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– 100% Result guarantee
– 1st spray – 10 – 15% increase in yield guaranteed
– 2nd spray – 15 – 25% increase in yield guaranteed
– You are buying 100 gm pouch
– Dose: 10 gm / 15 L water (100 gm / Acre)
– Minimum 2 spray required for the best result

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Organic fertilizer for sugarcane. This organic fertilizer for sugarcane specially formulated for sugar cane plantations. Organic fertilizer for sugarcane is available in 100% water-soluble powder form.

To use this product, mix it with water at the rate of 10 gm / 15 water to make a liquid fertilizer solution.

Spray this liquid fertilizer on the leaves of the sugar cane plants late evening.

Do not spray under direct Sunlight. You can also spray this liquid fertilizer on sugarcane early morning but if the liquid fertilizer solution vaporizes to soon, the efficacy of the product will be less.

This organic fertilizer for sugarcane product is compatible for use with Chemical pesticides. However, we do not recommend it.

How to use this organic fertilizer for sugar cane with Chemical fertilizers

If you are using chemical fertilizer such as Urea you can use this product as Growth Promoter Tonic. Apply 3 times, by spraying the liquid fertilizer.

Although this liquid solution can be sprayed in the roots we recommend you use it on the leaves. Spraying on the leaves gives quick results.

All things considered, keep a 7 – 10 days gap between each spray.

The application of this product 3 times will give you at least a 20 – 30% boost in production.

How to use this organic fertilizer for sugar cane without Chemical fertilizers

When No Chemical is used in the cultivation.

And you seek the same quantity of production per capita as much as one would get using chemical fertilizer. You have to use this organic fertilizer for sugar cane many more times.

Chemical fertilizer Vs Organic fertilizer for Sugarcane comparison

Another way to view this, this product which is an organic fertilizer contains 2% – 3% Nitrogen. Whereas Urea contains 46% Nitrogen. So, in theory, you need to use this organic fertilizer minimum 23 times.

Nevertheless, this is not true. Because Urea contains 46% Nitrogen only. Whereas, this organic fertilizer for sugarcane contains 63 different Macronutrients and Micronutrients apart from 2% – 3% Nitrogen.

As a result, this product will give you very well overall plant growth. Because this is balanced plant growth.

Thus you may not need to spray 23 times to get an output equivalent to cultivation using chemical fertilizer but you do need to spay more than 2 times than we recommend normally.

Factors affecting the application of organic fertilizer in Sugar cane plantation

Generally speaking, you may have to spray 10 times or maybe 12 times. We can’t say for sure. It will depend on

  1. The land condition such as soil pH
  2. How much organic fertilizer you are applying to the soil
  3. The climatic condition
  4. The pest problem in your area

This means if you are going for total organic cultivation you need to apply the organic fertilizer for sugar cane almost every week to keep up micronutrient level including Nitrogen level up, in comparison to chemical products.

Furthermore, if you are doing Organic cultivation and do not seek to match your production output with chemical cultivation output.

You do not have to worry about the issue mentioned above. Just apply this organic fertilizer specially formulated for sugar cane as when your plant show nutrient deficiency. But do not apply less than 4 – 5 times.

Product specification

  • Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (P) + Potassium (K) > 3000 ppm [approximately]
  • Iron (Fe) + Calcium (Ca) + Potassium (K) < 600 ppm [approximately]
  • Manganese (Mn) + Zinc (Zn) + Boron (B) < 400 ppm [approximately]

Available active ingredients in organic form

  1. Auxins
  2. Betaines
  3. Cytokinis
  4. Alginic acid
  5. Minnito
  6. Lamanarian
  7. 18 Amino acids
  8. polysaccharides
  9. glycine betaine
  10. Chelated micronutrients from an organic source
  11. More than 10 different vitamins

