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Product features

  1. Organic rose fertilizer, fertilizer for rose plant
  2. Natural fertilizer for roses with the high Potassium content
  3. Promotes Lush Foliage, Abundant Blooms, and High Yields fertilizer for roses to bloom
  4. Contains 40 different macronutrients and micronutrients to promote flowering
  5. Contains Humic acid, Amino acid, Fulvic acid, and Seaweed extracts
  6. It improves Disease Resistance
  7. Slow released Nitrogen fertilizer for roses to bloom
  8. Specially formulated fertilizer to increase flowering
  9. Easy to Use and Eco Friendly


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Buy seagrow rose online. You are buying fertilizer for rose plants online. As the name suggests, this organic fertilizer for the rose plant is specially formulated for the roses.

The seagrow rose fertilizer for rose plants is a concentrated and balanced organic fertilizer. It contains a sufficient quantity of Macronutrients and Macronutrients in chelated form. Chelated organic micronutrients are readily available to plants. In other words, plants can absorb chelated organic micronutrients immediately.

To know how to apply Seagrow rose, please continue to read below;

Why should you buy seagrow rose online for rose plants?

  • Organic rose fertilizer, fertilizer for rose plant
  • Natural fertilizer for roses with the high Potassium content
  • Promotes Lush Foliage, Abundant Blooms, and High Yields fertilizer for roses to bloom
  • Organic Micro Nutrients fertilizer to promote flowering
  • It improves Disease Resistance
  • Slow released Nitrogen fertilizer for roses to bloom
  • Specially formulated fertilizer to increase flowering
  • Easy to Use and Eco Friendly

Key constituents of organic rose fertilizer?

  1. Seaweed Extract + Amino Acids + Fulvic Acid + Humic Acid > 90 % w/w
  2. Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (P2O5) + Potassium (K2O) > 2000 ppm
  3. Calcium (Ca) + Magnesium (Mg) + copper (Cu) + Zinc (Zn) > 500 ppm
  4. Boron (B) + Sulphur (S) + Iron (Fe) + Sodium (Na) < 1000 ppm
  5. Molybdenum + Protein + Vitamins < 10 ppm
  6. Auxins + Alginic Acid + Cytokinis + Mannitol + Gibberellins < 500 ppm

How to apply?

To apply this fertilizer, mix 10 gm in 15 liters of water to prepare the solution. Use this solution to spray on the leaves of the rose plant or any other flowering plants after 4 pm. Be sure to drench the plant completely.

To drench a rose plant you need about 30 ml to 50 ml of the solution, that means, with 15 liters of water you can drench one time approximately 500 rose plants.

If you have the excess solution you can store it in a plastic pet bottle for up to 3 years.

The longer solution stays on the leaves the better it works. Furthermore, to apply in the soil you can mix 2 gm in a liter of water and drench the soil.

Do not spray on the leaves and drench the soil on the same day. Keep a minimum of 7 days apart. This is a concentrated organic food so do not mix with any other rose fertilizer. Detail instruction on the application given below;

Rose fertilizer contains Amino acid, fulvic acid, seaweed extracts, humic acid, micronutrients, and macronutrients in chelated form for quick results. So buy the best fertilizer for the rose plants.

Is this the best fertilizer for rose plants?

This is to say this best fertilizer for the rose plant is made up of Seaweed extract, amino acid, fulvic acid, and humic acid. This product is 100% water-soluble powder form.

It contains high Potassium to make your roses bloom. Another key point, it contains 63 different macronutrients and micronutrients in chelated form (In the chelated form, fertilizer ingredients are readily available to be taken up by plants). With this in mind, this is indeed the best fertilizer for rose plants you can buy online.


How does it work?

Like most flowering plants, roses need specific types of nutrients in their diet for better root growth.

These nutrients ensure healthy growth during the dormant and blooming periods of life. To put it more simply, you should always buy top rose fertilizer for your plants.

There are three main nutrients available in this organic rose fertilizer that roses need primarily: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These macronutrients give rose an all-around boost of supplements for excellent plant health and root growth.

