Buy Seagrow Vegetable: Organic Vegetable Plant Growth Promoter, Flowering Booster, Fruit and Size Booster: 100 gm

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10 gm per 15-liter water. 100 gm per 1 acre of land.


  • Organic plant food for all kinds of vegetable plants
  • Contains no added chemical
  • Slow Release and Well Balanced Vegetable Plant Food
  • Contains more than 80% Organic Matter
  • Can be used in Foliar Application (Spray), Soil Application, Drip Irrigation, Hydroponics, Large Scale Open Land Farming
  • Contains all nutrients required by any kind of vegetable plant in its natural form
  • Improves Vegetable’s Quality, Size, Color, Luster and Shelf life
  • Boosts Vegetable’s Growth Rate
  • Helps plants to Recover from Nutrition deficiency Quickly.
  • Turns most Yellow leaves into Green
  • Improves Flowering and Maximizes fruit formation which ultimately leads to Higher Yields
  • Provides Essential Micro, Macro and Trace Nutrients to the plants
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Buy Seagrow Vegetable. An organic vegetable plant growth promoter for your vegetable plants. This organic fertilizer for vegetables is concentrated plant food. This organic fertilizer for vegetables can be used in small kitchen gardening, large-scale vegetable farming. Furthermore, this organic fertilizer for vegetables can be applied via spray on the leaves, drip irrigation, and hydroponics systems.

You need to mix 10 gm of Seagrow Vegetables in 15 liters of water. In an acre of land, you need 100 gm for a 1-time spray.

Why should you buy organic fertilizer for vegetables?

Organic fertilizers for vegetables are better than non-organic fertilizers vegetables because they are not made with things like petroleum products that will destroy your soil in the long run.

Saosis’s organic fertilizer for vegetables is available in dry forms. You need to mix 10 gm in 15 liters of water to make the solution.  Dry fertilizers are slower to release and last over a longer period. They are good when you need general plant maintenance and are rebuilding nutrients directly in the soil.

Why you should buy vegetable fertilizer?

buy vegetable fertilizer. Giving proper and adequate fertilizer to a vegetable garden is an important aspect of success with vegetable gardening. The amount of vegetable fertilizer is required for plantation depends on the quality of soil and vegetable crop. Application of vegetable fertilizer differs between growing seasons, nature of the vegetable crop, and soil type.

For example crops such as tomatoes and beans require a small amount of vegetable fertilizer. Whereas root crops such as carrot, potato, ginger require a large amount of vegetable fertilizer. So depending upon what you are growing you need to buy vegetable fertilizer.

With regards to soil, which is less abundantly rich with organic matter needs more amount of vegetable fertilizer. Organic matter improves the soil and helps release Nitrogen, Minerals, and other nutrients that all plants require. So why do you need vegetable fertilizer?

Why do you need the best organic fertilizer for your vegetable garden?

As plants grow, they take nutrients from the soil. Hence most garden soil needs organic materials including fertilizer. For best gardening results, there are two important steps you need to know to create the ideal vegetable garden soil.

41 reviews for Buy Seagrow Vegetable: Organic Vegetable Plant Growth Promoter, Flowering Booster, Fruit and Size Booster: 100 gm

  1. Wahid

    Is this applicable for citrus fruits mainly in lemon plants ??? Any one have used this in lemon plant please share your result …

    • Saosis

      Hello, from Saosis.

      This product can be used in vegetables, including citrus plants. First, you need to prepare the solution by mixing 10 gm in 15 liter water. Use this solution to spray on the leaves of the citrus plants in the evening or early morning. This is a very concentrated organic plant food with macronutrients and micronutrients contents. do not mix with any other plant food. However, mixing with pesticides / insecticides is okay.

      We have 10 gm trial pack and 100 gm farmers pack. Both the packets are on Buy 1 get 1 free offer.

      We offer free delivery + cash on delivery also available.

      Hope this information helps.

  2. Prasanna venkatesh

    good for soil balance and overall growth, need to use frequently

  3. nitin

    Very good product. At last found a fertilizer that really works. My terrace garden plants are looking awesome after regular use. Must buy.

  4. abhinav

    Good product , spray in evening time after 5:30 pm when there are no direct sun rays falling over plant and do not mix any fungicide or pesticide with it for better result

  5. akansha

    Ideal as a nutrient supplement boost for the plants. Fish is a known high nutrition source for plants since ancient times, however difficult to apply in full spectrum of chemicals either through foliar or soil application.
    This cold processed form makes it the ideal full spectrum supplement for organic fertilizer. Gave my fruit plants an undoubtedly great boost especially during the fruiting season. And saved me the trouble of trying to make the stinky liquid using waste from the fish shop.

  6. Abhinav

    I’m writing this review after using this on my seasonal plants, twice. You could spray it, which is more convenient but it would be better to mix it in water and water the plants with it. The leaves have started getting healthy, the plants are retaining their flowers for a longer time and the roots are not attracting ants, which I’d observed before the application of this product.

