Compliance And Ethics

Compliance and Ethics. The foundation of Saosis Shop’s culture is based on our core values: Integrity, Accountability Innovation, Teamwork, and Respect.

These values guide our decision-making and how we act as a company.

At Saosis Shop, we strive to conduct ourselves and our business with uncompromising honesty and integrity. We make this commitment on a global scale to our customers, business partners, associates, and shareholders because it is the right thing to do.

Saosis Shop’s Global Compliance Department is committed to providing education, training, and awareness to Saosis Shop’s associates around the world with respect to the Company’s ethical business practices and related compliance policies.

Our Compliance Department is responsible for the oversight of the Company’s Code of Ethical Behavior, in addition to reviewing allegations of ethical violations and setting direction on training to prevent violations of Saosis Shop’s policies and the law.

We leverage a multi-media approach for our training and awareness program to emphasize compliance throughout our organization.

It is our mission to touch every international market on a yearly basis with the Code of Ethics and Anti- Corruption/Anti-Bribery training and awareness.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethical Behavior serves as our guide to expectations of how we should act towards one another as well as maintaining compliance with the laws that govern our business.

It is the foundation upon which our related policies, training, and ethical decisions are based.

All Company associates are requested to comply with our Code of Ethics.

We have developed a global handbook to serve as a resource for associates worldwide.

Key areas of the handbook include Letter and Spirit of the Law; Associates Treat Each Other with Respect;

The Best Interest of the Company; Financial Integrity/Accuracy of Numbers; Gifts and Entertainment; Protect Information; Confidentiality; and Reporting.