Buy Seagrow® Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables, Suitable for all kinds of Vegetable Plantation

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  • Organic plant food for all kinds of vegetable plants
  • Contains no added chemical
  • Slow Release and Well Balanced Vegetable Plant Food
  • Contains more than 80% Organic Matter
  • Can be used in Foliar Application (Spray), Soil Application, Drip Irrigation, Hydroponics, Large Scale Open Land Farming
  • Contains all nutrients required by any kind of vegetable plants in natural form
  • Improves Vegetable’s Quality, Size, Color, Luster and Shelf life
  • Boosts Vegetable’s Growth Rate
  • Helps plants to Recover from Nutrition deficiency Quickly.
  • Turns most Yellow leaves into Green
  • Improves Flowering and Maximizes fruit formation which ultimately leads to higher Yields
  • Provides Essential Micro, Macro and Trace Nutrients to the plants

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Why you should buy vegetable fertilizer?

buy vegetable fertilizer. Giving proper and adequate fertilizer to a vegetable garden is an important aspect of success with vegetable gardening. The amount of vegetable fertilizer is required for plantation depends on the quality of soil and vegetable crop. Application of vegetable fertilizer differs between growing seasons, nature of vegetable crop and soil type.

For example: crops such as tomatoes and beans require small amount of vegetable fertilizer. Where as root crops such as carrot, potato, ginger requires large amount of vegetable fertilizer. So depending up on what you are growing you need to buy vegetable fertilizer.

With regards to soil, which are less abundantly rich with organic matter needs more amount of vegetable fertilizer. Organic matter improves the soil and helps release Nitrogen, Minerals and other nutrients that all plants require. So why you need vegetable fertilizer.

Why you need the best organic fertilizer for your vegetable garden?

As plants grow, they take nutrients from soil. Hence most garden soil needs organic materials including fertilizer. For best gardening results, there are two important steps you need to know to creating ideal vegetable garden soil.


All plants need nutrients. Which is in other words food for plants. Seagrow vegetable contains all most all nutrients that a vegetable plant may ever require

Soil conditioners

Soil conditioners create the ideal soil conditions so that the plants can make best use of the nutrients. Mulch, leaf mold, aged manure, and compost all help to condition the soil. In addition to acidic, loose, crumbly soil, vegetables require high quality garden fertilizer nutrients. All growing vegetables need the naturally occurring elements: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous.

When Seagrow is applied to the soil it acts as soil additives and eliminates the need to use Mulch, leaf mold, aged manure etc.

DOSE: Mix 1 gm/1 L of water

Application Procedure: After 15 days of sowing spray once in every 10-12 days interval.

Recommended Crops: All kinds of  vegetable crops

Useful Information

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32 reviews for Buy Seagrow® Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables, Suitable for all kinds of Vegetable Plantation

  1. Ranjunath

    Good vegetable fertilizer. Used in tomato. Worked nice.

  2. Kuldeep Nayak

    after using it, now my vegetable plants have new branches and they are producing more vegetables,beyond my expectation

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