Seagrow Vegetable – Best Organic Vegetable Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden and Soil. Suitable for all kinds of Vegetable Plants. 100% water soluble. Can be used in Foliar Application (Spray), Soil Application, Drip Irrigation, Hydroponics, Large Scale Open Land Farming

Vegetable fertilizer or Seagrow Vegetable has many benefits on your garden plants. The primary asset is how it naturally facilitate your crop’s absorption and the use of available micro and macro nutrients in plants.  Seagrow vegetable vegetable fertilizer is made to be available in chelated form. When you apply seagrow vegetable you basically introduce a form of organic nutrients in to your crop’s environment. Fulvic acids present in seagrow vegetable vegetable fertilizer forms bonds which protects them from reacting with other harmful ions available in their environment.

Organic humic acid essentials present in seagow vegetable helps in healthy plant growth. It helps to increase the nutrient uptake of plants and can condition the soil for a better and efficient use of organic or chemical fertilizer. It helps in developing healthier roots in plants, increases yield and are essential to over all plant development.


For kitchen gardening / home gardening mix 0.5 gm / 1 L of water and drench the entire plant once in 10 days. If you wish to use it as soil additives to increase your soil quality mix 1 gm / 1 L and drench the soil with sufficient of water. If you are using it in large scale organic farming in open land use 10 gm / 16 L of water.


This is a highly concentrated organic vegetable plant food. If you are using it make sure you do not mix it with any other chemical or organic plant food. Make sure when you apply seagrow vegetable you do not apply any other plant food 5 days before or after application. If you make mistake and your plants starts to show sign of over dose, kindly drench the plant with plenty of water 1 time or preferably 2 times per day. Do not give any pesticide, chemical or organic food during this time until your plant return to normal.

Application Dose:

  • Foliar Application (Spray) in Kitchen gardening / In-House gardening / Small vegetable plants in pots: Mix 0.5 gm / 1 L of water. Apply once in every 7 days.
  • Foliar Application (Spray) in large scale farming such as Vegetable Plantation in open field: Mix 10 gm / 15 – 16 L of water.
  • Soil Application for plants in Kitchen gardening / In-House gardening / Small vegetable plants in pots: Mix 1 gm / 1 L of water. Apply once in every 7 days.
  • Soil Application for plants in Large Open Field: Mix 10 gm / 10 L of water. Drench the Soil near the Roots of the vegetable plant
  • Drip Irrigation: Mix 0.5 gm / 1 L of water. Apply once in every 7 days
  • Hydroponics: Mix 0.2 gm / 1 L of water. That is 2 gm in 10 L of water

Application Procedure:

  • Can be applied through spray on the foliage (spray on the leaves)
  • Can be applied on soil
  • Can be applied through drip irrigation
  • Apply early in the morning or late evening when the Sun’s ray is not at its maximum power
  • Apply once in every 10 – 12 days interval

Recommended Crops:

All kinds of vegetable plants known or unknown.

Benefits of using Organic Seagrow Vegetables:

  • 100% water soluble completely balanced plant food.
  • Increases resistance against insects, pest and diseases
  • Improves vegetable quality, size, color, luster and shelf life
  • Boost vegetable’s rate of growth and size.
  • Helps plant to recover nutrition deficiency
  • If applied 2 times within a span of 12 – 15 days reduces the need of chemical fertilizer by up to 30 % depending up on existing Soil Condition

Nutritional facts:

  • Dry matter: 96.40 – 98%
  • Organic matter: 56.30  %- 60%
  • Nitrogen ( from organic source ): 1.23%- 2%
  • Phosporus (p205) ( from organic source ): 1.02% -1.5%
  • Potasssium(k20) ( from organic source ):19.20% -22%
  • Fe + Ca + MG + S + NA + Mn + ZN + B ( from organic source ) < 600 ppm

As per international research papers Seaweed extracts present in this vegetable plant food is known to contain different natural plant growth hormones such as Cytokinins, Alginic Acid, Mannitol etc. These hormones are natural and perfectly ok for organic gardening.

Why use the best organic vegetable fertilizer for vegetable gardening?

Vegetable fertilizer products are useful products for organic gardeners, large scale farmers who wishes to avoid the use of synthetic / chemical fertilizer or fertilisers made from animal products, providing a useful source of potassium, magnesium and trace elements. Seagrow Vegetable or organic vegetable fertilizer is usually a sustainable, renewable resources for your loving plants.

Seagrow Vegetable or organic vegetable fertilizer is rich in trace elements ( the nutrients that plants only need in small amounts), which are often not available in common fertilizers, fertilizer made from animal waste such as fish, blood and bones, synthetically made plant food or chemical fertilizers, but which are nevertheless very important for plant health.

Seagrow Vegetable or organic vegetable fertilizer may be applied as foliar feeds (spray on the leaves) where the nutrients are sprayed onto the foliage and taken up through the leaves.

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