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Online Business in India: How to Start and Make Money in 1 Month

Are you planning to start an online business in India? In other words, do you want to go global without investments? Do you want to know the advantages of doing online business in India? Do you want to know Top 5 Online Business Ideas in India? With this in mind continue reading…

Table of Content

    1. Why online business in India is better
    2. Top 7 advantages of online business in India
    3. Top 5 online business idea in India
    4. Start an online business and Make Money in 1 Month

Why online business in India is better?

“Online Business in India: How to Start an Online Business in India and Make Money in 1 Month”. The world is facing the pandemic and massive economic threat in this evil year 2020. COVID-19 has cost many lives but it’s not the only thing that is under downfall but this virus forced us to isolation and lead to the death of the economic structure. It is important to realize that the world will not be the same anymore.

The growth of online business in the coming years

Indian’s internet economy is expected to grow double from US dollar 125 billion to US dollar 250 by the end of 2020. This is majorly backed by India’s online business [ eCommerce ] sales.

India’s eCommerce business revenue is expected to jump from US dollar 39 billion into April 2016 to US dollar 120 billion in 2020. That’s a growth rate at an annual rate of 51%. Which is the highest among all developing nations put together!

Thanks to the era of technology, online work is still alive. You can stay safe at home and work from home too…..There are many working from home during this lockdown period.

Don’t worry if you are not one of them and worried about your finances and want something to add up extra bugs to your pocket… Today I am going to tell you Online Business in India: How to Start an Online Business in India and Make Money in 1 Month. Yes. This is possible.

The common mistakes people make while trying to start an online business

It is easy to start a business but it is not easy to run it successfully in less period and for that, you will need to set goals and strategies for your business to work efficiently.

Many websites have been opened and dumped into trash due to heavy failures market experts say that rushing into business without proper knowledge made them fall so bad to avoid such risks let us go step by step to open an online business and money-making strategies.

NO, we are not only talking about How to start a new company in India but how to make money with an online business, at your home with the advantage of sitting at your home and expanding your business worldwide.

Lets, Have a look at the wide horizon of business ideas and its know-how?

The advantages of opening an online business in India

Top 7 advantages of online business

  1. Cost-effective

    Doing an online business in India is cost effected. Like a biscuit manufacturing company or food manufacturing company, you do not have to invest a lot of money in buying machinery.

    All you need is a computer. To host your site, you can use google cloud which offers Rs.21000 free one time benefits. To learn more about it continue reading here

  2. Remote work facility

    Work from your location. Online business is not bound to a specific location. You can work from home, from your friend’s home, or during a family vacation.

    It’s up to you how you manage your space and skills. If you could develop your app then you can work on the go.

  3. You are your own boss

    The harder effort you put in your business the better your business does. For an online business, there are no set boundaries, and no one standing at your head and shouting at you for not meeting the deadline. You can run your online business at your convenience.

    You can schedule your time according to your priorities. At least devoting four to five hours daily can make your online business work smoothly. Hence starting a business makes you your own boss.

  4. Huge network

    The world is your market when you are an online seller. The spectrum of customers is spread all over the world. Online business gives you infinite chances to reach your goal. There are online payment getaways that accept international payments.

    Regardless you may not be fortunate enough to get success easily and add some skill sets to make money with an online business.

  5. Communication

    Not only good communication is enough but emotional intelligence, confidence, clarity empathy, showing respect to the customers, and being a good listener are some aspects a great businessman should possess.

  6. Marketing skills

    Study the market data, understanding of customer phycology, applying fresh tactics, proper organization, ability to digest criticism and learn from them, collaborating with a team, knowledge of digital marketing skills, and learning various tools like SEO, CMS, and CRM. For instance, if you are running a business you need to know how to sell your product.

  7. Reduce Risks

    To reduce the risks of failure in your online business one must do proper research about the facts and statistics of the market needed to operate the business idea cooking in your head.

    Popular trends and market research and study of A to Z of glossary of online business terms are something you can do before entering into actual investments in terms of time, money, and skills.

