About Seagrow Organic Rose Fertilizer:

Seagrow  Organic Rose Fertilizer gives plants the nutrients they need to develop lush foliage,abundant blooms,and high yields.It promotes abundant ,beautiful blooms.It is formulated with important micro nutrients for maximum plant performance also.Most importantly it improves disease resistance and contains time released nitrogen for extended feeding.

.Seagrow Organic  Rose fertilizers have great value in the garden; there are many  benefits of  Seagrow organic  rose fertilizers.Seagow rose organic fertilizer consists of those nutrient which is very essential for rose planting.The product follow proper N-P-K ratio also.It contributes the micro-nutrients which contribute to strong and healthy growth. Therefore Seagrow organic  rose fertilizer is an excellent way to add specific nutrients particular to a plant’s needs.

The oldest flowers in cultivation worldwide are roses. If you want to grow roses you must have proper site selection.sites those have enough sunlight and good air movement are perfect for rose planting.Not only that they need  well drained and soil  which should be slightly acidic. seagrow  organic rose fertilizer maintain soil proper ph balance also.

After planting, it is important to keep roses well watered.Rose plants do not grow well in waterlogged soils.Do not sprinkle frequently to the soil surface.


  • Seagrow organic rose fertilizer specially formulated to provide nutrients for roses,including ever-blooming and repeat-blooming varieties.
  • Seagrow organic rose fertilizer is great for all types of rose plants including bare root and container
  • Fast-acting formula starts to work instantly for quick results
  • Easy to use
  • Slow-release  formula


Why organic fertilizer is best for your garden?

As  chemical fertilizer increases the amount of acidity causes less production,on the other hand to save soil nutrient and to have abundant and more beautiful bloom organic fertilizer is required, not only that,this is the best way to enrich your soil quality also. Hence you should buy organic rose fertilizer for your plants.

How do I plant Roses?

There are some steps

  • before planting, soak the root ball in a bucket of water for at least 15 minutes
  • dig a deep hole approximately twice as wide as the current root system, as Roses need root space
  • add a good quality compost to the soil
  • give attention to the position of the plant  that  the leaf is at soil level
  • at last, replace the soil,firming it down very gently and water

How often should I buy organic rose fertilizer and fertilize my roses?

Rose plant should be fertilized three times a year.this promotes vigorous growth and abundant early spring the first application should be made.during the the first bloom period apply the second fertilizer application.In mid to late july the third application should be not fertilize rose plant in the begininng of august.Later fertilization results succulent new per application sprinkle 1/4 cup of fertilizer around the plant.

DOSE: It is a water soluble fertilizer, mix 1 gm/ L of water and spray on the leaves every once in 10 days or put 5 gm/10 inch pot near the root of the plant every 10 days.

NOTE: .This is a balanced plant food do not mix with other plant foods.


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