SEAWEED™ – Seaweed extract fertilizer, plant growth supplement (PGR), natural hormone supplement and growth booster. It contains many different Macro & Micro nutrients and Bio Active matter from natural sources. When applied periodically, no other fertilizer (chemical or organic) is need

About  Seaweed Extract Fertilizer :

Seaweed Extract Fertilizer is an 100% water soluble liquid organic fertilizer which is Non Toxic and completely Chemical free. It can be applied to all kinds of plants through foliage application (spray on the leaves), soil application (spray near the roots of the plant) and hydroponic application.

Seaweed extract fertilizer has 25% extract from freshly available ascophyllum nodosum plants, a small portion of Amino Acid , Potassium Humate and Fulvic acids are added to keep up higher balanced nutritional value in the product. When seaweed is applied to the plants it provides the plant with balanced growth supplement, natural hormone supplement and growth booster supplements. Seaweed due to its natural micro nutrient contents, natural Nitrogent (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), growth hormones contents such as Alginic Acid, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Mannitol etc. is some times refereed as Bio Fertilizer.Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Besides this, Seaweed also has plenty of Oceanic Bio Active matters such as Mannitol, Polyphenol, Betaine, Lignin, Oligose, Phycocolloid, Cytokinin, Trehalase etc which are very essential for improving germination, root development, leaf quality, general plant vigor and resistance to pathogens.

SEAWEED is one of the best organic liquid fertilizer you can use on your plants. seaweed contains organic 63 different macro and micro nutrients. Apart from all most all macro and micro nutrients available it also contains many different types of Oceanic Bio Active matters that are difficult to find in other organic liquid fertilizers.

 Benefits of Seaweed Extract Fertilizer:

    • It promotes more buds when applied as the plants are beginning to bud.
    • Extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables if applied 10 days before harvesting
    • Lengthens the life of cut flowers if they are sprayed with Liquid Seaweed a day or two before cutting
    • Treating seeds or seed pieces with Liquid Seaweed before planting will improve seed germination, root growth, and early seedling vigor.
    • It acts as a rooting solution also. Place cuttings in a solution of Liquid Seaweed and water until roots develop, then plant. When planting, water in with Liquid Seaweed solution.
    • You can use it as a soil treatment to grow healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant plants.
    • It promotes vigorous growth and helps deter pests and diseases on fruit, flowers, vegetables, lawns etc.
    • Eco-friendly
    • Odorless
    • Feeds all indoor and outdoor plants
  • 100% organic all-purpose


  • Foliar Application:   2ml/L
  • Soil  Application:     5ml/L


  • Seaweed extract>25%
  • Amino acids+Fulvic acid+Humic acid>1.88%
  • Nitrigen(N)+phosphorus (p205)+ Potassium(k20)>3%
  • Calcium(Ca)+Magnesium(Mg)+copper(Cu)+Zinc(Zn)>0.9%
  • Boron(B)+Sulphur(S)+Iron(Fe)+Sodium(Na)<1%
  • Molybdenum+Protein+Vitamins<0.01%
  • Auxins+Alginic Acid+Cytokinis+mannitol+Gibberellins<0.5%


Fruit plants(Mango,lichi,Guava,Lemon,Orange,Grape,Banana,Papaya):After 15 days of planting:Spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

VEGETABLES: After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

POTATO:After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

CROPS(Paddy,Jute,Wheat,Barley,Mustard,Til,Ground nut,Sunflower,Soybean,Cotton):After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT:After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

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