    NOW, the question arises what many online business options are there to choose from and How to start a new company in India .it includes choosing the right domain name, deciding the type of company sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.

list of top onlinebusiness

Top 5 online business idea in India

  1. Online selling

    Sell your brand online; it can be anything produced by you, from saree, soaps, food products, or anything. This is also known as single brand selling. Through online sales, you can get customers from around the world. You can also get paid in dollars.

  2. Become a blogger

    Choose your suitable niche and start writing blogs the money bloggers are making is more than 1 lakh + per month. All you need is to just have the right skills and knowledge of the market.

  3. Website designer

    If you have proper education of website designing or development and passion to start something of your own, get into website designing or development. They are also profitable professions of recent times.

  4. Online tutor

    If you have the quality of a teacher, and you perceive the right skills to teach what you have learned in your lifetime you can become a teacher. It must be remembered that an online tutor has great potential. You can have students from all over India. You can be a video calling teacher, you can set up your own broadcast. Another key point here, you can setup Youtube channels to reach out to your students. This demonstrates the true potential of using online business model in your business.

  5. Outsource customer calling service

    It is important to realize that businesses are searching for outsourcing customer communication through part-time work. The most compelling evidence of this is not all companies want to hire full-time workers. For this reason, an online business can also serve a good purpose. Statistics show that millions of customers are increasing their reach for online businesses. People want to earn fast money and online business, by all means, is the best option you can go for.

    In today’s world technology is very important. More and more people are using Smart Phones. After the arrival of, watching online videos, and learn from it has become a passion for many. After the arrival of the Corona Pandemic.

    The importance of technology and the internet is well known around the world. Hence, providing a never-ending scope to start an online business in India and make money in 3 months.

Start an online business and Make Money in 1 Month?

Let me begin with an introduction, we are India leading fertilizer and pesticide manufacturer. We manufacture products that can be used in large scale farming for growing fruits, vegetables, paddy, chilly, sugarcane, onion as well as for home garden, kitchen garden, etc.

  • Who are our customers

    Anyone who has a plant. All plants require fertilizer to survive. Another key point here, our product ranges from Rs.45 for a 30 ml bottle to Rs. 1100 for 1 L bottle. This means you can sell to a wide variety of customers.

    To point out, suppose a customer has 1 plant at home. You can sell him Rs 45 bottle which will last for about 45- 50 days. On the other hand, you can sell 1 L bottle for Rs. 1100 to a farmer for his 1 Acre of land.

  • How much investment needed?

    It is important to note that, there is no investment to be made by you. That is, if you have an order from your customer you place an order with us. You don’t need to maintain stock. For this reason, when your customer places an order with you, you can ask for an advance which you can pay us to buy material.

  • How much money do you make?

    By all means, not less than 30% annually. It is important to note, the more you buy from us the more money you make. Another key point is you can buy from us in bulk for your own use also and avail the discount.

  • Interested? Contact us now

    Click here to visit our online organic fertilizer shop. +91 9830 60 9065 or

  • Example of our products

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Buy Fertilizer Online: Top 10 Advantages in the Year 2020

buy fertilizer online

If you want to buy fertilizer online then click here. This article is about the 10 top advantages of buying fertilizer online in comparison to buying fertilizer from a nearby local shop. We tend to buy fertilizer online because buying fertilizer online is super easy and convenient. If you ask me if I had purchase fertilizer online 5 years back, I would say no. With time, technology changed. 3 years back from now, not many people would buy fertilizer online due to fear of payment frauds. But in the year 2020, you are more informed about technology. You know exactly how not to get into credit frauds. Am I right? In this article, we are going to discuss buy fertilizer online: Top 10 Advantages in the Year 2020. To understand the importance of online buying, there is a detailed discussion of how an authentic online site facilitates you. So, you can have quality products with ease.

