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Did you know ? We’re 100% Organic.

As industry leading manufacturing / producer of Fertilizer, Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoters, Soil Amendments, Human Skin Care Products etc. Saosis Biotech Private Limited, Kolkata, West Bengal, India works with skilled and motivated farmers, horticulturist, professional landscapers, vineyards, and home gardeners who are looking for an organic / natural sustainable approach to improving their cultivation and soil quality. Our products are chemical free and completely natural.

What makes our fertilizer better than others?

  • 100% organic
  • Slow release formula improves the structure of  the soil
  • Make your soil and plants naturally strong and healthy
  • Pure organic elements naturally detoxify and enrich soil quality
  • Help to increase nutritional quality, shelf-life, yield and overall plant growth
  • Very effective to protect plants from weeds and herbivore insects
  • Promote photosynthesis
  • Increase water holding capacity, soil aggregation, and permeability
  • prevent the erosion of fertile topsoil
  • Our products are sustainable, biodegradable and eco friendly

 Why should you buy fertilizer online from us?


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Showing all 12 results