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  1. Improves vegetative (Overall) growth of the plant
  2. Improves soil structure and water holding capacity of the soil
  3. Like Urea it does not kill beneficial microbes of the soil
  4. Sustainable and environment-friendly nitrogen from organic sources
  5. Reduces application of chemical Urea or Potas by 30%
  6. Increases fruiting and flowering
  7. Boost production by 30% if used 2 times
  8. Suitable for all kinds of crops, flowering plants, fruit plants, etc.

Dose: 10 gm in 15 L water
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Nitrogen fertilizer. You are buying chemical-free, organic nitrogen fertilizer that is slow-release and has high nitrogen content. This nitrogen fertilizer acts as an organic replacement for chemical-based nitrogen such as chemical urea. We recommend you should buy nitrogen fertilizer for all kinds of plants, such as fruit plants, flower plants, etc.

Why should you buy organic nitrogen fertilizer?

It promotes higher vegetative growth & enhances the physiological maturity of plants. It is a Nonpolluting, organic, non-toxic, high nitrogen fertilizer.

Slow-release organic nitrogen fertilizer is an essential nutrient for your plant’s growth, overall development, and reproduction. Hence you can buy nitrogen fertilizer

Although, Nitrogen is one of the most abundant element on earth, deficiency in nitrogen is the most common nutritional problem most plants faces worldwide.

Plants can not intake nitrogen directly from the air or earth’s crust. Therefore, buy organic nitrogen fertilizer. Bio Nitrogen as organic nitrogen fertilizer form serves as a source of Nitrogen that is non-polluting, non-chemical, and non-toxic.

Is this truly natural nitrogen fertilizer?

Natural nitrogen fertilizer. Hence this product is suitable for quickly correcting growth deficiencies without synthetic nitrogen like Ammonia, Nitrate, or Urea.

This product attains its high nitrogen organic fertilizer content from the extract of natural protein from soybean also. Fertilizer with nitrogen phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, it is nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Nitrogen is a vital component of chlorophyll, the compound by which all plants use sunlight energy to produce sugars from water and carbon dioxide from the air.

Although, Nitrogen is a major component of amino acid. The building blocks of protein also. Without protein, plants wither and may die. Hence, organic nitrogen fertilizer is essential for your plants.

This is the best nitrogen fertilizer for plants.

Application Procedure of organic liquid nitrogen fertilizer:

  • FRUIT PLANTS such as Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Orange, Grape, Banana, Papaya, etc.
  • Mix 0.5 gram / 1 L water and Spray on the leaves of the plant early morning or late evening.
  • VEGETABLE  PLANTS such as Beans, Onions, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Carrot, Broccoli, Okra, Capsicum, etc.
  • Mix 0.5 gram / 1 L water and Spray on the leaves of the plant early morning or late evening.
  • Mix 0.5 gram / 1 L water and Spray on the leaves of the plant early morning or late evening.
  • CROPS PLANTS such as Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Til, Groundnut, Sunflower, Soybean, Cotton etc.
  • Mix 0.5 gram / 1 L water and Spray on the leaves of the plant early morning or late evening.
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT: Mix 0.5 gram / 1 L water and Spray on the leaves of the plant early morning or late evening. Drench the plant completely.

Growth Rate (Over All Development of The Plant) observed during field trial:

  • 1st spray : 8 % -10 % boost
  • 2nd time spray after 10 – 12 days interval : 13% – 15% boost
  • 3rd time spray after 10 – 12 days interval:18%-25% boost
  • 4th-time spray after 10 – 12 days interval: 35%boost

How does Nitrogen fertilizer affect plant growth?

When applied to garden soil, nitrogen-rich fertilizer supports plants’ rapid growth and encourages the healthy development of foliage and fruit. This makes nitrogen-rich fertilizer for plants especially appropriate for young plants that need to grow rapidly as they establish themselves in the soil. Lawns also require a high nitrogen organic fertilizer, as they have green growth but no flowers. Nitrogen fertilizer for plants.

Why is Nitrogen important to flowering plants?

  • Nitrogen is an essential element of all the amino acids in plant structures which are the building blocks of plant proteins, important in the growth and development of vital plant tissues and cells like the cell membranes and chlorophyll
  • Nitrogen is essential in plant processes such as photosynthesis. Thus, plants with sufficient nitrogen will experience high rates of photosynthesis and typically exhibit vigorous plant growth and development

What are the symptoms of Nitrogen deficiency in plants?