Let’s start with what is fertilizer and why should you buy it? If you know this, you can skip to the buy fertilizer online: Top 10 Advantages in the Year 2020

buy fertilizer onlineFertilizers are an essential ingredient for the proper growth of plants. In recent times there is an increasing demand for them. There are 2 types of fertilizers. Organic fertilizers include natural fertilizers and chemical fertilizers which include any type of fertilizer that is man-made. Organic fertilizers usually originate from plant or animal waste. So, these fertilizers improve the soil structure and also improve the soil’s ability to hold nutrients and water. Additionally, these fertilizers provide enough nutrients to the plants in a natural biological process. Another thing that attracts the buyers towards organic fertilizer is their eco-friendliness and sustainability. So, often users prefer to buy fertilizer online in India.

While they think of buying these manures, another question comes in their mind-where to buy them-online or offline mode. Sometimes you feel perplexed as you do not have a concrete idea about the merit and demerits of buying fertilizer online. In the subsequent passages, I am going to discuss with you the 10 important things to know before you buy fertilizer online in 2020. Scroll down to the entire article to know more about them.

Here are the 10 important things to know before you buy fertilizer online in 2020

1. Convenience – Get your product delivered to your home or buy from a nearby shop

  • Offline fertilizer shop if you go to a conventional shop, a fertilizer shop may be near to your home? you may not get the right fertilizer of your choice. Some times the shop owner, push sale products that you don’t require now. There are times when a fertilizer shop owner gives you the wrong information on the product that he wants to push-sale for his own profit. Some times not all types of fertilizers may be available in the fertilizer shop for you to pick and chose. This can be a frustrating situation as their intervention (like promotion of every product, inquiring more about your need) create a mess.

  • Online fertilizer shop on the other hand, while you choose an online shop to buy fertilizer for your plants in India, you find it quite comfortable. You just need to click a button to visit the website of a reputed e-commerce store. Additionally, you just need to add your preferred fertilizers into the cart and directly proceed towards the checkout. That is all you have to do buy fertilizer online.

2. Time – It is important. If you can save time, you should save time

  • Offline shopping While you choose a conventional shop to buy fertilizer online India, you need to rush to the store. It is not always possible to go due to some reasons(traffic, lack of time).

  • Online shopping time-saving is vital. You can shop from multiple stores at a time. Since the e-commerce shop helps people to save their precious time, it has attained much attention among the users. These days people who are technology savvy likes to buy fertilizer online.

3. Price – Everyone loves a discount. Here is an article about buying cheap fertilizer online

  • Offline fertilizer shop in a conventional shop, a limited number of fertilizers are available. You cannot compare the prices of different brands, this is a big disadvantage. You have to spend more money. It is up to the fertilizer shop owner to decide whether to offer you a discount or not.

  • Online fertilizer shop while the fertilizers available online, tend to be cheaper. You can have some exciting opportunities to save money. There are offers that save a considerable amount of money. This will also offer you outstanding discounts that a physical outlet cannot offer. The availability of a great online discount is one of the main reasons why people buy fertilizer online.

4. Transportation expense – The money you spent to physically to get the fertilizer

  • Offline fertilizer if you are buying offline, you have to drive or walk at least a few miles to reach the store. The traveling expenses that occurred to buy fertilizer actually adds up to your product price. This is something that many don’t realize.

  • To buy fertilizer online, does not involve any transportation expenses. The fertilizers you buy online will be delivered to the doorstep. So, you will get an opportunity to avoid any transportation expenditure. If you want to know the fertilizer manufacturer that offers free home delivery click here.

5. Easy return policy – If a product is damaged you want to get it exchanged, what you do?

  • Conventional fertilizer store If a buyer finds that the fertilizers are faulty or they do not satisfy their demands, then they want to return or replace them. But changing the fertilizers in a conventional store is a complicated matter. In most cases, local shops do not accept returned material. Sometimes, you have to argue with them to get the product exchanged. However, the agents or the customers may not be ready to maintain the return policy.

  • eCommerce fertilizer shop If a customer finds to be dissatisfied with the quality of fertilizers, then he can ask for a return. A trusted e-commerce store offers the facility while the representative picks up the product from your doorstep as delivered. So, you can buy fertilizers online in India.

6. Buy fertilizer any time from anywhere

  • Conventional store, most physical outlets remain open during the daytime. However, because of the different responsibilities and other assigned tasks, a buyer may not go to the shop.

