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Why do plants need fertilizer

Plants do not need fertilizer all the times,if it gets enough nutrients from soil. most unknown fact is plants do not need fertilizer but soil requiers we can see in forest no fertilizer is added  but plants get their growth naturally. plants get water,essential nutrient in dissolved form from the soil.plants need nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium for their proper growth.nutrient like nitrogen does not stick to the soil strongly,and easily washed out.What are fertilizers? which makes or prepare the soil  to be more fertile, adds essential nutrient is called plants grow  they absorb all essential nutrient from soil leaving it less fertile.not only that most of soil does not provide required nutrients .Therefore we must add fertilizers.Due to soil pollution and human made disasters soil loses its nutrient quality day by day,affects our agriculture.To meet the increasing demand  of food  we need fertilizer.fertilizer increases soil quality and increases agricultural protect  the plant from insect-attack,maintain  its proper growth  and productivity,fertilizer is flowering and fruiting stage we need to apply fertilizer to the soil to make sure that it does not lose its essential nutrient during the growth period.

Looking at the soil it is difficult to understand soil deficiency and most important plant symptoms are not reliable.To face the problem,a soil test is needed.According to the result fertilizers can be added.

Types of fertilizer


There are two types of fertilizer

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Chemical fertilizer

Which is best organic or chemical fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is natural,does not consist of any chemical material.we get organic material  from our nature. chemical fertilizer consists of chemical material.

Chemical fertilizer gives result very fast,but it also loses its power in a certain,farmers have to apply it again and again. Manytimes it becomes costly for production. chemical fertilizers kill microorganism which is very important part of soil. if chemical fertilizer run off into any water body,it will harm marine life and also affects our eco-system directly.

Organic fertilizer does not give result very fast.It takes time to be activated to the soil.Farmers need to apply it from the begining and need to apply it in regular intervals. if you want to get a good result you     need to prepare  the soil is not costly.Organic fertilizer mixes well to the soil,increases soil quality and agricultural productivity.It has no side affects,plant get recomended fertilizer protects  soil micro-organism help to flourish agricultural activity.whether chemical fertilizer increases acidity level of soil,organic fertilizer reduses  acidity level and maintain required PH fertilizer fights against soil diseases,help to restore natural fertility containing fungi,microorganism in it.most importantly it reduses the cost and it is eco friendly ,easy to use.