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Product description

Rose fertilizer. This is an organic fertilizer for rose plants. You can use this rose fertilizer for roses in pots. It is a Potassium-rich fertilizer to make more roses to bloom.

It is water-soluble liquid fertilizer for roses and other flowering plants.

Rose fertilizer contains Amino acid, fulvic acid, seaweed extracts, humic acid, micronutrients, and macronutrients in chelated form for quick results. 

  • Organic rose fertilizer, fertilizer for rose plant
  • Natural fertilizer for roses with the high Potassium content
  • Promotes Lush Foliage, Abundant Blooms, and High Yields fertilizer for roses to bloom
  • Organic Micro Nutrients fertilizer to promote flowering
  • It improves Disease Resistance
  • Slow released Nitrogen fertilizer for roses to bloom
  • Specially formulated fertilizer to increase flowering
  • Easy to Use and Eco Friendly

rose fertilizer

Saosis soluble Rose Plant Food promotes beautiful blooms and lush foliage. It starts to work instantly for quick, beautiful results. Ideal for all types of roses.

Rose fertilizer is one of the best natural fertilizers for rose plants. This product is chemical-free & organic rose fertilizer.

This product can also be used as fertilizer for roses in pots or in the open field. It gives plants the nutrients they need to develop lush foliage, abundant blooms, and also high yields.

It is formulated with the best npk ratio for roses. Generally speaking, the best fertilizer for roses.

It adds manure for rose plants with rich organic matter.

Work in a slow-release fertilizer for healthy root development.

This is the best fertilizer for knockout roses, for best result use this product once in every 7 days.

How rose fertilizer works?

Like most flowering plants, roses need specific types of nutrients in their diet for better root growth.

fertilizer for roses in pots | organic rose fertilizer | rose fertilizer npkThese nutrients ensure healthy growth during the dormant and blooming periods of life. To put more simply, you should always buy top rose fertilizer for your plants.

There are three main nutrients available in this organic rose fertilizer that roses need primarily: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These macronutrients give rose an all-around boost of supplements for excellent plant health and root growth.

  • Nitrogen helps to develop the roots and stem of the rose plant. This nutrient maintains a firm base for the roses in the soil. A strong stem means a strong rose plant
  • Phosphorus takes care of the roots of the roses, ensuring they’re well enough to absorb nutrients from the soil. Good roots are the key to healthy rose plants.
  • Potassium helps to produce vibrant colors in both the stems and blooms of roses
  • Not only does this rose fertilizer npk work with roses, but also with other flowering plants as well. This saves you money in buying specific fertilizers for different plants
  • This organic flower fertilizer encourages bloom growth in your roses with microbe-feeding components

How to use

This is a water-soluble fertilizer for rose plants in powder form.

Mix 1 gm in a liter of water to make the solution. 

This product will take care of all your Rose plant’s needs, therefore, do not buy any other rose or flower plant food if you are using this.

** Note: This is a completely balanced rose plant food. It contains the best npk ratio for roses and has the best rose mix fertilizer composition hence do not mix with any other plant food.

Where to use the rose fertilizer

This product once converted into solution by mixing 1 gm in a liter of water, can be applied on the leaves as a foliar spray. It can also be applied to the soil to improve soil quality.

How often to apply

Foliar spray: Prepare the solution by mixing 1 gm in a liter of water. Spray this solution on the leaves of the rose plant. To organic fertilizer for rose plant | best liquid fertilizer for roses | rose fertilizer npk | best manure for roses | rose mix fertilizer | flower booster fertilizerput it differently, be sure to drench the plant completely.

Apply 1 time in 7 days. Make sure you do not apply any other rose plant food in between.

Soil application: Prepare the solution by mixing 1 gm in a liter of water. Spray this solution on the soil of the rose plant. Make sure your potted rose plant has a good drainage system.

If you are using this product as a foliar spray and also as a soil application. As a result, apply alternate weeks. That is if you do foliar spray today. Do the soil application next week. Repeat foliar spray the week after.

Is this fertilizer for roses in pots?

Yes. This organic fertilizer for the rose plants can be applied to roses in pots.

Roses love soil enriched with high nutrients contents, but they also need well-draining soil.