  • Nitrogen helps to develop the roots and stem of the rose plant. This nutrient maintains a firm base for the roses in the soil. A strong stem means a strong rose plant
  • Phosphorus takes care of the roots of the roses, ensuring they’re well enough to absorb nutrients from the soil. Good roots are the key to healthy rose plants.
  • Potassium helps to produce vibrant colors in both the stems and blooms of roses
  • Not only does this fertilizer npk work with roses, but also with other flowering plants as well. This saves you money in buying specific fertilizers for different plants
  • This organic flower fertilizer encourages bloom growth in your roses with microbe-feeding components

Is Rose fertilizer good for other plants?

This rose fertilizer is organic, contains npk for roses, and slow release. For this reason, it is the best flower booster fertilizer.

rose flower fertilizer | liquid rose fertilizer | rose fertilizer online | best manure for rose plantFor example, you can successfully use the same flower booster fertilizer for English roses, hybrids, newly planted roses, and miniature roses.

On the other hand, perennials and annuals flowering plants will also experience growth with this fertilizer as well, making it easier to care for several distinct plant species.



  • Compatible Plant Type:  All Types of Rose Plants
  • Fertilizer Type: Dry, Granular
  • Fertilizer Feature: Water Soluble
  • Longevity: 2 Years
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use: All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release

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  2. How to get more blooms in your rose plants

20 reviews for Buy Seagrow® Rose: Flower Booster For All Kinds Of Seasonal Flowering Plants: Up to 50% OFF + Free delivery

  1. Suraj

    packing was superb. Used the product for all types of flowering plants and the result was visible within one week.

  2. Vishwas

    It really helped my plants to flower

  3. Abhishek Jaiswal

    The product works

  4. Sanjib kumar

    Very good product

  5. Plino Fernandes


  6. Mishra

    I like packaging & delivery
    I have used it in rose plants .
    Let’s see what will the result after some days.

  7. Chayan Dewangan

    The product is very good totally organic product I can say as it is arrived on time and well packed

    I have also bye Rose fertilizer on Amazon but they are not too much good as compared to this seagrow fertilizer the product quality is very premium and very easy to use

  8. sonu

    1. Large, Healthy Blossoms
    2. Fast Growth and Development
    3. Strong, Supportive Stems
    4. More Than One Use

    Organic complete rose plant care is heavy in phosphorus that will help promote those big, beautiful blooms that growers seek. Added to the pots and the result is great. You get lot of blooms and solid colours as it has all the nutrients to take care of the plant growth, roots and colours .Add as per specified measurements and I added only 50 grams per pot as per pot size, mix well with soil..

    Very good experience. Highly recommend

    • Saosis

      Thank you.

  9. Jiten sha

    I categorically tested this product as has high price. For sub-set of my rose plant I applied home made compost, for other sub-set I applied this fertiliser. In my compost bases roses although there are more flowering but for other roses in which I have applied this rose care only I am having significantly more root shooting and healthy new leaves count. Longer stems. Good product for flower/rose crazy gardener.

  10. nishita

    Highly recommend this product to encourage flower budding and growth of new shoots. Need to put only a tablespoon per plant every week or fortnight. Have seen my roses bloom like anything and also seen new stem growth on other plants . After putting this on the top soil, water your plants immediately. Don’t exceed dosage by more than once a week. Just need a little bit every week or every other week.

    • Saosis

      Thank you.

  11. Jithi

    Being using this product for approx. a month now & am really impressed with the output of the Product.
    My main purpose for buying this was to save my Money plant from dying. Its leaves had started to turn yellow & were rotting, plant had dried up & it really caused a concern to me.
    Seeing some positive reviews i decided to give this soil a try & am glad I made a good decision.

  12. Sunil Sragi

    I purchased it after seeing adds in facebook. I have to say this with confidence that this is the best rose fertilizer i have ever used. It is amazing.

    • Saosis

      Thank you.

  13. swati

    My plants are showing up well.. satisfied with the product

  14. Kuldeepsign

    Very good product for flower plants.

  15. Manoj rajput


  16. shital

    giving 4 stars because overall the results are fine.

    • Saosis

      Thank you.

  17. Anirban

    After a few bad experiences of purchasing Rose Fod, finally this product proved to be up to the mark. My rose plants started flowering after I applied the fertilizer. I experimented with season flowers as well, and the experience was quite pleasant.
    I am happy with the product.

    • Saosis

      Appreciate your feedback.

  18. Jain

    I think this is one of the best rose fertilizer i have ever purchased. And it is cheap.

  19. Shital

    Amazing result. will buy it again.

  20. jignesh rathore

    Best organic rose fertilizer I have purchased. very very good result.

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