Buy Eco Granules: Granular Organic Fertilizer for Soil

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Key benefits:

  1. It improves soil structure
  2. Contains high Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) in organic form
  3. Contains Zinc, Boron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, etc from organic sources
  4. Improves water-holding capacity
  5. It adds beneficial microorganisms growth to the soil
  6. Improves the germination and viability of seeds, reduces mortality due to plant transplantation
  7. This fertilizer is water-soluble

Nutritional Facts of organic granular fertilizer

  1. Humic acid + Seaweed + Fulvic acid > 70%
  2. Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (p205) + Potassium (k20) > 3000 ppm
  3. Boron + Copper + Zinc + Calcium + Magnesium + Sulfate >2000 ppm
  4. Cytokinins + Alginic Acid + Mannitol + Gibberellins > 500 ppm…. And more

Application Procedure

  1. FRUIT PLANTS (Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Orange, Grape, Banana, Papaya etc.):  50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  2. VEGETABLES: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  3. POTATO: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or 8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  4. CROPS (Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Til, Groundnut, Sunflower, Soybean, Cotton, etc.): 50 gram / 10-inch pot / 7 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  5. FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre

156 reviews for Buy Eco Granules: Granular Organic Fertilizer for Soil

  1. koyel

    I have purchased this product second time and so its sufficient to say the feedback on this. Thanks a lot to this product for helping my plants flourishing and blooming so well again. This has indeed gave life back to my plants which were not flowering at all. Good Product.

  2. reba

    Good for potted plants. Result was visible within a week of use with indoor plant growth & flowers.

  3. dimpi

    It is worth money. My plants look much better and healthier compared to before…

  4. Iti

    It has all the right natural manures for a balanced diet for plants. Saw performance beyond the expectations. Improved the soil a lot.

  5. diya

    wow product…will highly recommend.

  6. sikha

    I have used it with new plants while potting all the plant survive well and grow better when I use it . But there is biggest problem occur when I found that the plants are not growing well. After using the fertilizer, I found the result. If you are thinking of proper growth of your plants, give it a try.

  7. pratip

    Observed excellent change after using the product. Happy with it.

  8. bapin

    First, thing first this is not my final verdict definitely going to update after results.. My lavender plants are not growing well. Expected more from the [product. But is is not up to the mark.

  9. Aishanee

    Very good high quality manure.It makes the soil very fertile and also helps in aeration and drainage. My herb plants are growing healthy and properly.

  10. piya

    Excellent product…you can use it properly.

  11. Uttara

    My garlic plants was about to die . After using this product my plants recover very quickly. The price of product is very Good . And packing and delivery are fabulous I have a such a great experience and I am very happy . you will get definitely very good result. This product is very easy to use.

  12. Nimmi kaur

    Boosted up my aloe tress in small garden…the blooms are so lovely and pretty now. Hastens up the growing up of plants. Smells a little though. But, it helps the soil to boost.

  13. gargi

    Just started using this manure, and started to seer the results. The plants are cheerful. It has all the right natural manures for a balanced diet for plants. Hope its performance lives up to the expectations.

  14. pratap

    It is not as effective as I expected. It does not improve the soil fertility. Disappointed.

  15. asha

    Very good high quality manure.It makes the soil very fertile and also helps in aeration and drainage.

  16. ranjana

    This product is good! The packaging was compact and durable.The texture is good, no weird smells or anything. Carrot plants are cheerful and greener. Thumbs up!

  17. timir

    Results are great. Great for foliage spry. My potatoes it so much. Shiny and big leaf. The fertility of the plants increased.

  18. nishi

    Great results beyond my expectation. Will buy again.

  19. paresh

    This manure worked as per instructions . Leaves came out of plants after applying this manure as per instructions at first time use . And corn tree did not turned it’s leaves into yellow shades , leaves remained green . But do not provide plants an overdose and give doses as per the instructions which comes along with this package.

  20. rajni

    Nice product. Well packed. My plant growth is increase rapidly am very happy to use this products thank to the fertilizer. New bud appear on the plants.

  21. barsa

    excellent product.

  22. avantika

    After using on the plants i can see the difference in leaves. The color has become more green and bright.

  23. rimpu

    I had previously bought a pack of this. I applied a fistful of this on my plants. I can see a difference even within a couple of days. Most seeds have shown sprouts and other saplings are growing fast. Completely happy with the results. Will buy again this granular fertilizer.

  24. tripti

    It’s good… When you don’t have time to maintain and fertilize garden, it’s the best option.

  25. Leela

    I used this for my flower from past two months, and the results are awesome. This work for all other flower plants also. Buds are coming in the trees.

