Increases fertilizer efficiency
  •  Increases root development
  • Ideal blend to support strong and consistent  plant growth


  • Fruit Plants(Mango,Lichi,Guava,Lemon,Orange,Grape,Banana,Papaya etc):50gm/10 inch pot/7 days  or 4kg-5kg/Acre
  • Vegetables:50 gm/10 inch pot/10 days or 4 kg-5kg/Acre
  • Potato:50 gm/10 inch pot/10 days or 4kg-5kg/Acre
  • Crops (Pddy,Jute,Wheat,Barley,Mustard,Til,Ground nut,Sunflower,Soybean,Cotton etc): 50 gm/10 inch pot/10 days or 4kg-5kg/Acre
  • Flower and Foliage plant: 50 gm/10 inch pot/10 days or 4kg-5kg/Acre

NUTRIENT VALUE(From organic sources):

  • Dry matter:88-95%
  • Organic matter:45%-55%
  • Nitrogen:500 ppm-1500ppm
  • Phosphorus(p205):100 ppm-500 ppm
  • Potassium(k20):1000 ppm-1500 ppm
  • Seaweed extract+fulvic acid+amino acid+humic acid>91%
  • Fe+Ca+Mg+S+Na+Mn+Zn+B<6000 ppm

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