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Using Seaweed Fertilizer in Container Gardening

The properties of Seaweed are well suited for container gardening as it contains a nice balance of nutrients that you add to your existing potting soil when first planting as well as regular feedings.

Seaweed extract fertilizer powder for soil application
Seaweed extract fertilizer powder for soil application

Seaweed fertilizer is actually a bit mis-named. It is more of a tonic, due to the low quantity of nitrogen and phosphorus… although it does have the full range of properties in it to improve your soil. As well as supplying bulk to condition the soil, seaweed contains around 60 trace elements, growth hormones and nutrients, and fungal and disease preventatives. Interestingly any soil imbalances, such as a deficiency of nitrogen, will be corrected by adding seaweed which will balance the soil environment so that nitrogen fixing bacteria are helped along.

Anyone who has done container gardening for long knows that plants planted in such a way have a different need for watering than for plants grown in the ground.  Since most plant roots don’t like to be wet or bone dry, the container gardener must take care to add water on a timely basis.

It is essential to add a fertilizer to the watering liquid from time to time to replace the depleted minerals and enzymes in the potting soil. Liquid forms of seaweed fertilizers are a natural form of plant supplement unlike some name brand fertilizers that offer only  chemical koolaid” for plants.  Be sure to follow label instructions before applying.

Another way seaweed fertilizer works with potted plants is to use a diluted solution of a special extract, which is then either sprayed on the leaves of the plants or “watered” on the soil on a regular basis. Foliar feeding as it is called is a common trick of Master Gardeners that is just becoming more prevalent as the public learns about the amazing benefits of misting the leaves of their plants, on occasion.  (  Misting also washes dust from the leaves and helps your plants to look healthier.)  Seaweed fertilizers have an ideal balance of nutrients that are well suited to this type of plant feeding.

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