Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Why do your plants  need organic nitrogen fertilizer?

Nitrogen is found in healthy soils, which is very important and needed element in plant growth. Nitrogen involved in creating food for the plant through photosynthesis and gives plants their green color. Hence your plants need organic nitrogen fertilizer.

What are the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in plants?

Nitrogen deficiency can be identified through visual symptoms. Nitrogen deficiency symptoms include

  • Poor plant growth
  • Pale green or pale yellow leaves
  • Older leaves turning completely yellow
  • Results in reduced flowering and fruiting
  • Stunted plant growth and dormant lateral buds

Benefits of  Saosis’s Bio Nitrogen Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer Products:

Saosis’s  product serves as a non-polluting, non-chemical, non-toxic Natural Nitrogen fertilizer. Our product has a guaranteed minimum of 12.88% available organic nitrogen,which is suitable for quickly correcting deficiencies without synthetic nitrogen like ammonia, nitrate or urea.