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  • 100% Organic Granular Fertilizer For Soil. Slow release & rich in organic nitrogen
  • Rebuilds soil with all natural soil borne microbes
  • Can be used in all kinds of Fruits / Flower / Vegetable / Paddy cultivation
  • Aids In New And Enlarged Root Formation
  • Increases Crop Yield by many fold
  • Improves soil structure and microbial activity in the soil
  • Reduces dependency on chemical fertilizer

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  • Compatible Plant Type:  All kinds
  • Fertilizer Type:  Dry, Granular
  • Fertilizer Feature: Granular, Water-soluble, Slow release
  • Longevity: 2 years
  • N.P.K Ratio: As mentioned in nutritional value
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use:  For All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release

The application procedure of organic granular fertilizer

  • FRUIT PLANTS such as Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Orange, Grape, Banana, Papaya, etc. use 50 gram / 10-inch pot / 7 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre
  • VEGETABLE  PLANTS such as Beans, Onions, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Carrot, Broccoli, Okra, Capsicum, etc. use 50 gram / 10-inch pot / 10 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre
  • POTATO PLANTS: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre)
  • CROPS PLANTS such as Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Til, Ground nut, Sunflower, Soybean, Cotton, etc. use 50 gram / 10-inch pot / 7 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre

Nutritional Value (from organic sources)

  • Dry matter: 88-95%
  • Organic matter: 45%-55%
  • Nitrogen: 500 ppm-1500 ppm
  • Phosphorus: 100 ppm – 500 ppm
  • Potassium: 1000 ppm -1500 ppm
  • Seaweed extract + Fulvic acid + Amino acid + Humic acid > 91%
  • Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Sodium, Manganese, Zinc, Boron also available in traces

Why buy organic granular soil fertilizer?

Buy organic granular soil fertilizer.

This is to say, all plantation requires organic granular soil fertilizer to improve soil quality.

Those gardeners who prefer organic fertilizer in granule form over powder form this organic granular soil fertilizer is a must buy.

You can use granular soil fertilizer in small tubs (about 30 gm / 10-inch pot) as well as in open land farming (about 3 kg / Acre).

You can use it as soil fertilizer to replenish nutrients taken up by plants for growth and development.

When you buy organic granular soil fertilizer you don’t need to buy any other soil fertilizer for your little plants.

Finally, all you have to do is to adjust the quantity you need to apply depending upon your plant size. Furthermore, you must buy organic granular soil conditioner.

What is the difference between granular soil fertilizer and liquid soil fertilizer?

Granular soil fertilizer Vs liquid soil fertilizer.

Granular fertilizers are solid granules, while liquid fertilizers are made from water-soluble powders or liquid concentrates that mix with water to form a liquid fertilizer solution.

Plants quickly take up most water-soluble fertilizers, while granular fertilizers need a while to dissolve or decompose before plants can access their nutrients.

What are the advantages of granular fertilizer?

Granular fertilizers deliver food to a plant slowly but have the advantage of slow-release and longevity.

Broadcast application: This method, which covers large areas well, is used to apply granular fertilizers to lawns or to new beds before they are planted.

The broadcast method can be done with a hand-rotary or drop spreader.

Top-dress application: This technique, which provides nutrients to individual plants such as shrubs and perennials, is done by hand with granular fertilizers.

Simply apply the fertilizer around the base of the plant, extending to the drip line. For vegetables, place the granular fertilizer in a strip parallel to the planting row.

Why granular fertilizer or natural fertilizer Vs. chemical fertilizer?

Advantages of chemical fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are made with synthetic ingredients designed to stimulate plant growth.

Commercial chemical fertilizers have the advantage of predictability and reliability.

Formulations are blended with accuracy and you can buy different blends for different types of plants.

Commercial chemical fertilizers contain a balanced distribution of the three main essential nutrients needed for optimum plant growth: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Disadvantages of chemical fertilizer

Commercial chemical fertilizers are more expensive than natural fertilizers.

They may contain ingredients that may be toxic to the skin, respiratory system, and the earth. You also need to mix and measure them accurately. If you use too much, you can kill your plants.

Advantages of granular fertilizer or natural fertilizer

In nature, decomposition of organic matter creates a natural fertilizer.

Applying organic compost or well-aged herbivore manure adds nutrient-rich organic material to the soil, improving quality and texture.

Adding organic material to the soil increases its ability to hold water; reduces erosion from water and wind; decreases compaction and crusting of the soil; and raises soil pH.

The disadvantages of buy granular plant fertilizer against natural fertilizer

Organic materials break down at different rates, so the composition and content of organic fertilizer are never consistent.

It is a misconception to believe that just because fertilizer is organic, it is automatically safer.

Organic fertilizer, if you apply it incorrectly, can contribute to surface and groundwater contamination, create a nutritional imbalance in the soil and cause salt burns.

Why buy soil fertilizer

There are two types of fertilizers available to the home gardener: granular fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Granular fertilizers deliver food to a plant slowly but have the advantage of longevity.

Since they must be broken down by the water before a plant can use them, granular fertilizers do not leach out of the soil as rapidly as water-soluble types.

Water-soluble fertilizers are faster acting but more transient, which means they must be applied more frequently than the granular type.

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