Nitrogen deficiency can be identified through visual symptoms. Nitrogen deficiency symptoms include

  • Poor plant growth
  • Pale green or pale yellow leaves
  • Older leaves turning completely yellow
  • Results in reduced flowering and fruitings
  • Stunted plant growth and dormant lateral buds

Reduction in Chemical Ammonia, Nitrate, or Urea Application:

  • 1st spray: approximately 2 – 5% less chemical fertilizer application needed
  • 2nd-time spray after 10 – 12 days interval: 5 – 10 % less chemical fertilizer application needed
  • 3rd time spray after 10 – 12 days interval: 10 – 15 % less chemical fertilizer application needed
  • When sprayed periodically once every 10 – 12 days 25% less chemical fertilizer application is needed

Reduction In Chemical Pesticide Usage Due to Better Growth And Intake of High Nutrition(This is Based on Statistics Taken From All Crops):

  • 1st spray: approximately 2 – 4% less chemical pesticide application needed
  • 2nd-time spray after 10 – 12 days interval: 6 – 8 % less chemical pesticide application needed
  • 3rd time spray after 10 – 12 days interval: 10 – 12 % less chemical pesticide application needed
  • When sprayed periodically once every 10 – 12 days 25% less chemical pesticide application is needed

Can too much nitrogen kill plants?

Nitrogen is a key player in producing chlorophyll; this pigment absorbs sunlight for basic photosynthesis needs. Gardeners must make sure that nitrogen-rich fertilizer, one of the three macronutrients in soil, is available for root uptake by choosing the right organic nitrogen fertilizer.

Saturating a garden with high nitrogen fertilizer for plant levels, however, does not improve plant growth. In fact, it can actually harm a garden more than leaving it to its natural elemental state. Organic liquid nitrogen fertilizer.

Learn more about organic nitrogen here.

45 reviews for Nitrogen fertilizer: Buy Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer Online, Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

  1. mitesh sign

    Very good nitrogen fertilizer. My plants are showing very good vegetative growth.

  2. Ramajayam Selvarasu (verified owner)

  3. Kriti

    Its seems really effective nitrogen fertilizer. I have got better result in my vegetable plants. Want to buy it again.

  4. Jiniya

    I have seen the product in my cousin’s house first time,ordered online . Just meets my need. Good Easy to use and effective. slow release fertilizer

  5. Sahil

    A must buy product if you want to see your plant healthy. organic nitrogen.

  6. Kanakaraj

    My Flower and vegetable plants love the it is pure bio and organic balanced product does not require much. if you use it regularly you can see see the Difference. My plant’s leaves look so brighter and healthy. New Branches are coming.

  7. Manali Sinha

    Must say it is a good quality dry organic fertilizer. I am very much satisfied with this quality bio manure.soil quality also improved.Want to buy it again

  8. Prajoy

    Good nitogen fertilizer product, but gives result very slow, I used more than they instructed. Do not use more than advised. Some of my leaves started to dry up with excess.

  9. Arya

    Nicely Packed when it came . Really good organic manure. using it for three months. wonderful result. leaves look very nice, improve soil quality, produces more vegetables than earlier. Strong and new branches came.

  10. Yash

    Good manure for plants. The product is a good quality one.

  11. Divya

    I used it for my vegetable plants and the result was beyond my expectation.

  12. Nita

    want a good quality nitogen fertilizer for my vegetable garden. ordered online saosis’s fertilizer. gives expected result. Applied as instructed. Leaves look brighter than before.Thank you Saosis….

  13. New buyer

    i took care of my plants also, water them regularly.fertilize them as needed.Getting better result after using Saosis’s fertilizer. This is the best organic fertilizer i have ever used. ordered second time .this time hope to see good result also….

  14. Jashavant

    Good product

  15. Pratiksha

    Plants get healthier and greenish…previously they look dull but now they are so alive…getting expected result. This is the best organic lawn fertilizer.

  16. Kritika

    Leaves are looking healthy. Very satisfied

  17. Diya

    I sprayed mentioned quantity on plants, and soft decorative plants are thriving. I also applied it for my vegetable garden ,expected result. this orgaanic bio product is suitable for indoor and outdoor plant also.

  18. Abha

    Sometime it is really difficult to understand the soil problem. after using it i am happy. Most importyantly my soil quality is improved.Recommended, this really does make your plants bloom and grow. pure organic bio manure with balanced nutrient.

  19. Dipak

    Really best manure for garden . I have used third times after purchasing .Dynamic result as seller promised.Highly Recommended…..

  20. Mohan

    No doubt about product quality, have ordered three times.

