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  • Organic plant food for potato plantation
  • About 2 times spray will yield approx 20% more yield
  • High phosphorus fertilizer from organic source
  • 100% Water soluble powder fertilizer
  • Completely Balanced plant food
  • Organic mixture of all Macro and Micro nutrients in sufficient quantity

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Why you should buy organic fertilizer for potato plants ?

Potatoes need high phosphorus fertilizer to thrive. And for a good potato crop cultivation, the plants must make a rapid, healthy start. Giving organic fertilizer products two weeks after planting potatoes is a good idea. It gives potato plants much needed energy for large, well developed spuds. So if you are growing potato you must buy organic fertilizer for potato

Why we recommend this organic potato fertilizer as the best fertilizer for potato plantation

For many using an organic potato fertilizer may not be a quick and easy to use as compared to non organic potato fertilizer or chemical fertilizer for growing potatoes. However, it can lead to a broader sense of satisfaction. After all, you are not using harmful chemicals.

Another key feature of using this organic fertilizer products, you don’t have to worry about over dosing your plant or periodically dousing your crops with fertilizer throughout the growing seasons. Once you apply the bio organic fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, your involvement with fertilizer is finished.

Water is crucial to quantity and quality of potatoes. Potato plants need about 1 inch of water per week to reach their maximum potential. When you water potato plant you can mix Seagrow Potato at 10 gm / 15 L water ratio and drench the soil near the root of the plant. Hence it is essential to buy organic fertilizer for potato if you wish to grow potato plantation in the winter time.

Growth rate (over all development of the potato plant) :

  • 1st spray : 8% – 10% boost
  • 2nd spray: 13% – 15% boost
  • 3rd spray: 18% – 25% boost

When sprayed periodically every 10 days: You need 35% less chemical K2O (Potassium):

  • 1st spray  : ~ 10% – 15% less K2O application needed
  • 2nd spray: ~ 20% – 25% less K2O application needed
  • 3rd spray: ~ 30% – 40% less K2O application needed

When sprayed periodically every 10 days: About 70% less chemical Pesticide / Insecticide is needed due to better growth and intake of high nutrition (This is based on statistics):

  • 1st spray : ~ 2% – 4%
  • 2nd spray: ~ 6% – 8%
  • 3rd spray: ~ 10% – 12%
  • When sprayed periodically every 10 days: > 20%

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38 reviews for Buy Seagrow® for Potato

  1. Bidisha

    From all the fertilizers I have purchased, this is the organic vegetable fertilizer one that shows real visible results on almost all plants! Highly recommended! , been using for a long time. Very easy to use.

  2. Himanshu

    I am amazed with the result in just two weeks after using this on my potato plants. I recommend Saosis’s seagrow potato strongly. I did a spry on and over all plant leaves and branches and also towards the root area.

  3. Himadri

    My friend recommended me. Getting an unexpected result in just few weeks. Soil quality is changed and really noticeable. Must say value for money. Prompt delivery. I am satisfied.

  4. Hemant

    I have a kitchen garden, my friend recommended this product.It shows excellent result. My plants love this…they react almost 15 days after feeding and grow more vibrant and leafy….will definitely buy again.

  5. Dipika

    It’s been very good and very safe to use I am really thankful to Saosis for providing these kinds of stuff… Had got excellent results in other winter vegetable plants also .Plants love the product.

  6. Mitali

    The growth of the plants really picks up within a span of weeks time. Have used only recommended dosage. Worth every money spent. Delivery service was very good

  7. Piyali

    Working as mentioned. Plants showing result just within ten days. Greenery increased.
    very happy to see good result. Very good quality organic product. Ordering regularly

  8. Chitra

    Excellent product! You see results in a matter of few days. The leaves and vegetable growth is good. I use this in my kitchen garden as well and has given me amazing result!

  9. Piyush

    Good product for plants. No bad smell. Getting good yield from terrace garden vegetables with this product. Delivery service is amazing.

  10. Pravina

    A good quality organic vegetable fertilizer, gives result slow but i can see some changes in the growth…and helps to keep pests away…go for it…..

  11. Prakash

    Plants grow very healthy. You do not have to be worry about the dose, easy to apply. I’m using this product again and again for my vegetable plants.

  12. Pallav

    Saosis team advised me as this is an organic product I have to wait and watch my plants how they react to this.. it going to take some time

  13. Aarti

    Pure organic vegetable fertilizer, Delivery service provides by saosis company is very good. But facing a problem, getting result very slow

  14. kanak rai

    Really a good quality organic product comes in an affordable price. A must buy product.
    packaging is great. Want to buy it again.

  15. Lalit Deb

    Most reliable organic product, interesting result is if you use more amount of the product, it will not burn your plants.

  16. Gargi

    I have many vegetable plants. The organic product is not only effective for potato plant it is also useful for other vegetable plant also.

  17. Shreya

    Good product. No bad smell. It’s got a strong composition too. Has to be diluted well. Plants have loved it till now.

  18. Nitya

    Really good product. I used it in my garden chili, tomato & papaya tree also. Plants showed growth. It will benefit more in long term use. A must buy product

  19. Mita

    All vegetable plants become alive after applying this fertilizer. All leaves stand erect. However, it gives long time effect, as it is a100% pure organic product .

  20. Navin

    Very nice , within few days all plants show excellent results. Want to buy it again

  21. Jashavant

    Slow but effective, need to use for some time to get best result. Delivery service is amazing. Want to buy another packet

  22. Bikash

    After applying first dose, have seen a definite improvement in plants. No bad smell like other fertilizers and it is very easy to use also.

  23. Nita Pal

    The organic product does wonders..i have used the product only once but the results are incredible. want to buy again

  24. Kriti

    New leaves and branches start coming in 7-10 days after application of this product. Happy buyer. Delivered on time.

  25. Yash

    I did not apply the product properly , used more. It was not harmful to plants. Very good quality organic product.

  26. Gourav

    Delivery service was good.

  27. Aabha

    best organic product,does not include any harmful chemical elements.

  28. Dinesh Sinha

    This is a very good product.Showed a fantastic change after applied this.

  29. Mita

    Pure organic. Soil color looks healthy also

  30. Yashita

    After applying the product my baby potato plants’ leaves become more healthy.

  31. Arushi

    If you want organic vegetables try it. Excellent result. highly recomended

  32. Vihan

    Getting a good result. Best quality i must say

  33. Yash

    Plants grown very well after i applied this. Expected result

  34. Vaibhabi

    Value for money… wonderful result, plants are looking very happy

  35. Dipak

    Very helpful. Used it on my plants and have seen growth in vegetables, new leaves etc

  36. Pintu

    It really works..Very very easy to use. Use it correctly and it works wonders.

  37. Diya

    I find it quite effective on other vegetables also. Really good quality organic product.

  38. Chinmoy

    Good product for my vegetable plants

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