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APPLICATION PROCEDURE:Water soluble organic fertilizer.(Foliar application) about 15-20 days after sowing mix 10 gm/15 l of water and drench the plant once in every 8-10  days.(Soil application) about 15 days after sowing mix 2gm/1 l of water and spray near the roots of the plant foods.Do not feed your plants 7 days before or after application.



Iron(Fe)+Calcium(Ca)+potassium(K)<600 ppm

Manganese(Mn)+Zinc(Zn)+Boron(b)<400 ppm


Auxins+Betaines+Cytokinis+Alginic acid+Minnito+Lamanarian+18 Amino acids+polysaccharides+glycine betaine+Chelated micronutrients from organic source+More than different 10 vitamins


A) GROWTH:Special growth hormones called cytokinins and auxins present in seagrow acts like ‘plant steroids’.They’re absorbed directly through the foliage of the plant and results in larger vegetables,juicer fruits with longer shelf-lives,and fuller crops across the board.Also,these growth hormones work as mediators or activators of many enzyme systems.

B)ROOTS: Seagrow’s organic micronutrient  also work below the surface,stimulating the development of more extensive root system in plants.this helps to increase water access,resistance to root diseases,and offers protection  against wind damage.Presence of polysaccharides, and glycine betaine in Seagrow helps in root formation and development ,nutrient uptake and soil structure.  Polysaccharides,vitamins and chelated micronutrients complete the action of the rooting Factor by enhancing primary metabolism and optimizing hormonal balance.

C)Soil: Alginates are a well-known ‘clay improver’ and also help to hold water in the topsoil.Meanwhile,Seagrow encourages microbes with in the soil to convert unavailable nutrients into a form that plants can actually use.

D)Nutrition: Seagrow contains many vital micronutrients that help protect against stress and disease. Alginic acid and mannitol,also present in seagrow,are superb carries of these elements,taking them straight to where they’re needed.

E)ENERGY: Seagrow  increases the amount of chlorophyll in leaves,allowing plants to better harness energy from the sun.With more energy plants enjoy stronger growth and appear greener,healthier and more vibrant.





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