  26. Rimpi

    good for all my plants.. recommend it

  27. suyash

    My carrot and beets are healthy due to bone meal.. Plenty of flowers is blooming…

  28. Poulami

    Works well on my peanut trees. Positive results I have seen.

  29. Ananta Sen

    I purchased this fertilizer based on my previous nice experience of using this item as an organic fertilizer. When I received the item, I could not hold my joy and within days of receiving it, applied to Okra & Hibiscus (both related to each other) in addition to other flowers as it is rich in Phosphorus. And really this fertilizer has exceeded my expectations. The Hibiscus plant has bloomed very well and the flowers are larger than what I imagined them to be. Okra, Hibiscus and other flowers love this fertilizer. The yield is also very good. Comes highly recommended.

  30. titu

    No smell and great quality fertilizer.Good for my plants and will buy again soon..If anyone thinks of natural fertilizer to buy then look no further go for this.

  31. samuel

    This is the second time I am buying this.. first time it was very good and shown the result.. and this time its also showing desired good results. Thanks a ton.

  32. mamoni

    The product is not effective. The packaging is not well and not up to the mark.

  33. dipali

    excellent product.

  34. niroda

    This has given life to my plants. Also caused unexpected growth of leaves and flowers. Size of leaves multiplied by 3 times for some plants.

  35. surjo

    Easy to handle and use for regular use. Seems of good quality as plants are doing good especially the flowering plants after its use. Need to check after another application but one improvement can be made in uniform size of the same as the dosage can be exact while using on the plant. I will again buy the product.

  36. garima

    Excellent product, This is Good manure. I even used the product for my seedling and they loved it, Thanks to the product. Recommend for u.

  37. santu

    It doesn’t require much effort and gives good result..I have pots and I put it as a top layer in them…plants are happy now.

  38. nirod

    Good growth seen in plants after I have started using it. Used it in optimum quality. Good product.

  39. bindu

    It is not effective at all. No additional growth in the plants. Fully dissatisfied.

  40. rambha

    This product is really amazing. Thank a ton.

  41. gourav

    My vegetables plants are healthy. happy with the results.

  42. rohan

    My holy basil plants were dying in the pot. When first one died and i thought may be for summer it died. Then I got another one and it was rainy season, plants really thrive in rainy season but this one also died and I thought may be the plant was not good. Then I got three plants in winter and all of those died within 2 months. Then I started looking for plant food and I decided on this one. I got a new plant and just added around 1 tbsp of the manure in the potting soil.This time my plant grew very well . happy with it.

  43. rumi

    Awesome manure that works well on the soil. Happy with the results.

  44. Seema

    Initialky i was doubtful whether the product works or not. But this product rocks. My plants are growing strong.

  45. Rinki Das

    nice product. best enhancing fertilizer.

  46. Minku Das

    Boosted the soil quality. Helped a lot to enhance the growth of plants.

  47. pinaki

    Good for plants…Plants are cheerful and greener. Thumbs up!

  48. nibedita

    This is good for my chilli plants in my small balcony garden. In fact it works so well and the chillies are good and healthy. Excellent product.

  49. billu

    excellent product. Works good on my plants.

  50. ritu roy

    Thanx to the the smell and great quality fertilizer.Good for my plants and will buy again bought 3 will order again..If anyone thinks of natural fertilizer to buy then look no further go for this. It improves soil structure for water movement. I use it for use in home kitchen gardening.

  51. dipu

    Works better for flowers than vegetables. Will surely recommend it.

  52. tapti

    This product is awesome! The packaging was compact and durable. The texture is good, no weird smells or anything. Plants are cheerful and greener. A great product.

  53. gayu

    Not see any difference in the product. The price is high.

  54. ruchi roy

    I have got this type of manure for the first time. I used it for my chrysanthemum plants and the result was beyond my expectation. Thumbs up for it.

  55. uttam

    awesome product that really improves the plants.

  56. diptesh

    The plants in my outdoor garden are becoming pale and I was anxious about their growth. My papaya, cauliflower, cabbage plants were not providing any positive results. So, I purchased this product. And found the good results.

  57. moumita

    A product that does what it claims!!
    My plant was look sickly and the leaves dropping off after becoming yellow. Few of spoons of the compost makes better of the soil. New branches have developed with good foliage and it has started budding. So you can buy these products.

  58. rio

    I have got this type of manure for the first time. I used it for my chrysanthemum plants and the result was not too much satisfactory. Don’t recommend this product.

  59. chhaya

    My watermelon trees are becoming withering, the fruits are not growing properly. I was anxious then purchased this product as per one of my friend’s suggestion. Really happy with the outcome. These are growing fast and improving a lot.