Therefore, this npk for roses and compost combination is ideal for container rose gardening. Aim for a ratio of two-thirds potting mix and one-third compost. At this time, a slow-release granular rose fertilizer can also be added to the soil.

Is Rose fertilizer good for other plants?

This rose fertilizer is organic, contains npk for roses and slow release. For this reason, it is the best flower booster fertilizer.

rose flower fertilizer | liquid rose fertilizer | rose fertilizer online | best manure for rose plantFor example, you can successfully use the same flower booster fertilizer for English roses, hybrids, newly planted roses, and miniature roses.

On the other hand, perennials and annuals flowering plants will also experience growth with this fertilizer as well, making it easier to care for several distinct plant species.

Is this fertilizer for roses to bloom?

Yes, this is a fertilizer for roses to bloom. It also acts as flower booster fertilizer. Apart from being a natural fertilizer for flowers, it contains high phosphorus for roses. It also has the best npk ratio for roses It needs an organic fertilizer to increase flowering.

Does it have a good npk ratio for roses?

It has the best npk ratio for roses from organic sources. The npk ratio for roses is important for abundant blooms and high yields. Seagrow is npk fertilizer for roses.

Is this a rose mixture of fertilizer?

Yes. This is a rose mixture fertilizer, in other words, rose mix fertilizer. It contains Nitrogen, Potassium & Phosphorus in a large portion. It also contains Zink, Boron, Sulphur, etc. in traces.

Is this organic rose fertilizer?

This is an organic rose fertilizer. Organic flower fertilizer. It is also one of the best organic fertilizer for roses in summer you can buy online 🙂

Is this natural fertilizer for rose plants?

Yes, this is a natural fertilizer for the rose plants. And it is also organic flower fertilizer with the best npk for ratio for roses.

Why organic fertilizer for the rose plant is best for your garden?

As chemical fertilizer increases the amount of acidity causes less production, on the other hand, to save soil nutrients and to have abundant and more beautiful bloom organic fertilizer is essential, not only that, this is the best way to enrich your soil quality also.

Hence organic fertilizer for the rose plants is important. You should always buy organic rose food fertilizer for your plants.

Why do rose plants grow faster and bigger with flower booster fertilizer?

Seagrow rose plant food contains abundant Nitrogen from organic sources that promote the growth of the foliage, while Phosphorus and Potassium present in the rose plant food support the growth of stronger roots, stems, flowers, and fruits. Which are all essential components of photosynthesis? The best fertilizer for roses in pots.


  • Compatible Plant Type:  All Types of Rose Plants
  • Fertilizer Type: Dry, Granular
  • Fertilizer Feature: Water Soluble
  • Longevity: 2 Years
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use: All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release

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36 reviews for Rose fertilizer – Fertilizer for Rose plant, Roses in pots, Top Rose Fertilizer

  1. Saundra Rupert

    Review for Rose fertilizer for Rose plant, organic flower fertilizer- Seagrow ®
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. Vaibhavi

    The product is good, the plants showed good improvement.

  3. Narendra

    very happy, getting strong & very bright flowers. but gives result very slow

  4. Pintu

    good result.

  5. Yash

    I have seen many changes after applying the product. New branches came & flowers color became bright & get abundant blooms.

  6. Karthikeyan

    Getting the desired results by using it

  7. Vaibhabi

    Good one. My roses started blooming in just 15 days after applying seagrow rose

  8. Piyali

    Awesome Product. It really works. Just because of this even in Summer my roses grown really well. The size and quantity of flowers increased dramatically. Thanks for the product. Best organic flower fertilizer

  9. Prithvi

    Expected Result, new branches with more buds are coming up

  10. Kinjal Singh

    The best organic rose fertilizer I have ever used, result is excellent, flowers are looking nice and really beautiful. Specially the bright colors. Everyone in my family love the product, Very happy!!!

  11. Nilesh

    Have used first time, let’s see how it works.
    If it’s good, I will come back and review later

  12. Pallav

    Best manure for rose flower, Its really works. Not only for rose for other flowers also, used it for my other flower plant also. Noticeable result. leaves look so healthy

  13. Jayati

    I have got this type of manure for the first time, outstanding result. Want to buy again.

