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What are the easiest flowers to grow?

What are the easiest flowers to grow? People always dream about having flowering plants in their house. Every naïve gardener has the following question in her or his mind, what are the easiest flowers to grow? There are many flowering plants with which you can start off. Easiest flowers to grow are flowers which do not need a lot of efforts and much of attention. They grow in a shorter period of time, in small spaces, and in economic resources. This article tells you all about common 5 easiest flowers to grow.

Mongolian Giant

It is commonly known as “Sunflower”. It is an ideal place to grow them is outside the home like backyard, balcony, and terrace. You can grow them inside also but then limited sunlight slows down a growth rate of the plant. You need to provide adequate sun, water regularly, and support a growing stem. There are some other plants like Sunflower; they are cosmos, nasturtium, marigolds, and zinnias. These plants have requirements very similar to Sunflower.


 Blue shades of Pansy flower

It is also known as “Viola X Wittrockiana”. These flowers are very pretty, one cannot resist their charm. You can use their seeds or plug plants. You can grow them outside in winter and summer or inside in shade for 365 days plus there is no need to water the plant every day. The plant will manage rest of the things on its own, and it will keep growing.  If you want to see more and more flowers then do not forget to remove the dead flowers. This gives a way to newer flowers to bloom.


There are around 500 species across the globe. They can thrive in all types of climatic conditions and in most of the soil types. They need a little moisture and rich nutrients in the soil. You can place them inside or outside in sun but partial shade is preferable. You can grow them from bare roots or from seeds. Hardy Geranium is most common amid all species of Geranium. They are very low maintenance plants


It is also known as Californian Poppy. If you are a super lazy person then this is the plant for you. You can put their seeds in any corner of the garden. They grow in dry poor soil. Do not need nutrients or daily water. You can water them once in a blue moon. You do not have cut or crop anything. Just leave the plant and it flourishes on its own. You just sit back and enjoy magnificent colors without taking any efforts. Hence, these are one of the easiest flowers to grow.


You cannot get any easiest flowers to grow than this. You just have to sprinkle seeds in pots. And you are done gardening for a few years. The plant takes air moisture hence you do not have to water it, plus plant does not demand nutrient-rich soil. Flowers bloom and fade away on their own plus plant shades seeds in the soil which prepares for next batch of the plants. What is going to be as simpler as this?

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