  • Online fertilizer shop in such a situation, virtual stores come to your rescue. Online shops are open throughout 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week. Therefore, you can think of shopping for the superior fertilizers from such stores at any convenient time.

7. Do you dislike crowds? I do!

  • Offline shopping crowded stores never offer a pleasant experience for you during your offline shopping. The more people means you cannot enjoy shopping.

  • Online shopping to avoid frustration, you can buy fertilizer online. When you buy fertilizer online you will not have to deal with such an unpleasant experience. What is more, buying fertilizer online has become a smoother experience for you that helps with a wide range of variety.

8. Easy accessibility

  • In a conventional store, you will have a limited stock of products. Several physical stores cannot compete as they cannot satisfy their customers with their stocks. Customers may have to wait a lot for their necessary items.

  • Online fertilizer shops, virtual shops are more advanced than offline shops in this respect. You can easily search for the items that you want. A plethora of filters is available for your ease. So, it lets to shop quickly.

9. Payment method

  • Physical fertilizer shop Most conventional stores mainly offer cash options for the transaction. It is another difficult option for buyers. Carrying cash is a risky matter so customers find offline shopping quite difficult.

  • Online fertilizer shop Online shopping mode comes to your rescue. You can find here different payment method-payment via credit card, debit card, and COD (Cash on delivery). You can select a payment mode that suits you. Moreover, your payment becomes secure, safe with an authentic eCommerce store. Online payment to buy fertilizer online is safe.

10. Standing in queue

  • Conventional store When you shop offline, time management is a big factor. You have to spend your precious time while standing in queues. Unfortunately, it is impossible for you to avoid those long queues when shopping offline.

  • Online fertilizer shop if you buy fertilizers online, you can avoid standing in queues. You just add what you want to buy into the cart and proceed to buy those products.


So these are my 10 important things you should know before you buy fertilizer online in 2020. You may not agree with all points but you do agree with me that it is better to buy fertilizer online than to buy fertilizer near me. It is also clear to you that online fertilizer purchase is more reliable and convenient than to buy fertilizer near me. If you buy fertilizer online it not only saves your time but also assures you of getting the required products at a cheap rate. You also have the option to compare prices from different online fertilizer shops. While decides to buy fertilizers, approach a reliable online fertilizer store.

If you want to buy fertilizer online from Saosis Shop? here is how you get to benefit from it

  • We offer reasonable rates so that you easily afford to buy fertilizer online
  • We offer free delivery if you buy fertilizer online
  • If you don’t have a credit card, no problem, buy fertilizer online and pay at delivery
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8 reasons to buy fertilizer online at low price in India

8 reasons to buy fertilizer online at low price in India

Do you want to buy fertilizer online at a low price in India? Surely, buying fertilizer online has its advantages compared to buying fertilizer from a local shop.

For example, if you buy fertilizer from a local shop you get benefits like discounts, more options to select the brand of your choice, availability of different sizes,  free home delivery, etc.

In this article, I am going to telling you 8 reasons to buy fertilizer online at low price in India

If you want to buy fertilizer online at low price in India right away, here is our recommendation. Above all, their fertilizers are of great quality and price. Please click here to check out their fertilizer shop page.

Table of Contents

  1. What is fertilizer?
  2. The advantage of buying good quality fertilizer over poor quality fertilizer
  3. 8 advantages of using fertilizer for your plants
  4. 8 reasons to buy fertilizer online at low price in India
  5. Our online fertilizer shop recommendation

What is fertilizer?

A fertilizer is a chemical compound that supports plant growth. If you want to grow a healthy and disease-free crop, you need fertilizers.

Good soil contains many nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, etc. These nutrients allow plants to grow well. However, when soil nutrients get depleted, the plants start to suffer from Nutrient Deficiencies. Therefore, it is essential that you, continuously, supply nutrients to your plants for their well being.

The advantage of buying good quality fertilizer over poor quality fertilizer

The health of soil becomes essential for stable plants and a quality landscape. A superior quality fertilizer provides balanced nutrition (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc) to the plants. Therefore, buying the best quality fertilizer comes with an array of advantages.

