Buy Soil Mend® for soil

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100% Organic, Natural, Eco-Friendly
Leaches away unwanted sodium in the soil
Improve Soil Structure
Loosen soil
Improve Water Penetration
Reduces soil pH
Improves the availability of existing soil nutrients
Naturally rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium

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Why You Should Buy Organic Soil Fertilizer?

Buy organic soil fertilizer: Soil Mend is an organic soil amendment that alters the chemical and physical structure of agriculture soils making them more receptive to growing crops. Soil Mend loosens the soil improving air and water penetration while allowing excess salts to leach away . It also contains two crucial plant-growing nutrients,calcium and sulfur. And the use of Soil Mend increases the availability of other important nutrients. Soil mend promotes fast,healthy onset of new roots.


  • Leaches away unwanted sodium in the soil. As the sodium exists,the soil aggregates into larger particles.Looser,more porous soil,which has more water percolation and aeration.
  • The addition of soil Mend greatly improve the water retention abilities of sandy soils and they can be added to adjust the ph of the soil to meet the needs of specific plants or to make highly acidic or alkaline soils more usable.
  • Improve soil structure
  • Improves soil nutrients and their ability to support healthy plant growth

Impact on Crops:

  • Soil Mend improves plant nutrition. Providing calcium and sulfur in forms ideal for uptake by plants.
  • Other soil nutrient like zinc, phosphorous and magnesium, become more available to plants.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Seaweed extract+amino acid>10%
  • fulvic acid+humic acid>60%
  • calcium+Aragonite>10%
  • Neem extract>10%
  • Nitrogen(N)+phosphours(p2o5)+
  • potassium(k2o)>2.99%
  • calcium(ca)+magnesium(mg)+copper(cu)+
  • Zinc(Zn)>900 pp
  • (Fe)+Sodium(Na)<1000 ppm



Soil Mend may be applied in a number of ways. For some gardener it worked into the soil with a tiller before planting. For others, after planting,or periodically during the growing season. Soil testing should be performed prior to applying a soil conditioner to learn more about the composition and structure of the soil.


  • Compatible Plant Type:  All Plant
  • Fertilizer Type: Dry
  • Fertilizer Feature: Water Soluble
  • Longevity: 2 Years
  • NPK Ratio:
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use: All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release
  • Dose:4.5 kg/Acre


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31 reviews for Buy Soil Mend® for soil

  1. Anthony Pereira (verified owner)

    All your products are 5* and will recommend to one and all to go that extra mile to use these and find great benefits for the soil and plants.
    Cheers and thank you.

  2. Jagdish

    The result has been very good . Even in the summer the soil is holding water and you do not see plants look dull at the end of the day. This is best for all kinds of plants in pots , this will be very useful as no much water required . Will definitely buy more for my garden and keep my garden greenish all the time.. Thanks soil mend

  3. Aadesh

    Used the product for my flowers and the growth is fantastic. There are absolutely no pests at all. The quality is just top class.want another experiment by growing vegetables also. The delivery by saosis company was also very fast and reached on time.

  4. Ayush

    I found the vast improvement in plants, have potted my plants. I think it is a perfect potting solution. Try it….

  5. Sandip

    After application of 3 times
    It is very helpful to plants as it provides micro nutrients to your plants.

  6. Kakan

    amazing product but a bit costly

  7. Sunil

    quality of product is very good.
    it has good water holding, & drainage.
    Its one of the best product that i have ever bought .

  8. Sakshi

    I have seen excellent changes in my plants. Flower plants are thriving very well. Good quality organic soil mixture , soil quality improvement is noticeable. Want more , have been ordering regularly.

  9. Prakash

    Very useful product.Brought 5th packet already.

  10. Himanshu

    it is working great for both my indoor plants.. it is really wonderful, i have already potted,amazing product

  11. Lalit

    Very Good for the growth of plants, I am fully satisfied with the organic fertilizer product. Works very well . Highly recommended..

  12. Divya

    started as a hobby turned into my new passion for organic farming now, this is an excellent product,highly recommended

  13. Pritam

    Excellent product.. I mix it with a bit of soil for most of my potted plants, retains moisture well and also well draining, using it to germinate seeds as well.

  14. Pratiksha

    Seen a noticeable difference in my plants of flowers n vegetables. Is very effective so need to b careful while applying . Product result is amaging.

  15. Karthikeyan

    Since good potting medium is the first requirement in my new hobby I stumbled into Soil Mend which I have found to be a very satisfying medium for my potted plants. Satisfied with the mix which appears to be water retentive.

  16. Chhaya

    Used Soil Mend organic soil care fertilizer to grow vegetable and flower plants. Plants
    are growing very fast. Good quality

  17. Pravin

    Made a good difference in my plants growth..Prompt delivery. I am satisfied. Pure organic soil care fertilizer

  18. Sahil

    great product,slow result,need patience

  19. Binay

    The result is good. Best organic soil fertilizer, I have seen definitely a positive change in my garden, Just meets my need. Easy to use and really effective.

  20. Parul

    As it is very effective product, but gives result very slow. I am giving two star for that reason

  21. Nilesh

    Saosis’s organic soil care fertilizer is really effective. I have seen huge difference in my plants than earlier. My plant leaves are more strong, dark in color. New branches came . Flowers look more beautiful. Want to buy more…

  22. puja

    My flower plants love the product. This organic soil fertilizer improves soil quality, increases vegetable production. Product packaging is very nice. Delivered product on time.

  23. Jashavant

    I purchased two bags, totally satisfied with the product. Product, delivery time and packing were satisfactory.

  24. Himanshu

    Organic fertilizer soil Mend does feed the existing microbes with carbon to improve the soil and more importantly does not have the damaging salts of the synthetic chemical fertilizers. This is extremely important during our dry periods as salts from synthetic fertilizers and even in our city-water work against soil tilth. Very inexpensive by comparison to organic products containing active microbial life yet provides similar results.

  25. Kartik

    The best organic soil fertilizer i have ever used, I started using this fertilizer at a friend’s recommendation and I need to say I’m completely satisfied. The product is cheap compared to other fertilizers, and it does better work than other fertilizers.

  26. Puniyata

    Quality of the organic soil fertilizer is very good. Need to wait see how the plants grow. Will update after sometime checking the plants growth. I have planted few plants in this soil. Hope to see good result

  27. Manish

    Very good quality mixture, I am a beginner in gardening brought this soil as it has good reviews.
    I planted seeds and with in a week i saw plants coming up.
    Truly organic soil care fertilizer,
    Thanks Saosis

  28. Kamalesh

    It is really amazing to see my all plants including roses started seeing tremendous growth specifically in height of plant buds just couple of days after applying as they advised and I also bought saosis’s organic rose fertilizer . Really a good quality soil care fertilizer

  29. Prakash

    Excellent product for both flowering and foliage plants. They love it and I can see the difference in a weeks time of first application. Most importantly soil quality is improved. Will surely order more.

  30. Vishaka

    Got this after reading about soil fertilizers on google. I sprinkle it on some of my citrus and other plants. The plants did show some fresh growth after applying. The rose leaves had turned paled green but now they have turned much darker.
    I like the fact that it has both the macro and micro nutrients.Best soil care fertilizer I have ever used.

  31. Mitali

    I have used this product on my lawn for two years now. It does a remarkable job of keeping my lawn dark green and healthy looking. I particularly like the fact that it does not burn your lawn.Soil Mend is a slow-release fertilizer so it doesn’t result in burn marks if over-applied. I have also used it on flowers and it has worked exceedingly well. Great product overall.

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