Organic Tea Fertilizer: SEAGROW -tea is an organic fertilizer for tea plant. Presence of ALGINATE in Humic acid improves the fertility and water holding capacity of the tea bush also. It contains L- Amino acids and  also every other macro and micro nutrients in chelated  form which is easily absorbed by the tea plants. L-Amino acids boost chlorophyll concentration in the tea plant leading to higer degree of photosynthesis. Hence you need organic fertilizer for your tea plants.

DOSE: Plantation or mother bush: 1gm/Liter or 250 gm/Hector Old tea plant: 2gm/liter or 500 gm/Hector

organic plant root care fertilizer


  • Natural growth regulator present in Seaweed such as PHYTO HARMONES play active role in tea plant viability,root  respirational formation & growth it helps to retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers in soil and releases them as needed to the tea plants
  • Presence of natural Phyto harmones such as CYTOKININ,AUXIN & GLIBBERLLINS helps in better development of root system.
  • It contains ANTITOXINS to fend off bacteria and viruses and promote strength to deter nematodes,diseases and pests
  • Helps plant to endure environment stress due to presences of natural BETAINS harmons
  • Finally, promotes additional stems,branches and buds when sprayed at regular interval


  • Dry matter: 80-85%
  • Organic matter:50%-55%
  • Nitrogen:1.2%-1.5%
  • Phosporus(p205):1%-1.5%
  • Potassium(k20):12%-25%
  • Alginic acid:15%-17%
  • fe+ca+mg+s+na+mn+zn+b>6%
  • Cytokinins+Alginic acid+Mannitol+Gibberellins>0.5%

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