  7. Abhinash

    Excellent product, used on my tomatoes and lemon tree got very good results. Kindly mix this with seaweeds and apply on tomatoes, peppers, brinjals, lemon, you get amazing results, avoid using this on okra.

  8. rishita

    Being using this product for approx. a month now & am really impressed with the output of the Product.
    My main purpose for buying this was to save my Money plant from dying. Its leaves had started to turn yellow & were rotting, plant had dried up & it really caused a concern to me.
    Seeing some positive reviews i decided to give this soil a try & am glad I made a good decision.

  9. Rita

    This is the 2nd time I bought and it works amazingly. Palm && Money Plant exceptionally doing well. Just loved this plant food

  10. Ranjunath

    Good vegetable fertilizer. Used in tomato. Worked nice.

  11. Kuldeep Nayak

    after using it, now my vegetable plants have new branches and they are producing more vegetables,beyond my expectation

  12. Pallav

    Added Saosis’s organic fertilizer to all my vegetable plants, excellent results, visible difference in 10 days.

  13. Yuvraj

    Very good product. We used it and saw effect. Getting good result

  14. Yash

    The product packaging was good, also arrived on time

  15. Bikash

    Fabulous growth in my garden

  16. Nallaiyan

    i saw the product in my friend’s home. He recommended .i applied it and got excellent result.

  17. Kadam

    I feed this nutrient two months ago, it gives very good growth for plant and this protects the plants from pests and diseases also. Now there is no pests in my garden.

  18. Sneha

    Promotes plant growth, visible result in the first application. very good result, delivered on time also

  19. Swastika

    Honestly, after 10 days, there is a visible change and beautiful growth and development. Go for it and try.

  20. Kadambini

    Work perfectly on plants, Delivery service was prompt. Vegetable size increased.

  21. Bidisha

    Definitely a positive change in my garden..Just meets my need. Easy to use and effective. Must say delivery service was good

  22. Mitali

    Using this product for the last three months, Amazing product. Does wonders. Packaging is good, delivered on time

  23. Koyel

    Pure organic product, my plants have gained life which they were lacking. Applied as advised

  24. Kritika

    Getting amazing result, very good quality organic vegetable fertilizer. The size of the vegetables and their color appear to be much better

  25. Bikash

    The product is easy to use, noticed significant differences, upon using this for my vegetable plants. If you over used ,it will not burn your plants’ leaves.

  26. Anish

    All my plants have shown a lot of changes since is applied this organic vegetable fertilizer. With in two weeks of first application of the product all my plants are doing great..!!

  27. Pragya

    I have been using it for more than a month…and it has given me amazing result …getting more vegetables. Already ordered one more

  28. Kanakraj

    Excellent Product… All plants are growing very well and quality of soil is noticeable.
    Many vegetable plants which were giving very few vegetable are now giving more vegetables.

  29. Vaibhabi

    Have been using this since a few months now. Getting expected result,
    All my vegetable plants beans, tomato, brinjal, grows very well. Really helped.

  30. Himanshu

    Ordered first time organic fertilizer online. Its seems really effective. I have got good result in my vegetable plants. Want to buy again.

  31. Nitya

    Im currently using it . An amazing organic fertilizer, seen effective result in just seven days.
    Came in well packed

  32. Palak

    This organic vegetable fertilizer works great on my vegetable plants, they are growing quite healthy. Delivery service was prompt. Good packaging

  33. Divya

    Simply say awesome organic vegetable fertilizer….Can see the difference in my plants within one month. Plants get healthier and greenish…previously they look dull but now they are so alive.

  34. Swati

    It is affordable and there is no need to buy it again and again as it last longer and requires very little for a plant. Pure organic fertilizert with no harmful chemical elements.

  35. Debesh

    Amazing quality organic product, It worked on my vegetable plants in just
    seven days. amazing. thanks Saosis

  36. Jashavant

    Make many differences to my plants… seen extra growth or healthier foliage. soil quality is changed after adding this . Will buy again

  37. Dipika

    Ordered on online, since i have been using the organic fertilizers for vegetables , my plant are growing faster and getting protected by insect. A good quality and also an affordable product.

  38. Gargi

    Great organic vegetable fertilizer for plant. Apply once a week on my flowering plant and vegetables. It’s produce well and even my plants that were not good in heath also producing new leaves. Must recommend product for every gardener.

  39. Aadesh Sinha

    After using this for a month I can see significant difference. Also the new vegetables plants had shown significant difference in growth. Good quality organic vegetable fertilizer

  40. Yash

    Its really effective for my plants..seen tremendous results. Plants are more healthy ,strong and bearing better and lot many vegetables . Very happy with the well balanced organic vegetable fertilizer. Will buy again

  41. Aarav

    I was particular about using organic inputs into my vegetable plants, as they are for my household consumption and would highly recommend for users looking for organic based growth boosters for their garden. Go for it

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