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The best fertilizer for growing potatoes. This is an organic fertilizer for potatoes. It contains large quantities of organic Phosphorus and Potassium, which are beneficial to potato growth because the potato is a root vegetable. 

growing potatoes in containerTo put more simply, this is the best fertilizer for potatoes in containers. You can apply this fertilizer through drip irrigation. 

This product can also be used in hydroponics cultivation for growing potatoes.

Generally speaking, This product is suitable for use as an organic fertilizer for sweet potatoes.

This product is suitable for 100% organic potato cultivation.

Key benefits of best organic fertilizer for potatoes;

  • 100% Water-soluble organic powder fertilizer for potatoes
  • Completely balanced potato plant food
  • An organic mixture of all Macro and Micronutrients in sufficient quantity
  • Releases macronutrients slowly in a controlled way for the best results
  • Increases higher germination rates and reduces the risk of damage to young plants
  • Potassium supports the movement of nutrients throughout the plant, ultimately improving potato fry color, storage quality, and reducing bruising.


Foliar spray: Use 10 gm per 15 L of water and drench the plant completely. Spray in the evening only when the sunlight is not strong. 

Drip irrigation: Use 10 gm per 10 L of water.

Hydroponics: Use 1 gm in 5 L of water. 

  1. Concentrated product. Please maintain an 8 – 10 days gap between repeat application
  2. Do not mix with any other plant food. May cause overdose and harm the plant

Overall plant growth rate comparison:

  • 1st application : 8% – 10% higher plant growth
  • 2nd application: 13% – 15% higher plant growth
  • 3rd application: 18% – 25% higher plant growth

When sprayed periodically every 10 days: You need 35% less chemical K2O (Potassium):

  • 1st spray  : ~ 10% – 15% less K2O application needed
  • 2nd spray: ~ 20% – 25% less K2O application needed
  • 3rd spray: ~ 30% – 40% less K2O application needed

Why you should buy organic fertilizer for potato plants?

Potatoes need high phosphorus fertilizer to thrive. And for a good potato crop cultivation, the plants must make a rapid, healthy start.

Giving organic fertilizer products two weeks after planting potatoes is a good idea. It gives potato plants much needed energy for large, well-developed spuds.

So if you are growing potato you must buy organic fertilizer for potato.

Why this is the best fertilizer for growing potatoes?

To put it differently, this is the best fertilizer for growing potatoes. In other words, you can this product All in One Potato fertilizer.

Choose a potato plant fertilizer with potassium and phosphate levels that are higher than nitrogen levels.

Nitrogen encourages a potato plant to produce more foliage. Phosphate and potassium encourage more root development in potato plants.

Because potatoes are a root vegetable that grows below the surface of the soil, phosphate and potassium are more beneficial to potato growth.

As a result, Seagrow potato is the best organic fertilizer for potatoes because it contains all potato fertilizer requirements.

Potato fertilizer requirements?

Providing the seed potatoes with deep, loose, acidic soil with a pH from 4.8 to 6.5, and adding lots of potato plant fertilizer with potassium and nitrogen, helps them get off to a strong start.

Later in the season, the potato plants require an additional shot of fertilizer to form tubers. The amount of fertilizer to use depends on the results of the current growth. 

How many potatoes do you get per plant?

About 8 – 12 potatoes

If all potato growing conditions are ideal, you have used Seagrow potato plant fertilizer as per the instruction mentioned in the label and your soil pH is optimum for growing potatoes then you may harvest about 8 to 12 potatoes per plant for your gardening efforts.

Yields are based on both the care you’re giving your plants during the growing season and the variety of potatoes you choose to grow.

Why do we recommend this organic potato fertilizer as the best fertilizer for potato plantation?

For many using an organic potato, fertilizer may not be a quick and easy to use as compared to nonorganic potato fertilizer or chemical fertilizer for growing potatoes.

However, it can lead to a broader sense of satisfaction. After all, you are not using harmful chemicals.

Another key feature of using this organic fertilizer product, you don’t have to worry about overdosing your plant or periodically dousing your crops with fertilizer throughout the growing seasons.

Once you apply the bio-organic fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, your involvement with fertilizer is finished.

Water is crucial to the quantity and quality of potatoes. Potato plants need about 1 inch of water per week to reach their maximum potential.

When you water the potato plant you can mix Seagrow Potato at 10 gm / 15 L water ratio and drench the soil near the root of the plant. Hence it is essential to buy organic fertilizer for a potato if you wish to grow potato plantation in the wintertime.

38 reviews for Best Fertilizer for Growing Potatoes, Potato Plant Food, Organic, NPK

  1. Yashita

    After applying the product my baby potato plants’ leaves become more healthy.

  2. Mita

    Pure organic. Soil color looks healthy also

  3. Dinesh Sinha

    This is a very good product.Showed a fantastic change after applied this.

  4. Aabha

    best organic product,does not include any harmful chemical elements.

  5. Gourav

    Delivery service was good.

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