Soil Mend: Organic Root Developer Fertilizer

Benefits of organic root developer fertilizer:

There are many benefits of organic root developer fertilizer

  • Leaches away unwanted sodium in the soil.As the sodium exists,the soil aggregates into larger particles.Looser,more porous soil,which has more water percolation and aeration.
  • The addition of soil Mend greatly improve the water retention abilities of sandy soils and they can be added to adjust the ph of the soil to meet the needs of specific plants or to make highly acidic or alkaline soils more usable.
  • Improve soil structure
  • Improves soil nutrients and their ability to support healthy plant growth

Impact on Crops

  • Soil Mend improves plant nutrition.Providing calcium and sulfur in forms ideal for uptake by plants.
  • Other soil nutrient like zinc,phosphorous and magnesium,become more available to plants.

Application:Soil Mend may be applied in a number of ways.For some gardener it worked into the soil with a tiller before planting.For others,after planting,or periodically during the growing season.Soil testing should be performed prior to applying a soil conditioner to learn more about the composition and structure of the soil.

Description:Soil Mend is an organic soil amendment that alters the chemical and physical structure of agriculture soils making them more receptive to growing crops.Soil Mend loosens the soil improving air and water penetration while allowing excess salts to leach away .It also contains two crucial plant-growing nutrients,calcium and sulfur.And the use of Soil Mend increases the availability of other important nutrients.

Doses:4.5 kg/Acre

Nutritional facts:

  • Seaweed extract+amino acid>10%
  • fulvic acid+humic acid>60%
  • calcium+Aragonite>10%
  • Neem extract>10%
  • Nitrogen(N)+phosphours(p2o5)+
  • potassium(k2o)>2.99%
  • calcium(ca)+magnesium(mg)+copper(cu)+
  • Zinc(Zn)>900 pp
  • (Fe)+
  • Sodium(Na)<1000 ppm

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