  14. Riya

    sometimes fertilizing is not enough, you need to take care of your plants, water them regularly to get best result

  15. Omkar

    Have ordered first time, Best flower fertilizer i have ever used. I can see the difference in my plant… planning to buy next packet.

  16. Aadit

    Credits to Seagrow organic rose plant food. I’m extremely satisfied with the product. You all should give a try at least once. The product is an organic growth booster for my plants and they grow up healthier.

  17. Kritika

    Flowers looks very bright, want to buy again

  18. Kritika

    Getting good result.

  19. Himanshu

    Getting good result

  20. Lalit

    Perfect for Rose plants. I have not tried it on the other plants yet. My rose plants seemed struggling but after I started using Saosis’s organic rose fertilizer, the plants looks healthy and I see new branches and more flowers now. It is an awesome product. Surely order again

  21. Himadri

    My Rose plants were about to dump in garbage but when I got Saosis’s Organic Rose Plant food, now my Rose plants look happy and I am happy

  22. Nilesh

    It shows best results on my rose plants. New branches and more flowers came. It helps in overall growth of rose plant. Best rose plant food. I recommend this product for all…

  23. Chitra

    Excellent results, I purchased this organic manure for my roses, got fast delivery. After using it within 7-8 days, I could see results, more buds, greener and healthier leaves; overall my rose garden got a new life.

  24. Mina

    It gave me the result and thats what matters, my rose plants have not died and we get flowers every now and then..! given the extreme humidity of kolkata it does the job quite well, I am happy!

  25. Gagan

    Been using Saosis’s products for a while now. Applied as they advised, results are great and visible. Packaging is great and it’s very easy to use. I must say this is the best natural flower fertilizer

  26. Nagesh

    Seagrow rose plant food is great for abundant blooms,and high yields. Used many other products but this is the best organic manure for my rose plants . It is also great for all kinds of roses. I have many types of roses and the the product is very effective .

  27. Kritika

    Very satisfied with the results from this product. Was able to see visible change in plant growth and flowering in my potted plants within few days of use. The organic flower fertilizer is really handy to use too.

  28. Hemant

    Using this organic rose fertilizer product has helped in much better bloom for the flowers. I use this for other flowers and also on my vegetable garden at home. I notice that the number of flower and fruit formation was better and the flowers did not drop as early as how it otherwise does, hence retaining on the plant longer.

  29. Karunanidhi

    As a tree lover I always need an organic product which does not contain any chemical elements. Just meet my need. Using this organic rose plant food for two months , have got expected result. I used the product along with saosis’s Soil Mend. My roses are looking more brighter than earlier. Delivered on time

  30. Vihan

    It is an excellent product. It showed results within 1 week of application on rose plants. My garden soil is very poor in nutrients. Usually I get one rose bloom at a time. But after I applied this organic fertilizer, there have been multiple blooms. Thanks Saosis. I am going to order again.

  31. Abhimanyu

    I am writing this review after using the product for three months.
    And I must say it’s a good organic rose plant food.
    All the plants look healthy after using

  32. Divyesh

    Very effective for plants….every time i use it on my plants i feel i m feeding them the best food…you can see wonders in the plants in just a few days.may be in just seven or ten days…my plants look green and lustrous now….secret of healthy plants

  33. Girish

    Used many organic product but did not get results. This worked miracles on my flowering plants in the garden – jasmine, hibiscus and rose! It provided all the nutrients required to yield healthy and multiple flowers. Finally i found a permanent fix for my gardening troubles. Want to buy again

  34. Nihal

    Have got very good results after using this organic manure for rose plants. Very effective for rose plant, really formulated with essential nutrient and the product is safe for pets also

  35. Gourav

    Have been using this product for last 10 days.. after application of the fertilizer i find noticeable growth in my rose plants.. the plant has grown some flower buds already…
    getting excellent result, want to buy again. Best organic rose fertilizer with no chemicals.

  36. Adarsh

    I had begun the ambitious endeavour of getting myself a Rose and that was really a nightmare at the start, combined with my travel schedule which made maintenance hard for such a flower, however upon being introduced to the fix it has really made the situation much easier and I have noticed a great increase in the health of my plant courtesy of this easy solution. Best organic flower fertilizer i have ever used

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