  60. riju

    Very good bought this twice and the results have been good. Shoots are growing healthy and fresh buds are appearing good. They are doing well. obviously good.

  61. dipika

    very effective for plant growth. Great product and great experience, exactly as described on the site, genuine. did a great work.

  62. itu

    recommend this product..fully satisfied with the results

  63. bapon

    Have been using this for about a month and it is a very easy to use product, following instructions clearly mentioned. The difference I noticed to other products I have used are, with flowers, the bloom was much better. With vegetables, the size was significantly larger over a short period of time. the fertility is growing with time.

  64. ritwik

    I am not seeing any growth as I used the products in more than 30 plants. Some plants have shown negative impact on them. Will never touch this product in future.

  65. ria

    This product is awesome best result I ever had. Now I can see the result after some days. It works really good on the soil. recommend the product.

  66. leeta

    Very good quality manure for the plants…I saw heavy flowering in my hibiscus shrub after using this compost. Also the packing is to good and no odor was there in the and my all plants are happy

  67. nikita

    It is absolute worth of money. Amazing results I witnessed within a few days. The shoots are growing healthy. happy with it.

  68. sekhar

    Very good, bought this twice and the results have been good.

  69. tapas

    Super nutrition for plants, I am putting it to my indoor plants and within just a few weeks time it has grown like anything. Will order it again.

  70. nishad

    Excellent. Purchased it for my Lotus plants. Which is now growing healthy. A big thanks to the product.

  71. ananat

    Does make noticeable improvements in the plant growth in two uses only. I used half teaspoon (supplied in the jar) in 2 litres spray can and sprayed on leaves. Then I watered the pots like normal once a week with it. Within a few days I witnessed good results.My cucumber plants are now healthy and doing well.

  72. david

    no smell and great quality fertilizer.Good for my plants and will buy again bought 3 will order again..If anyone thinks of natural fertilizer to buy, then look no further go for this.

  73. gayatri

    Awesome. I am glad to have this product. I will order again when I need it again. I am using it to grow chilies, lettuce, tomatoes.

  74. mampi

    Manure is perfect for my tomato plants when flowering and fruiting started ..fruits are coming healthy ..a wow product.

  75. tapan das

    I am using hydroponic nutrients in soil. Initially the soil in my garden was not fertile. Using the manure increases the fertility and improved the growth of my plants.

  76. meera

    his is working wonders on my watermelon plants. I apply the fertilizer in an optimum quality.Size of bud increased and Number of buds also Increased with this. This is awesome. You can go for it without any doubts. Believe me you will get positive results. Just love this product.

  77. lisa

    This is great manure for all type of plants. My Jasmine plants were turning pale. I am using this and we are getting flowers everyday. I take time and am writing this review after seeing the results.

  78. sanju

    No smell and very easy to use. I used it for my plants and saw a tangible difference. It added phosphorus in the soil. So the growth was good.

  79. rucha

    The actual product came badly packed… It was falling out as soon as I got. Also, when added to the the few plants…. the plants’ growth stopped. The others don’t show any remarkable growth either.

  80. radha

    nice product that induces growth of plants. fully satisfied.

  81. sudha

    very effective for plant growth. Great product and great experience, exactly as described on the site, genuine. Cucumber, papaya plants are healthy now.It really works.

  82. richa

    I liked it. My potol, brinjal, tomato, chilli plants were not bearing any flowers for a long time. I was dissatisfied. After I tried this, results are great. So many buds have come up and I can see flowers almost every day. Thank you. Soil has become very fertile. Lot of development. Feels good.Very useful for home plantation.

  83. KUMUD

    This is good for my small balcony garden. In fact it works so well that I have doubts whether it is 100% organic. When new flowers come to the plants, I feel very happy.

  84. tatun


  85. rini

    It is by far the best natural manure for the plants. It has improved the soil fertility. The seeds come to germination. Thumbs up to it.

  86. niki

    i am using fertilizer and seeing the effect of it… Fertiliser provide plants with the essential chemical elements needed for growth particularly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

  87. priti

    My plants have indeed turned greener with more leaves. Grow a bit taller too. I liked about the product is that it is user-friendly. It saves me the hassle of wondering what fertilizer to use for my plants. It really works.

  88. preeto

    an excellent manure and watched positive reviews. fully satisfied.

  89. dinesh

    Found it very useful, as within a few days the plants are appearing healthier, greener. It is easy to use so you can do it yourself. Area remains clean and smell free, as compared to other fertilizers.

  90. nimai

    Doesn’t feel likefertilizer nor does it smell like it. Dissatisfied with this product.