Like any other country, residents in India can buy fertilizer online. So why not buy fertilizer online at low price in India? If you are looking forward to buying fertilizer online, here are 8 top reasons why you should buy fertilizer online at a low price in India.

buy fertilizer at low price in india

Here are 8 advantages of using fertilizer for your plants

  1. Fertilizers boost nutrients in the soil

    Organic fertilizers improve the quality of the soil the structure of the soil enhances. The soil becomes more fertile to the plants. It can hold nutrients that gradually improve soil quality in the field.

    Moreover, organic choices gradually slow down the effect of harmful chemicals that can be injurious to the plants. Superior quality fertilizers improve the productivity of the soil.

  2. Organic fertilizer offers environmental benefits

    Depending upon superior quality manures, nature gets different benefits. The ingredients in these fertilizers are renewable and sustainable. Besides, the biodegradable elements leave no injury that can pollute the environment or local ecosystem.

    This also attracts the customers, so if you are living in Kolkata or in West Bengal, you can buy fertilizer online at low prices in West Bengal from our website. We offer many discounts to suit your needs.

  3. Fertilizer quickly replenishes depleted nutrients in the soil

    If fertilizer is not used, it would take many years to replenish the nutrients in the soil taken up by plants. The nutrients in the fertilizer are released quickly and remain in the soil for a long time.

    They are not washed away by irrigation or rain. Above all, the nutrient-dense content reacts positively with soil microbes. So, it becomes easy for the plants to absorb the minerals. They also take in other growth elements important for proper growth and survival.

  4. Good quality fertilizer avoids toxic building

    As a matter of fact, good quality fertilizer avoids toxic build-up in the soil. Also, good and improved quality fertilizers do not contain salts or chemicals of their own which can harm the environments. As they are free from any harsh chemicals, they reduce the risk of toxic building up. They also free plants from different diseases, insects.

  5. Increases plant’s resistance

    Organic fertilizers improve the tolerance of the plants towards pests. This means plants become stronger and fight well against insects. The growth of the crops depends on it. In addition, there is faster development in plants. High-quality fertilizers improve plants’ growth

  6. Organic fertilizer boost the presence of microbes in the soil

    Super quality organic fertilizers are rich in elements that help the microbes to thrive. Organic fertilizer contains carbon as its part. The carbon along with nitrogen, phosphorus improves the microbes. additionally, these fertilizers make nutrients for plants in a natural biological process.

  7. Periodic application of fertilizer reduces the application of chemical pesticides

    high-quality fertilizers reduce the need for pesticides and the overall requirement of nitrogen, potassium. Therefore, it is also a budget-friendly way to improve the fertility of the soil. These fertilizers reduce plants’ damage from different diseases. Most fertilizers are water-soluble and get absorbed in the soil. You can use the fertilizers easily as they are reliable. In addition, they improve the texture and fertility of the soil.

  8. Fertilizer improves the water holding capacity of the soil

    Soil’s ability to hold water increases that keep plants and grass healthy. It also reduces the risk of over- or under-watering that can destroy the greenery. Moreover, when water levels are abundant and balanced, plants absorb the nutrients easily.

8 reasons to buy fertilizer online at low price in India

  1. Affordability

    By all means, if you buy fertilizer online in India, you will get it cheaper than near you. Furthermore, if you buy fertilizer online, you get free delivery. It is important to note, most fertilizer shops offer discounts to first-time customers. Better prices are available online as there is no middle man in it. There is a great opportunity that you can compare prices and find a better deal. Also, a genuine virtual shop always tries to provide you the best quality fertilizers at a competitive rate. The reputation of an online shop depends on the goodwill and positive reviews of other customers.

  2. Convenience

    Another way to view this, its easy, at checkout either pay or pay at delivery It is one of the biggest perks that you can get anywhere. You can purchase comfortably at midnight. You need not wait for a queue. Above all, online shopping provides you with a 24/7 facility. You will find the products instantly. It also reduces the hassle, tension related to offline shopping.

