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What is the need of plant specific fertilizer products?

At the heart of all organic growing is the art and science of fertilizing organically. The choice of organic fertilizer and when to apply the fertilizer will depend on your

  • Soil analysis
  • Stage of plant growth
  • Type of plant you are targeting

Modern plant analysis is used primarily as a source of information on plant nutrient status and, ultimately, as a tool to aid in nutrient management decisions.

A plant nutrient, or essential element, is not considered essential unless:

  • A deficiency of it makes it impossible for the plant to complete the vegetative or reproductive stage of its life cycle;
  • Such deficiency is specific to the element in question, and can be prevented or corrected only by supplying this element; and
  • The element is directly involved in the nutrition of the plant quite apart from its possible effects in correcting some unfavorable microbiological or chemical condition of the soil or other culture medium.

Prediction of nutrient responses :

There are large volumes of information available online on nutrients required by specific plants. Once the nutrient status of a crop has been diagnosed, the information may be used to correct existing problems if time allows, or to help predict and prevent future problems. The most common method of using plant analysis for predicting response to nutrient application after sampling involves the setting of nutrient predictive standards in the same way as for diagnostic standards, but correlating nutrient concentrations with final, rather than current, yield.