  91. ratna

    it is not upto the mark. It did not work well. not happy.

  92. santosh

    My beet and carrot plants were not growing. I was anxious. I bought this product for the advice of one of my friends. But the decision was right. I noticed a lot of positive results. The plants were growing rapidly. Soon small beets and carrots appeared on the plants. recommed it strongly.

  93. Pappu

    Very positive outcome within a month of use. It has removed all my hassles on finding and trying different nutrients for my potted plants (I( have over 50 plants on my terrace) as this single product has everything needed. Happy with it.

  94. Subho

    The packaging and texture of the product is brilliant. The results is amazing as i noticed adequate growth in my plants. Very happy.

  95. priya

    The product is very useful.My plants appear taller, greener and fuller. Best part is that it is so very easy to use and you get the satisfaction of nurturing your plants on your own. That is amazing. It increases the fertility of my sandy soil.

  96. nupur

    Highly recommend this product to encourage flower budding and growth of new shoots. Put the fertilizer at an optimum level. Have seen my roses bloom like anything and also seen new stem growth on other plants . After putting this on the top soil, water your plants immediately. Wait for some days, you will find the results.

  97. Anu Nag

    Boosted up my small garden…the blooms are so lovely and healthy now. I did not expect so much positive results from the product. But it really works good.It helps the soil.

  98. Sujata

    The product does not work well and it is too costly. Not satisfactory.

  99. anuj

    When I started my balcony garden, I purchased the manure for my plants. I have learned a lot and now I know that the product I purchased was of good quality. Good one.

  100. Anjum

    Its nice. 80% of the seeds were germinated(in the vermi mixed soil). But, it doesn’t affect the seed germination. Otherwise, its a nice product. Satisfied with it.

  101. Khuku

    I have a fruit garden. The plants were growing slowing and the leaves were pale. So I gave the product a try and I am very happy with the results.

  102. pushpa

    So far so good. My rose plants showing healthy and positive growth . my rose plants are responding excellently to this. All started blooming. Great results. Happy with it.

  103. Manjit singh

    Nice product. It really works.

  104. rupa ray

    I have many small sized pots with little plants and after giving them this manure/fertilizer, they grow really fast and are very healthy!! I haven’t tried it on flower plants because I don’t have any. I did not expect so much good results from this product. Also, you need to give minimum for sustained growth. Thumps up.

  105. Sandipan

    very effective for plant growth. Great product and great experience, exactly as described on the site, genuine. Fully satisfied with the product.

  106. aruna

    I found this site one of the best online stores to buy manures. The fertilizer they provided was high quality, pretty texture.

  107. pallavi

    Highly recommend this product to encourage flower budding and growth of new shoots. You need too use this product in an optimum level. Have seen my roses bloom like anything and also seen new stem growth on other plants . After putting this on the top soil, water your plants immediately. Wait sometime and then find the nice results. A complete fertilizer for your plants’ growth.

  108. mira

    Boosted up my small garden…the blooms are so lovely and pretty . Speeds up the growing up of plants. But, it helps the soil. Ultimate satisfactory product.

  109. Krish

    I have a small garden with different flower plants. There were marigold, hibiscus, jasmine etc. The growth of some plants is not satisfactory so I bought the product. See positive results in a few days. Nice product.

  110. riya

    This product is good! The packaging was compact and durable. The texture is good, no weird smells or anything. Plants are cheerful and greener. Thumbs up!

  111. Sandy

    Expected more results from the product. My saplings are growing slowing and new flowers do not come till not. Don’t recommend it.

  112. Neel

    My cabbage plants were not growing and became pale. I was anxious about their growth. Then I bought the product and saw the difference. Happy with the results.

  113. Raja

    It did good to the soil and the soil became fertile. I recommend the product.

  114. Deepti

    Excellent product.Plants are more healthy strong and bearing better with a lot of many flowers.Satisfied with the product.Will buy again.

  115. Tuhin

    Soil seems to be good. Potted a plant in it ..I waited a long time and finally saplings appeared..Awesome product.

  116. Heena Khan

    I ordered this for the first time. Honestly I was surprise to find the results. I intentionally waited to the result after initial use & then write review. But I never expect so positive results from the product. I am very satisfied with the quality of the product. No foul Smell but very effective. Leaves & flowers of all my plants are becoming greenier and healthier.

  117. Nitai

    I did not find any good results. The plants started to become pale. The packaging of the product is not we.. Very disappointed.

  118. Peter Das

    Good buy, definitely working. I have been using this for over a year and I have observed positive results. Have bought this again as I have got nice responses from this.