  3. Wide variety

    The choices of different fertilizers are available online. In a traditional shop, there is a limited number of choices. But in a reliable online store, you will find many choices. You can compare the prices. Additionally, checking the acceptability of different available products by reading the feedback, reviews by other customers becomes easy. So, buying high-quality fertilizers from such a store is simple. If anyone wants to buy Fertilizer Online at low prices in Kolkata, online shopping is a good opportunity. Different fertilizers available online.

  4. No compulsion to purchase more

    Often in offline shopping, people have to buy fertilizes at the insistence of the shopkeepers. Shopkeepers pressurize the customers to buy the products with their selling skills. But in online shopping, there is no such pressure.

  5. No crowds

    It is another reason for choosing online shopping. While shopping during weekends, there can be a massive crowd in the conventional store. While going to a physical shop, you may face the battle of traffic or parking your car. But online shopping frees you from such a headache.

  6. Easy delivery

    When you select an authentic e-commerce shop to buy fertilizers, the shop tries to deliver them to your doorstep. You do not need to worry about the shipment. The deliverymen will deliver packets on time. You can rely on them completely.

  7. Easy transaction

    An authentic online shop offers payment via credit cards, debit cards, or COD (Cash on delivery). So, you can choose the payment method that suits you. An authentic shop will also refund your money if there is any dispute with your purchased products. The payment that you make remains safe, secure. So, select a reputed online store to purchase high-quality fertilizers for your plants.

Buy fertilizer from an authentic online fertilizer shop at a low price in India

Generally speaking, not all online fertilizer shops are authentic. Mainly because of their Product Return Policy, Brands that are available in their shop, Customer Support, etc. For this reason, we recommend Saosis Online Fertilizer Shop

Saosis Shop is a single product selling fertilizer shop. As a result, they only sell what they manufacture. Which eliminates the possibility of selling counterfeit products.

The advantages of using Saosis products

  1. It increases crop yield and improves the poor quality of the soil.

  2. Manure improves soil texture, recycles nitrogen, and introduces essential beneficial bacterias.

  3. Once marshland is drained, fertilizers can help reclaim that land for pasture

  4. Crops grow faster – particularly when hybrid seeds are used.

Click here to Visit Saosis Shop Website

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Top 3 Reasons to use fertilizer in your vegetable garden 2020

Top 3 Reasons to use fertilizer in your vegetable garden 2020

Top 3 Reasons to use fertilizer in your vegetable garden. The key to a healthy harvest is to prepare the vegetable garden soil with balanced fertilizer nutrients. You can opt for organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer. If suitable fertilizer is not available in the nearby shop. You can always order fertilizer online from Saosis Shop. Always remember fertilizer, chemical, or organic is an integral part of your vegetable cultivation. If you do not give fertilizer to your vegetable garden, your plants may not grow well.

Top 3 Reasons to use fertilizer in your vegetable garden 2020

 Vegetable plants need not just fertilizer, but a lot of these fertilizers in the high quantities. These fertilizers are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (p), and Potassium (k). Except for nitrogen and phosphorus other required nutrients are mostly available in the soil. But tends to get depleted over time as the plant grows.

Always fertilize your vegetable plants carefully. Adding extra nutrients results in removing the imbalance of nutrients and also deficiencies of other nutrients. However, over-application of nitrogen can cause less production and also increase plant diseases and insect problems. Best before fertilizing your vegetable plants go for a soil test first.

If you ask what proportion of fertilizer should you give to your vegetable plants then there is a common answer,  apply  1 pound of a 10-10-10 fertilizer or 2 pounds of a 5-10-5 (or 5-10-10) fertilizer per 100 feet of row. The first number is the percentage by weight of nitrogen, the second is phosphorus and the third is potassium.

All vegetable garden needs fertilizer. Water washes away the necessary nutrients from the soil. So to replace the lost essential nutrients you need to fertilize your vegetable garden. Always remember using excess chemical fertilizer is harmful to your vegetable plants.

However, if you are using organic fertilizer manufactured by Saosis, over-fertilizing should not be your concern. The application of vegetable fertilizer is not harmful to your vegetable plants.

