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Seaweed extracts in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India – Manufacturers and Suppliers

Seaweed extracts in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India – Manufacturers and Suppliers

The seaweeds resources are intensively used to improve harvest quantity and quality in agriculture and horticulture. The beneficial effects of seaweed products on the cultured plants are well documented.

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The using of seaweed products improve seeds germination, seedlings development, increase plant tolerance to environmental stresses (Zhang and Ervin, 2004, 2008), and enhance plant growth and yield. Moreover seaweeds are used as soil amendment in pests control and plant diseases management. Liquid extracts obtained from seaweeds have gained importance as foliar sprays and soil drench for many crops including various grasses, cereals, flowers and vegetable species. Also they apply to stimulate seedling germination and rooting.

At present one of the most promising applications of seaweeds is their use as plant biostimulants. For example, aqueous extracts of Sargassum johnstonii at concentration from 0.1 to 0.8% (w/v) that is equivalent 1–8 mgSW mL-1 used as foliar spray and soil drench enhanced vegetative growth (plant height, shoot length, root length, and number of branches) and reproductive parameters (flower number,
fruit number, and fresh weight) of tomato. Also foliar application of 15% (v/v) aqueous extracts prepared from fresh Kappaphycus alvarezii resulted in 57% increase of Glycine max yield compare to the control and intensified nutrient uptake by soybean. The introductory soaking of Triticum aestivun seeds in 20% (0.2 mgSW mL-1
) extracts of Sargassum wightii for 24 h gave an 11% increase in seed germination, a 63% enhance in number of lateral roots and 46% increase in shoots length in compare to control.

Seaweed extracts contribute to the recovery of damages caused by insects and bacterial or fungal diseases. Formulations basing on algal extracts are rich in phytohormones (gibberelins, auxins, cytikinins), amino acids and fatty acids which are responsible for plant growth, development and resistance to pathogens.

Biostimulant activity of extracts obtained from marine algae is connected with the presence of plant growth regulators, particularly cytokinins mainly responsible for plant aging delay, mitosis induction, stimulation of chloroplast maturation, growth of shoot and lateral buds. The amount of cytokinins changes and their ratio to other plant growth hormones depends on the species of algae resulting in different effects of seaweed extracts on plant cultivation.

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