  119. Nina Basu

    I observed a rapid growth in my onion plants. Just one word I have-awesome.

  120. Nina Ray

    The product increases npk in soil so there is rapid growth of plants. My rose, hibiscus, cucumber plants grows up fast.

  121. Rinki Dey

    Very good high quality product.It makes the soil very fertile and also helps in the proper growth of the plants. The potassium increase level has helped my plants to grow further.

  122. Chandan Roy

    One can give the fertizer a try. Firstly I was hesitant to buy the product. But after buying I was spellbound with the results. Extra growth in the plants.

  123. Raja Saha

    Saw a big difference after using the product. I used it for my ginger, chillies, tomato plants. Completely happy with the results.

  124. Abdul Khan

    I purchased the product as I expected good results from it. But the packaging of the product is poor and does not work well.

  125. Nina Das

    Fully satisfied with the best results of the product. Will buy it again.

  126. Chinu Mallick

    It is a great manure for my garden. The shoots are growing rapidly. Nice and working well.

  127. Priya Sharma

    I was novice in gardening so I felt a little bit nervous before buying the products. The saplings are growing healthier. Feel relieved now

  128. Moma Roy

    Excellent product. My plants become healthy, strong and fresh. After using the product, a lot of new plants appear. I am too happy with the positive results.

  129. Sandy Paul

    It is a so- so fertilizer for my sugarcane field. Expected more from it.

  130. Rina Seth

    Good product. Watched rapid growth of plants in my small garden.

  131. Rishi Bhadra

    It is one of the most fruitful fertilizets I have ever used.

  132. Radha Sen

    I observed a big jump in the paddy production after using the product. So, I bought it again.

  133. Neel Roy

    I had the fertilizer for my small garden. The plants grew well for effective fertility of the soil. I recommend the product.

  134. rajesh

    very good organic fertilizer for watermelon. I had bumper production

  135. srivastav

    Good source of organic nitrogen for soil. If used correctly, you may not need to use Urea or other chemicals in your field.

  136. dilip

    Good soil fertilize for paddy plantation. I have used it in over 1 acre of land.

  137. urmimala

    Water soluble. Buying for the second time.

  138. ritamandal

    I think this is one of the best natural potassium fertilizer granules i have used in the recent past

  139. poppy

    Ecogranules works well.

  140. akash

    Good fertilizer for carrots plantation.

  141. Supranav

    best khad for plants

  142. krishna

    Yea. It works.

  143. suneesh

    If you are thinking of buying a soil fertilizer. this is the one you should buy

  144. aparajita

    Supper fertilizer for my soil. I love it.

  145. Priti

    This is surely, one of the best organic granular fertilizer I have used in the past. water soluble.

  146. Subho

    This fertilizer is rich in organic phosphorus fertilizer. Thats the reason why this fertilizer gives so much better results. This product is 100% water soluble.

  147. Akash

    After using this product for about a month, I can say it is value for money. This fertilizer works very well in jasmine family plants. No burning of leaves or smell. I recommend this highly. And I think this could be a potassium fertilizer.

  148. biswajit

    Suitable for sugar cane farming. 1 kg a bhigha good result. Good for soil fertility.

  149. Tina

    I can definitely see a difference even within a couple of days. Most seeds that haven’t sprouted start off, there is a growth spurt in some saplings and such. Will buy again this granular fertilizer

  150. jhon

    Good for soil fertilizer.

  151. ranbir thakur

    This granular humate soil conditioner is value for money as the quantity is good but has invited the ants so that a big issue.

  152. Moonmoon Das

    Along with indoor trees like palms, snake plant, money plant etc. I use this fertilizer for outdoor flowering plants(seasonal and non seasonal) and also on fruit plants like pomegratnate lemon etc.

    I am using it once a month for the last 3 months and all my plants are doing great with fresh leave/flower/fruit growth.
    Happy gardening to you.

  153. Binita

    I have bought this for my lucky bamboo plant… Initially i have doubt as whether it will work for the plant which is in water.. but I see good results within 2 weeks.. My plant look much better compared to before…

  154. Roy

    I used twice this product within 15 days interval for my Hibiscus plants and other indoor plants ( 10 gm / 10 inch pot ) through spray I can see visible changes like plants become healthy, new buds are coming and leaves become green. Although I am using vermi compost, Potash , bone dust in my plants, yet I can say that this items have positive effect. basically soil is the main components for flowering plants , if the soil is having nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in adequate quantity and the plants root has not wet, with adequate sun light, noting is required.

  155. Saosis

    I put this on my lawn a week ago and my plants love it.

  156. Saosis

    This stuff works!

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