The slow-release formula allows and also support natural plant growth. Synthetic elements present in chemical fertilizer increase soil acid levels. To maintain proper pH balance you should fertilize your vegetable garden with organic fertilizer.

How much fertilizer do you put in a vegetable garden?

How much fertilizer do you put in a vegetable garden? well, it depends on your plants. There is no thumb rule. It’s all about the experience. Young plants do not usually need fertilizer, at the beginning, itself. In the beginning its mostly about establishing the root system and getting used to the environment.

However, if you wish to apply fertilizer, you can buy any one of our soil fertilizers and apply. Remember you must apply much less than the company recommended dose because your plant is small. And if you end up applying too much fertilizer, please drench your plant with excess water over a period of 2 days to remove the effect of an overdose on the plant.

As mentioned water washes necessary nutrients from the soil, for that reason in growing season your plants need additional nutrients. So, apply a complete and balanced organic fertilizer. After one growing season, most vegetable plants die but Perennial vegetables need different fertilizer applications as they regrow in every springtime.

If you tend to add fertilizer frequently then it increases abundant leaf and stem production with few vegetables and fruits. Some vegetables need less nitrogen fertilizer as they are able enough to take nitrogen from the air (like Beans and other legumes). It is Better to group plants with similar fertilizer needs together( such as legumes, perennials, or leafy green vegetables) to prevent plant damage from improper fertilization. Top 3 Reasons to use fertilizer in your vegetable garden 2020

Vegetable garden fertilizer recommendations

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What is the definition of a sustainable garden?

What is a sustainable garden?

Sustainable garden. For ages, we have been gardening and farming, evolving our processes and equipment along the way. Our earliest forefathers in the Neolithic Age commenced sustainable garden activity with little external help, depending solely on the indigenous materials available to him in his surroundings. His primary intention was sustenance or sustainable garden. Not surprisingly, the intent remains the same even today; we farm to sustain ourselves. Sustainable garden, on the other hand, is an extension of our farming genes, targeted more at aesthetics than at sustenance. Somewhere along the way, both these requirements of man – sustenance and aesthetics – started overruling those of Nature. We pumped in unnatural resources like steroids into our grounds, tilling them and spraying them till nothing could harm our crops and plants anymore.

But like all things unnatural, all this development comes at a cost. The over-tilling of the soil and the constant recycling of the nutrients leaches the earth of its vitality, causing it to burn out eventually. This is how the concept of sustainable gardening comes into play. The essence of this concept is sustenance; viz. we need to direct our activities in a twofold way. One would, obviously, aim to give superior results to our gardening efforts, and the second is to do it in a way that not only enriches the soil but also keeps it ready for use for subsequent generations.

Why is the sustainable garden is so important?

Resources are few. But the good news is that most of them are renewable, at least the ones that go into gardening and agriculture. Our gardening practices should transcend our generations. The land and the resources should be available for subsequent times. Considering the immense potential of our landmasses, it is not impossible for several generations hence to reap benefits from the same.

However, without the requisite resources – minerals, organic matter, and water. Understandably, with the ever-increasing population, the demands on the soil have been increasing too. But at this rate, we are endangering the future.

At this point, it is important to preserve, restore and improve the arability of land, so that it can be used to develop an eco-system which is mutually beneficial to both humans and other organisms. The form of symbiotic existence is crucial for the sustenance of the human race.

Practicing sustainable garden is easy

Sustainability is inbred in Nature. Regeneration in the general aim of natural processes; natural extinction is also, in a way a step in the evolutionary process of organisms. Either way, Nature never exhausts, she always refills.
Sustainable gardening is thus a very simple concept in the sense that all a gardener needs to do is to mimic the ways of Nature. In other words, instead of using complicated contraptions and strong chemicals, sustainable gardening can be achieved by little, cost-effective steps like drip irrigation, using homemade, organic forms of insect repellents and replenishing the nutrient content of the soil.

Image for Ideal sustainable gardenThe natural methods are the most long-lasting ways to deal with plants and crops. Most of these processes are interconnected and the successful execution of one aids in the execution of the other steps. These steps may not yield miraculous results instantaneously.
They will ensure that the land and the resources remain productive longer.