  21. Chitra

    Amazing results,Very effective organic bio fertilizer if used properly. Don’t go overboard, you will see leaf burn. Take care of your plant, water them regularly

  22. New Customer

    The organic nitrogen bio manure really helps to grow plants. Good yield and flowers bloomness last longer and very shiny also, not only that soil quality is also changed. Very Happy

  23. Vaibhabi

    My vegetables plants were about to die. used many products but did not get expected result.after using the organic bio manure of saosis company i am very much, my all plants are thriving.very good quality and balanced organic fertilizer

  24. Vikash

    who do not have time to make organic manures at home with food wastes, they can use it.It is pure organic product

  25. Nilam

    I’ve been using this on my plants for a while and I have seen many dramatic changes . The Packet was nicely packed. Shipping was very fast.

  26. Vivek

    Can’t evaluate performance,as I am fist time user of this organic manure. Saosis delivered product on time, the product packaging is very nice. It is safe for pets.

  27. Prithvi

    There has been many improvements, after using this organic nitrogen fertilizer product.
    excellent !!! used it on flowering plants and results are amazing!!!!

  28. Juhi

    Used many time. Only have one problem.this is a good quality organic fertilizer no doubt, but the problem is it’s giving very slow result.Giving three star for that reason.

  29. Sohel

    Require a good organic balanced npk fertilizer for plant root solution. used many organic product but did not get expected result. then i came to know about the saosis’s organic npk thing I can say it is pure organic fertilizer with no harmful chemicals. I order it regularly.

  30. Parul

    Applied as written in the packet, wonderful result.does not contain any harmful chemical elements.pure organic bio manure,used for my tomato plants. plants producing very well. Result is beyond my expectation.Very happy

  31. Bijay

    No doubt about its quality. as a regular customer i am very much satisfied with saosis’s service.Very good delivery service

  32. Aarti

    Awesome product , the fruit size increased, used 3rd time and i am very much impressed with the product quality, It is truly organic bio manure and it has no chemical .

  33. Jiniya

    Great for plant. Apply once a week on my flowering plant and vegetables. It’s produce great flower and even my plant that were not good in heath also producing new leaves. Must recommend product for every gardener. My flower plant produce great flower in abundance with bigger flower and they bloom for much longer time now.

  34. Piyali

    Delivered on time. Just applied ,hope to see good result…

  35. Piyush

    I love this bio nitrogen organic fertilizer. My House plants loves this organic fertilizer. All my vegetable plants beans, tomato, brinjal, okra grows very well. I use the product as they advised. I am getting good results. I learnt about this amazing organic fertilizers from google. Really helped.

  36. Ansh

    I have been using it for more than a month…
    And it has given me amazing result …
    I got more flowers more budding on them especially on the roses and vegetable plants.
    Already ordered one more

  37. Sneha

    Have seen great results on weaker plants and those plants which have not flowered. We have been using this for our organic gardening. It has done wonders with our plants. We have a policy of being green and ecofriendly and this just fits the bill! we have been using this since a few months now.

  38. Hina

    Proper nitrogen is very essential for plant’s growth. used many product but does not receive expected result. saosis’s bio organic fertilizer is the best product for my plants .Use the product and be ready to see the magic

  39. Nitya

    Have ordered 1st time, packaging was very good.The result has been very good . Even in the summer the soil is holding water and you do not see plants look dull at the end of the day. This is best for all kinds of plants in pots , this will be very useful as no much water required . Will definitely buy more for my garden and keep my garden greenish all the time..

  40. Kaveri ray

    As many organic product gives result very slow,but the product does not give result very slow. saosis’s organic bio nitrogen fertilizer has an effective quality of producing more vegetables and flowers. soil quality is changed also ,improve soil texture and also good for root solution.

  41. Akriti

    Need a product consists of high quality organic matter,with no chemicals. I have ordered saosis’s bio organic nitrogen fertilizer and getting wonderful result .not only that i used the product along with saosis’s organic rose fertilizer also, the result is excellent. My rose plants love the product. want to buy again.

  42. Partha

    I’m beginner in gardening…so this organic product give me a lot of confidence in gardening. my plants are thriving. Flowers are looking more beautiful and bright. leaves are looking more shiny and healthy than earlier. I think it is a best solution for every tree lovers.

  43. Niladri

    A good quality eco friendly and 100% organic bio manure. As a regular customer I can say my vegetable and flower garden look wonderful. Applied as they advised. Get expected and excellent result. want to order more.

  44. Jinia

    a nice organic vegetable feed product.
    Im currently using it . I must say this is I needed.
    Came in well packed. Delivered on time also.

  45. Shahib

    As good as advertised, really best organic npk fertilizer. Used two times. Flower and vegetables plants are thriving.
    Soil quality is noticeable.

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