Buy Organic Nitrogen fertilizer. An organic replacement for Urea & chemical nitrogen fertilizers. Produces higher Vegetative Growth and increases Physiological Maturity of plants

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  • 100% Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer.
  • Also contains Micro & Macro nutrients in traces
  • An Organic Replacement for Chemical based Nitrogen fertilizer such as Urea
  • Available in powder form. 100% water soluble
  • For higher Vegetative Growth
  • For enhanced Physiological Maturity of plants
  • Suitable for Organic Cultivation
  • Non-polluting, Non-chemical, Non-toxic natural Nitrogen rich fertilizer
  • Suitable for quickly correcting Nitrogen deficiencies in plants


Why Buy Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer for your plants?

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for your plant’s growth, over all development and reproduction. Although, Nitrogen is one of the most abundant element on earth, deficiency in nitrogen is the most common nutritional problem most plants faces worldwide. Plants can not intake nitrogen directly from the air or earth’s crust. Therefore, buy organic nitrogen fertilizer. Seagrow Bio Nitrogen serves as a non-polluting, non-chemical,non-toxic Natural Nitrogen fertilizer.Our product has a guaranteed minimum of 12.88% available organic nitrogen,Hence this product is suitable for quickly correcting deficiencies without synthetic nitrogen like Ammonia,nitrate or urea.This  product attains its high nitrogen content only from the natural protein of the soybean.

Nitrogen is a vital component of chlorophyll, the compound by which all plants use sunlight energy to produce sugars from water and carbon dioxide from the air. Although, Nitrogen is a major component of amino acid. The building blocks of protein. Without protein, plants wither and may die.

What are the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in plants?

Nitrogen deficiency can be identified through visual symptoms. Nitrogen deficiency symptoms include

  • Poor plant growth
  • Pale green or pale yellow leaves
  • Older leaves turning completely yellow
  • Results in reduced flowering and fruitings
  • Stunted plant growth and dormant lateral buds

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:Water soluble fertilizer,15 days after sowing mix 1gm/1L of water and spray once in every 8-10 days.This is a balanced plant food do not mix with other plant foods.

Growth Rate (Over All Development of The Plant):

1st time:8% -10% boost

2nd times periodically:13%-15% boost

3rd times periodically:18%-25% boost

When sprayed periodically every 10 days:>35%boost

Reduction in Chemical Ammonia,Nitrate or Urea Application:

1st time:~ 2%-5% less application needed

2nd times periodically ~5% -10% less application needed

3rd times periodically ~10% -15% less application needed

When sprayed periodically every 10 days :>25% less application needed

Reduction In Chemical Pesticide Usage Due to Better Growth And Intake of High Nutrition(This is Based on Statistics Taken From All Crops):

1st time:~ 2%-4%

2nd times periodically: ~6%-8%

3rd times periodically:10%-12%

When sprayed periodically every 10 days:>20%



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    Delivered on time. Just applied ,hope to see good result…

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    Have ordered 1st time, packaging was very good.

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    No doubt about product quality, have ordered three times.

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    Leaves are looking healthy. Very satisfied

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    A must buy product if you want to see your plant healthy.

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