Product Overview of Organic Choice( Organic Oil Cake Based Fertilizer)

Organic Oil Cake Based Fertilizer: ORGANIC CHOICE is compost mixture of 20 different oil cakes for soil and it’s microbes.Nutrient in ORGANIC CHOICE is slowly released as the  plant needs them,which means there is no danger of burning or killing your plants due to an choice  is 100% natural and contains no artificial chemicals.

Advantages of organic fertilizer:

 There are many advantages of using organic oil cake based fertilizers. Building a soil environment favorable for soil organism growth while improving aeration and nutrient-holding capabilities are key advantages of using organic fertilizer over a conventional chemical one. While non-organic fertilizers temporarily add nutrients to the soil, they are unable to have lasting impact on soil health , which can lead to depletion of valuable growth-enhancing soil qualities over time.

One of the other advantage of saosis organic fertilizer pellet is that they give beneficial organic matter that can improve the soils water and nutrient holding capacity. This organic matter also creates an environment that encourages beneficial soil organisms such as earthworms. Another advantage is that organic fertilizer take longer to breakdown and release nutrients. This creates a slow-release situation that provides nutrients over a longer period and can also help in reducing the loss of nutrients to leaching.

  1. Organic fertilizer improved Soil Quality:Organic Fertilizer pellet have the ability to bring beneficial organic matter to the soil which enhances its water- and nutrient-holding capacities. Organic Fertilizers also aerate the soil, which encourages healthy soil organism growth and contributes to even greater soil health. Chemical fertilizers can over stimulate soil organisms when first applied, leading to depletion of soil organic matter without replacement of such nutrients.
  2. Organic Fertilizers lower nutrient loss:Chemical fertilizers often release nutrients into the soil within a short time after their application. Organic fertilizers pellet, by contrast, take much longer to break down and so nutrients are released more slowly over time. This gives natural Organic fertilizer pellet an advantage in reducing the risk of nutrient loss through leaching before plants are able to be nourished, often a concern with chemical products. However, this trait should be taken into account when timing Organic fertilizer pellet applications to ensure optimum plant benefits. Saosis organic fertilizers should be applied well in advance of when plants will need nutrients to assure their availability.
  3. Organic fertilizer free of harmful residues:The use of chemical fertilizers raises concerns over contamination of groundwater and the surrounding environment. Rainfall and irrigation can cause pollution due to residues. In addition, undesirable chemical residues may remain and adhere to vegetables or ornamental plants. With chemical fertilizer, excess phosphorous is of special concern as it may collect in the soil and cause pollution risks. Organic fertilizers are also likely to be the preferred choice when gardening or farming within close proximity of pets or wildlife.
  4. Organic fertilizer Lowers risk of plant harm:Saosis organic fertilizers are favored because they do not over stimulate plant development leading to unwanted overgrowth. They also carry less risk of burning because of salt content and, when materials are properly composed, safely make use of nitrogen-rich sources while avoiding harm to plants.Organic Fertilizer have a different effect on the soil than chemical fertilizers do. Organic fertilizer have a range of natural macro nutrients and micro nutrients that are needed to nurture the life of the soil. SAOSIS Organic fertilizer is scientifically formulated from natural oil cakes. Organic Fertilizer manufactured by us has no manure in it and hence there are no foul odors so often associated with natural Organic Fertilizer or organic compost. And, because in Organic Fertilizer, nutrients are released as the plants need them, there is no danger of burning or killing your plants due to an overdose.Organic fertilizer is naturally rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium [NPK]. N P K are the three major nutrients that plant needs, to grow strong and healthy. The organic fertilizer is less refined and involve no chemical processing. Therefore the natural environment finds it easier to break down and absorb the natural macro and micro nutrients present in the organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer pellet increases the biological activities in the soil. microorganism’s within the soil help plants convert nutrients into food and help to break down old plant material which adds to the over all health of the soil and garden.Organic pellet fertilizer are a slow release fertilizer. This slow release property allows the pellet fertilizer to gradually release the macro and micro nutrients in the soil, which gives plants time to absorb and use them through the growing season. In this way, the organic fertilizer also prevents leaching and soil erosion, which are side effects of the liquid form. Organic fertilizer’s content makes it a great source of nutrients not only for plants, but also for micro-organisms in the soil.


  • Boost both nutrient efficiency and organic matter content in the soil.
  • Nurture the soil with organic matter that reduces dependency on chemical inputs.
  • It increases microbial activity in the soil.
  • Facilitate the slow release of nutrients in response to the dynamic needs of plants
  • It contains Macro nutrient such as N,P,K,AS WELL AS Micro nutrients such as S,Zn,Fe,Mn,Mg,etc
  • It provides complete nutritional supplement and improves soil health for sustainable growth of crop plants.
  • Releases nutrients at a slower and consistent rate.
  • Retain soil moisture and reduce the stress on plants due to temporary loss of moisture.
  • Improves soil structure and water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Enhance crop resistance to erosion by improving the soil’s organic matter content

Nutritional  Facts:

  • Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (P2O5) + Potasium (K2O) > 9 %
  • Calcium(Ca) + Magnesium(Mg) + Zinc(Zn) > 1.5%
  • Aluminium(AI) + Boron(B) + Cobalt(Co) < 500 ppm
  • Sulphur (S) + Iron (Fe) + Sodium(Na) > 1.5%
  • Iodine(I) + Manganese(Mn): 500 – 800 ppm
  • Cytokinins + Alginic Acid + Mannitol +Gibberellins  > 0.1 %

Application Procedure:

  • FRUIT PLANTS (Mango,lichi,guava,,grape,banana,papaya etc.): 50gram/10 inch pot/7 days or 8 kg-10 kg /Acre
  • VEGETABLES: 50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • POTATO: 50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • CROPS:(paddy,jute,wheat,barley,mustard,til,ground nut,sunflower,soybean,cotton etc.):50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT:50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre

What makes Saosis Organic fertilizer better than Chemical fertilizer:

  1. Chemical fertilizers are added to soil in a form the plants can take in easily, nearly instantly. This can be problematic, especially if too much is added to the plant. There is little control.
  2. Organic fertilizers need time break down fully, supplying a natural, long term benefit to the soil plants can feed off of for some time.
  3. Chemical fertilizers will wash away with several heavy rains or when plants are over watered.
  4. Chemicals are harmful to micro life within the soil, including all-important earthworms that help plant roots to grow by creating tunnels for them.
  5. Organic fertilizers don’t produce harmful gases or pollute water sources like chemical fertilizers do.
  6. Organic fertilizers build the soil, promoting a strong structure that supports and nourishes life.
  7. There are many benefits to using organic fertilizers rather than purchasing chemical based fertilizers. Not only is organic safer, it’s the natural way to improve the quality of soil.

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