List of essential trace minerals for sugarcane plants

  1. Boron helps in carbohydrate transport in the plant systems; it also assists in metabolic regulation. Boron deficiency will often result in bud dieback.
  2. Chlorine is necessary for osmosis and ionic balance; it also plays a role in photosynthesis.
  3. Copper is a component of Plant enzymes and vitamin A. Symptoms of copper deficiency include browning of leaf tips and chlorosis.
  4. Iron is essential for chlorophyll synthesis, which is why an iron deficiency results in chlorosis.
  5. Manganese helps in chlorophyll formation. Manganese deficient plants will develop chlorosis between the veins of its leaves. The availability of manganese is partially dependent on soil pH.
  6. Molybdenum is essential to plant health. Molybdenum is used by plants to reduce nitrates into usable forms. Some plants use it for nitrogen fixation, thus it may need to be added to some soils before seeding legumes.
  7. Nickel is essential for the activation of urease, an enzyme involved with nitrogen metabolism that is required to process urea.
  8. Zinc participates in chlorophyll formation and also activates many enzymes. Symptoms of zinc deficiency include chlorosis and stunted growth.

Application procedure in sugar cane plantation

Foliar application: Mix 10 gm per 15 L of water. For an acre of land, you need 100 gm.

  • 1st spray: 30 – 40 days after sowing
  • 2nd spray: 50 – 60 days after sowing

Soil application / Drip application: Mix 2 gm / L of water and spray near the roots of the plant. Repeat application once every 10 days.

This is a concentrated but balanced liquid micronutrient fertilizer. Do not mix this product with any other products.

Why should you buy organic fertilizer for sugarcane?

Always buy organic fertilizer for sugarcane.

This product contains 63 different macronutrients and micronutrients.

As a result, organic micronutrients are better than artificial or chemical micronutrient products because they’re the derivatives of plants and animals and therefore contain most or all the micronutrients, macronutrients, and trace elements that are urgently needed by growing plants.

In addition, the best micronutrient fertilizers are naturally slow-releasing and provide nutrients to plants when they need it. This is to say buy the best micronutrient fertilizer.

  1. Boron (B)
  2. Zinc (Zn)
  3. Manganese (Mn)
  4. Iron (Fe)
  5. Copper (Cu)
  6. Molybdenum (Mo)
  7. Chlorine (Cl)

All things considered, we recommend this organic fertilizer for sugarcane plantation.

What are micronutrients for plants?

Micronutrients for plants. Apart from Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium which are required in large quantities in sugarcane plantations, the remaining nutrients such as Zinc, Boron, Chlorine, Copper and grouped under micronutrients.

Micronutrients boosting crop performance by overcoming deficiencies.

All things considered, one must buy water-soluble micronutrient fertilizer. For this reason, organic fertilizer for sugarcane is good.

About Sugarcane or Sugar cane

Sugarcane or sugar cane is referred to as species and hybrids of tall perennial grasses in the genus Saccharum, tribe Andropogoneae, that are used for sugar production.

Consequently, the plants are two to six meters (six to twenty feet) tall with stout, jointed, fibrous stalks that are rich in sucrose, which accumulates in the stalk internodes.

To put it differently, sugarcanes belong to the grass family Poaceae, an economically important flowering plant family that includes maize, wheat, rice, and sorghum, and many forage crops. It is native to the warm temperate to tropical regions of Southeast Asia and New Guinea.

3 reviews for Organic Fertilizer for Sugarcane: Buy Organic fertilizer for Sugarcane Online, Order Online – 100 gm

  1. hari prasad

    Which fertilizer is best for sugarcane?

    • Saosis

      Yes, this is one of the recommended organic fertilizers for sugarcane which you mix 10 gm per 15 L of water and spray in the evening after 4 pm. This organic fertilizer contains, to name a few, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and many other macro and micronutrients.

      If you use 2 times, it will bost your production by at least 30%.

  2. Jitesh Sigh

    I am a sugarcane farmer and growing sugarcane as a major cash crop in southern zone of Punjab. I have used this product 2 times in the last 2 months. The results are very good.

    • Saosis

      Thank you for using our products.

  3. Rahul

    One of the best fertilizer for sugarcane I have used.

    • Saosis

      Thank you.

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